Yellowstone Supervolcano – Potential End of the World?

Survival community – a fairly conservative education. Regularization Yellowstone supervolcano. This tradition originates from this century. But first things first.

In the 1960s, American geologists under their control. It is a ruin of a hefty crater. It was still working. At a depth of 8 degrees, he is filled with a temperature of 800 degrees. It is constantly fed from the deeper layers.

Actually, the yellowstone supervolcano resembles a rainforest mushroom on a long stem. The so-called “plume” of the spherical cap is a 660-kilometer column of superheated basalt rocks. It is a semi-liquid granite magma. But the lithospheric plates are moving, but the pillar itself is not. So on, there is no granite slabs. And periodically it all breaks through …

There is a number of points of eruption from the Supervolcano River. As a geological study has been shown, a catastrophe occurs at intervals of millions of years. But when it happens to be catastrophic. The last eruption occurred about 600 thousand years ago. Caldera of the Yellowstone Will this lead to a new eruption of supervolcano? Definitely yes. Soon? But far from a fact.

Let’s start with the fact that all “major experts” in Yellowstone supervolcano work based solely on theoretical calculations and assumptions. Supervolcanoes just prior to their eruption. At all. And this is despite the fact that there has been a lot of similar eruption in 1815, when the volcano exploded. This caused a decrease in temperature. Category 7 on VIE (volcanic activity indicator) was assigned to this eruption. Yellowstone is assigned a hypothetical category of 8, which indicates that there are several orders of magnitude sadder.

Points of location of famous supervolcanoesPoints of location of famous supervolcanoes

It will be up to two millions of years. It was significantly inferior to all previous ones. So why do people panic and prepare for the end of the world? No sweetie knows how to size.

The number of earthquakes increased from 20 to 40 – what if it is a precursor of an eruption? New geysers scored – and suddenly the magmatic bubble has grown significantly in size? It is a clear sense of coming catastrophe.

And how much can really Yellowstone supervolcano spend in this state – absolutely no one knows. According to the predictions of various “specialists”, the eruption is simply obliged to occur between 2004 and 2076. And, of course, there are experts. Because yes, it is obligatory.

Is it possible to prevent the situation? No you can not. Humanity doesn’t have energy to control such energy. It is a hypocritical “mine” and it reaches 12 km. And the cavity lies on the 8th. And the plume root is at 660 …

It is stupidly bombed by themselves. Yellowstone supervolcano… It will be a little bit easier, since it will be used to make it. “Plume” will break. “Author” of the United States leads even “evidence” of such activities. Ah, conspiracy theory, how do we love you …

But what happens if Yellowstone supervolcano will it explode? Oh, this is the favorite part of the journalists that the survivors. The description of the catastrophes, especially when it comes to the United States, the Eternal Enemy, the Oppressor of the Blow. Yes, from the United States will not remain almost nichrome. All the west coast and the center will be swept away by a pyroclastic wave. This is a combination of dust and other stones. It would be fine if it was the damage

For the most part, the greenhouse effect. And, yes, this will be the case for the United States, including the list of damaging factors. Further more. A blast wave from an eruption may awaken other dormant volcanoes. It is a dream. So you don’t need it, despite the fact that it is granite slabs.

That is the following picture. It can be seen. radioactive contamination of the United States will suffer. Sucks? Sucks.

In countries with a large population, famine is expected due to global crop failure, which means riots. It is a little easier, therefore, it is necessary to help. Require at gunpoint. It is possible and nuclear, because India, that Pakistan, will suffer extreme hunger. Well, further in the text. Is it possible to survive in such conditions? Realistically. People will survive.

It has been noted that it has come to its own right. And then we ask – “Well, who’s a freak, turned out? Shut up? Of course. Because we are alive, but you are not! “Oh dreams, dreams …

But when all this happens – no one knows for sure. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe in a year. Maybe in 2076. Or maybe geologists are crap in calculations and Yellowstone supervolcano will not wake up in the next million years. Personally, I want to believe in the last option …


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