Xenomorph appearance care – 2

Oh, girls. What do you know? Life is pain. This I tell you for sure. I’ll get it a bit.

I have a croil, I have a Methil at Dairinita, I have a cup of tea on my stomach). If you want to go for loans If you are not much butting.

I am invited to receive myself. There is a diamond soldered. What do you mean why? Fashion now so. Why to tail? Yes, because beauty is necessary to emphasize! It will not shine. And I’m proud of my tail! Vaughn on Earth, where diamonds are diamonds are inserted into all sorts of glands. Limbs, and the collars also hang themselves. Imagine? Yes I swear! I saw it with my own eyes!

And these organisms call us half intelligent! If we are semi-intelligent, then they are half-fools. Collar to voluntarily wear! This we suck a fool must be! They are banned. I couldn’t get drunk there either. Only it was possible to find an unlocked door.

They’re all safe there – everything that is possible is closed! Everyone is afraid of everyone! Be afraid of your shadow! Without the light! It could be seen worse. Nightmare! I am so glad that I managed to escape here, to my own. Here you are …

No, today I will not sharpen the claws, just polish. No, after phosphoric acid are yellow, I’m looking very graceful. I need to match my match, I must match! What does it mean, than the frontal growths polish? Emery number 8 and hydrobromic acid from her thoughts quickly arise in the head. Yes, whitish shade. No, not blonde. On Earth they say … ru … trot … gun … blond! Here!

Okay, girls, I’ll go. It is a dress for a dressmaker I had to go, I had to go without decoration. And we must go before this snack. If you’re going to be so hot, you’ll have to go on it.

Xenomorph appearance care &# 8212; 2

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