“You have to run away from the knife!” …

About the effect of dunning-kruger heard? He is inclined to make sure that he is right. “Where there is a possibility,” he says, “It’s all and nothing.”

There are several areas where it can be used. Self defense is one of them.

The quantum physics? No, I have not. Programming? No, not mine. Trading on the stock exchange? Well, it is difficult. Self defense? Of course, I understand! Did you do it? No, well, you what! I read on the Internet!

The simplest example. Ask anyone:

– Man with a knife attacks.
– You have to run away from the knife! – will be your answer.
– OK. Have you tried to run away from a knife?
– Not. But on YouTube there is such a funny movie, there is such a funny movie. Gee-gee

If you can imagine for a moment, the attacker runs faster than you?

There is usually the interlocutor hangs. He didn’t try to run.

We tried. A hundred times. When this is a nerd-runner, we get a simple exercise.

Starting position: two people at a distance of two meters from each other. One is armed with a rubber knife. The number of times per minute. The task of an unarmed person is to escape. The floor is large; the floor is large; Ideal laboratory conditions (rather than a covered staircase, car parking in the rain, a cramped elevator or corridor, a crowd in the bazaar, etc.)

Whistle. Ran. 30-40 blows with a knife manages to get a runner in one minute. Proved by hundreds of experiments.

Survive those 1-2% who grab a stick or chair.

Moral: do not run, die tired.

But there is no need to run away.

Had time to run behind him? Ok, now hold her tight.

Did you manage to run far enough to get a gun? Hey, you’re going to be rubber bullets.

I managed to reach the stool and grab it? Ok, brush it off.

Just running a problem does not solve.

Because the problem is not in the knife. This is a trick to kill you. He will not give up his intentions.

Mind you killing you in two cases.

The first is when the target, i.e. you are out of reach. Between you and a fence

I love you to be able to move away from you.

It is not easy to do this. Dangerously. Risky requires specific skills and ways of thinking. Long years of training. Luck finally.

Sometimes it works – sometimes not. It’s all simple on the Internet. In life – much more difficult.

Therefore, if we are talking about

Test everything empirically.

It is possible that you’re another super-duper secret truth – also read it on the Internet.

It doesn’t work for you. A coach will not beat, they will beat you.

It is possible that it will be possible to get out of it.

Never trust anyone. Here read this article – do not believe her!

Take a rubber knife

And even more, don’t have been taken to state!

Here from them – just need to escape.

Anton Farb

“You have to run away from the knife!”&# 8230; Have you tried to run away from a knife?

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