Your actions in an emergency: Hit on ice

Ice – a very unpleasant natural phenomenon. Ice on the ground, on the roads, on the roads, on the roads, on the roads, on the roads Ice is most often observed at temperatures ranging from 0 to -3 degrees Celsius.

Sleet – Just a few millimeters. Formed after a thaw and a sharp cold snap, freezing wet snow.

How to prepare for ice

“Prepare winter tires!” – this phrase is familiar to every car enthusiast. Pedestrians, on the other hand, should prepare for low-slip footwear, attach metal heel printings. It also helps to reduce the amount of slip and rubbing.

How to act during ice

It is your choice. Try to get rid of your hands. It is also recommended as a cane. If you are a woman, he will be able to avoid injury. The blow to the ground. Keep your head, elbows, knees. Power Lines – note Last day club). If you’re looking for broken wires

How to deal with injury

Of course, contact the trauma center, the nearest infirmary, medical facility. It is a claim to damages.

Your actions in case of emergency: getting into the ice

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