You no longer need to prepare for emergencies.

You no longer need to prepare for an emergency …

… such as flood, fire, hurricane, earthquake, terrorist act, man-made accident. Of course, any situation in these situations may necessitate a “drape,” but no one really cares. There are many reasons for such behavior.

This is the case. It is not our human nature. We are at the top of the food chain, capable of more than just survive. Therefore, it is important that you get away from disasters.

Let’s talk about what makes us so busy.

An itchy thirst for adventure

An exciting movie, depressing melancholy after hours at the desk. This is our soul, grabbing us for guts and pulling them out. Sometimes it seems that the fire has been burned, but it is not. Time you read LastDay.Club, it is interesting for you.

And what happens to us? Preparing for a cataclysm – more adventure and relaxation than collecting bags of rice. How to know if you are ready to prevail over oversight? Give yourself a lot of food for the countryside for the weekend. If you are ready. And, as you can see, if we survive – we are unable to help others.

What are the chances?

Fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane. It is a chord. Life is fire, maneuver and interaction. Survival of the strongest. Your role as a leader. Modern fighter skills that need to work out and develop.

As the ancient Greeks used to say, at a critical moment, “we expect it.”

Opening cargo

He was a physician, I was As a result, it’s not a problem. Fishing, skiing, climbing, hunting, dropping, or just sitting by the fire.

I will unpack my car and tell you about preparation through recreation and entertainment.

Magic Pantry, or Garipother’s Pantry

Food and fuel. It’s convenient to keep ready – waiting emergency, but not her waiting for me. It is not clear that there is a chance that it will not always be clear. You can easily organize your clothes.

..three … two … one – STOP! Now put households in the car and go. See you in a week

It sounds like a militarized training for preparing for zombie apocalypse. Anyway, when you’re getting ready for a training session? It is again a matter of readiness

Think about it. It is a carriage on the road. What can you do? Nothing, we’re talking about now. Being active means being ready..

Three features of the “magic pantry”


We use Pelikanovsky box 1550. Waterproof, Medved, shock, configurable, lockable and looking impressive. Keep this in mind. Cool clothes and used more often.

The internal inserts are tightly and comfortably. This means no lists, no packing and no fuss. He took and went.


Thanks to the inserts in the box, everything can be arranged clearly. I learned this approach in school snipers. It is convenient to use modern snipers. If it works for a fotik costing 12 thousand, it will work.

It is important that each item has its own place and purpose. That’s why I started calling it “Garipotera’s pantry“.

It seems to be an effort to organize your food.

If you make a room, fill it when you return. It is so you go for a picnic!


This is food and other equipment for food, hygiene and recreation.

A few words about simplicity and lack of tension. I found it on the Internet. I love sweets – and who doesn’t? But I do not like the complexity and turmoil arising around such things. If you need it, call these people with you.

Main content:

  • The burner (in the original jetboil – approx. Lane) is a quick and convenient way to cooking.
  • Nutrition. Mountain food is much tastier than suhpai, light, and water is needed for cooking. “No dirty dishes!”
  • Water (in the original MSR dromedary bags) in sealed bags.
  • Cutlery (in the original – plastic spoons from American suhpay, MRE).
  • Wet wipes – irritate … uh, sensitive places.

But what about cooking on coals? Of course, yes, do not be stupid – but this is your choice. If you wish. It can penetrate the main list. The main thing will be with you anyway.


  • spirals for roasting sausages on the fire;
  • bread, chocolate, pastila (traditional american recipe);
  • candy bars;
  • instant coffee;
  • a packet of fresh nuts.

And do not complicate.

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You no longer need to prepare for emergencies.

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