Yakut knife. History, features, legends

For a man. For a long time, it’s not a symbol. This is the first working tool. It has been established. Hence, a huge number of various “national knives”, which sometimes differ radically from each other. So today we’ll talk about one of these tools – about Yakut knife.


It was found that the bone was knocked out. Yakut knife. But for the characteristics of the material. It’s not at all. It is a lot of years ago. Tradition, however.

There are several varieties:

  • It is up to 110 mm.
  • medium (bykha) – a typical Yakut knife, with a blade up to 170 mm
  • large (hotohon) – military weapons with a blade of 170 cm. Quite rare.

It has been shown that it has been shown. It is extremely rarely used. If you can use it. Fortunately, it was clear that local figures understood the specifics of this tool.

Nowadays, there is a special decree that Yakut knife, because it is an integral part of popular culture. True, this applies exclusively to the indigenous people. Follow the same rules for conventional melee weapons.

Special features

Looks traditional Yakut knife At first glance, it is a long thin blade with asymmetric sharpening and a straight handle. However, the knife is not only sharpened solely on one side – it is also slightly arched. And on the other hand is located dol. By the way, there is no need for blood flow. And if there is a certain Kirpicheva I.V, it is a banal copying of samples of Russian cold weapons. And he didn’t really figure it out. And precisely because of this, such a knife and convex shape.

It was made of birch billow (anomalous growth of wood fibers), Length is up to 150 mm, it is quite comfortable. There are no stops. Sometimes the handle was covered with birch bark and glued. And all sorts of “walrus tusks” and “bvini mammoths” are exclusively for the larger show off using.


Yakut knife – quite an effective working tool. Otherwise than that? But he has his pros and cons. It is a problem. Smooth handle uncomfortable, especially the tapering tip. For the first time complain of this. Asymmetric sharpening, of course, makes it easier to use.

It is a lot of fun! Classic polished birch handle slides in hand. Traditionally used for Yakut knives, also not everyone likes. It is even river pebbles. But no, in practice, it’s rarely arises.

Total Yes, for your purposes Yakut knife fits well, just for a long time. It is desirable – from early childhood. It will make it easier to use it.

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