Xcissor Pen – tactical pen with built-in scissors

Despite the fact that we really appreciate the best tool for the job. In addition, you can’t simply carry it. It can be done with scissors. Although it would be suitable for picking EDC kit. At your disposal will be either embedded in some multitool, You can’t just throw it in the bag.

Team “Mininch”, It is a small bottle of paper. Creation of a tactical pen. Xcissor pen, Designed for normal office work.

If you are using an extra ink supply Xcissor pen It was decided to focus on multi-functionality – stainless steel SUS420. Forwarding. The length of the cutting edge – 1.5 inches, sharpening double-sided. You can also choose a coating for the scissors.

But while the scissors are hidden, Xcissor pen remains simple and reliable tactical pen for daily use. Durable steel case, balance, total length of 5.5 inches (140 mm), weight gain of only 2.1 ounces (60 grams). There is no standard screw-in system for scissors. In this case, you can lose the cap somewhere. The handle uses standard rods Schmidt 635 Mini D1 and fills with regular ink.

In short, you can’t Xcissor pen will this way out. Available in two versions – black and silver. And yes, they were a kickstarter.

What more can be said. 45 bucks for a steel pen with built-in scissors. If you’re looking for it, you’ll not be happy with it. But, damn it, 45 bucks … It seems that the developers from Taiwan are a little. Or do you think otherwise? By the way, these citizens are doing really good multitools. The price is true …


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