Your actions in emergency situations: fires and explosions

Man-made emergency situations. These can occur anywhere: at industrial sites; flammable combustible or explosive substances; in transport, mining facilities, mines and other underground structures; in public or residential buildings.

Fire – This is a burning process, damage to the population. According to statistics, fires flash every 4-5 minutes, from fire outbreak up to 12 thousand people die annually.

Main reasons fire:

  • Fire safety breach:
  • Smoking
  • The use of faulty tools or equipment
  • Criminal negligence
  • Open fire
  • Faults in electrical networks
  • Violation of the technological regime
  • The human threatened factors

    High temperature (threatens with burns up to grade 4) Temperature – 70 ° С
    Heat radiation Density – 1.26 kW / m2
    The toxic effect of smoke (carbon monoxide, etc.) Oxide concentration – 0.1% by volume
    Dramatic reduction in visibility in smoke Radius of visibility – 6-12 m

    Explosion This is where the burning is accompanied by the space in a confined space. The explosion forms an explosive shock wavelength, which has been more than 5 kPa. The explosion has two main striking factors:

    • Air shock wave
    • Fragment field formed by orbiting enclosed in the field of explosion

    Preventive events

    These include actions aimed at:

    • Cause of fire or explosion;
    • Limiting the spread of fires or blast waves;
    • Property in these emergency situations;
    • Timely detection ignition and alert about it;
    • Fire fighting;
    • Maintaining fire extinguishing forces in constant readiness.

    It is a condition that the equipment helps to ensure that the equipment is in good condition. In addition, it is possible to detect a fire in time.

    • Thermal sensors;
    • Smoke detectors;
    • Fire alarm;
    • Automatic fire extinguishing systems that prevent fire fighting forces.

    How to act

    If you found fire, act immediately, extinguishing methods (water, sand, fire extinguisher). In case it is not possible, then activate it. fire alarm (if available). It is important to ensure that it’s possible to protect your body. Try to also protect your eyes. Move as close as possible to the floor.

    You can respond to your voice. It will be up to you. Throw a blanket, blocking it up. If the bedspread is not available, then help get rid of clothes as soon as possible.

    Do not touch them.

    You are covering your head with your hands. If you’re trying to stay away from windows, glazed doors, stairs, walkways, or any other places. If you’re an explosion, it will be safe.

    If you are building fire, then you’re going to be damaged by fire or explosion. Verify that there are no gas leaks or hot spots.

    If you live or work, be careful. Sirens and intermittent beeps of enterprises (vehicles) mean a signal “Attention everyone!”. When you hear it, loudly, radio or television. Listen to the emergency announcement. Then proceed according to the civil defense and emergency situations.

    Your actions in emergency situations: fires and explosions

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