Yacht captain, training manual for owners of sailing and motor yachts, a textbook.

Common compass error
Building a numerical position without taking external factors into account
Building a numerical position taking into account external factors
Observed position
Cruise bearing
Course building taking into account external factors
Card General Information
Light characteristics of lighthouses
Navigation signs
Navigation plan
Symbols of Namorsk maps

GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety Communications System.

GMDSS concept
Functions and radio equipment GMDSS
Navigation areas
General GMDSS structure
Radio equipment in the marine area A1
Requirements for a set of radio equipment
VHF channels
The main controls and functions of VHF radio stations
Preparing a radio station for work
Digital selective calling
Rules of Conducting Radio Conversations
Procedural words
Speech Features in Messaging
Request a place in the marina
Distress signal
Cancel Distress Alarm
Participation in a rescue operation
Urgency message
Navigation Security Message


Global air movement
Synoptic maps
Daytime breeze
Night breeze
Katabatic wind
Terms used in weather forecasts
Beaufort Scale
Weather forecast sources

The tides.

Syzygy and quadrature tides
Tide Tables. Standard ports
Rule 1/12
Minor Ports
Tidal currents
Atlas of tidal currents
Tidal rhombuses

Sailing yacht.

The main dimensions of the hull
Maximum displacement speed
Classification of cruising yachts
Sail theory
True and pennant wind
Yacht courses in relation to wind
Sail setting
Attack angle
Steering balance
Taking reefs
Yacht arrangement
The internal structure of the yacht
Mast, rigging, sails
Main and additional sails
Sailing maneuvers
Turn Overshoot
Turn fordewind
Yacht in the drift
Sailing a man overboard
Maneuvering on a cruise sailing yacht under the motor
Butakov’s maneuver / Williamson’s turn
Lag Mooring
Arrangement of mooring ends when parking
Departure from the parking lag
Dead mooring
Mooring anchored stern to the pier
Mooring at anchor or on a flank with a guy line ashore
Security Briefing
Life jackets and harnesses
Fire safety measures
First aid kit
Acceptance of a yacht from a charter company
Essential notes on the operation of the yacht
Preparing the yacht for departure
Marine nodes


International one-letter code of signals
Sound signals
Night lights and daytime figures
Navigation signs
Radio distress alert
Sample terminology checklist

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