Your last days are waiting for you.

Let’s a little imagination. It will be a little time for you to travel.

Looked at the calendar and thought. Only a few days left before the black date. Precedents have already been. The great flood is described in the Bible. The death of Pompeii. Legendary Atlantis.

This is not the case. Perhaps simply because of our world works. What can you do if the world catastrophe should happen on this particular day. If you’re imagined, they’ve been thinking. it wouldn’t have been possible. More clever, more kind, more humane and humane.

No, the words “humane” and “humane” are not appropriate in this case, there will be no more people. Or, some more time will be, but very little. And there not talk about any particular injustice there. It has been reduced to a number of mammoths, neanderthals still life, it has been recovered. Consequently, there is even some definite justice.

The end of civilization

So, the day of the world is predetermined. No appeals are accepted. ? Well, he already decided everything. It is a group of different religions, it is not a problem.

Well, and what, then, to do to us? Cry over the sad fate of civilization? To complain about the evil fate? Or it can be unnecessary? Yes, it will have to do. I love you, you’ll be happy, you’ll be able to coin. At the will, in the pampas!


The supermarket is still working, and banknotes are still in use. Arrange a small feast. Now you decide to try it. Black and red caviar, shrimps, oysters, mussels, Armenian, Dagestan and French cognacs. French wines. Pineapples, quail, grouse.

Remember, if anyone read, Mayakovsky? “Eat pineapples, chew grouse, your last day comes, bourgeois.” There is no point in it. You can simply, as a new year, prepare a bowl of salad “Olivier”, and dispose of just yourself. Red hair and a bottle of red hair. Harmful, huh? But, he agreed that life is short-lived. Remember how in a joke? “- Doctor, will I live? – and sense? “

Speaking of food. Do not rush to canned fish. Leave it out of the city. And buy while supermarkets are still working. If you are in the winter, you can’t make it up. So that you don’t need to be in a revived primitive-communal system.

Money does not smell

Now about banknotes. Since the system has been extremely short-lived, we need to use this moment. You can take a loan. Give it all the same. You can grab some money at work, from friends or from neighbors. If you didn’t know what to do, then you’ll meet your needs.

Evacuation Equipment

Now let’s collect everything that we take with us. Here is a list of things for food stock. It is a matter of taste. In addition, the food quality is not normal.

Somehow being in Kiev during the “food scare” produced by the Cherkassy Food Factory. I wasn’t addicted to death.

In general, everything is correct. When do they still go under the bullets? It’s not particularly happy. Yes, these are mostly lonely peasants who often go hiking or gnawing. It is clear that it will be a bit different. So, you can check for a tooth, and in advance, rather than waiting for the penultimate day.

Okay, we go further. Prematurely, it’s a list of necessary equipment.

Revenge, sweet revenge

It was spent on the last days of the sky. Surely, disgust. Girls also have such a list, you can be sure. They are a better memory.

So why not have some nice minutes? Who can be on the list above? Yes, anyone. You know better. Each has its own destiny.

He didn’t see you off brains. Odnoklassnichki, get you in school. It is used in the stairwell. Handsome girlfriend army colleagues, professors from the institute

There are many options, because of conflicts scattered in time. Do not think about it. This is how our world works. You didn’t create it, right? And, you can be sure that you’re hiding you. For the fact that you somewhere someone crossed the road. Or because they consider you something better. Or just like that, for nothing, dislike at the physiological level.

Want to tell a couple of cases from my life?

I’m 15, I’m a Harry Potter-like teenager, 50 kilograms of live weight. I’m smiling, saying, “Like this:“ If not, put it on the counter. On Monday, I’ve been a couple of times. I didn’t succeed. He was beaten. But in the future I avoided the tenth road.

Case number two.

I’m thirty and a little. Live weight – 83 kilograms. It’s a bit of a mess. I came to the country. I went out on the horizontal bar. A neighbor, a rummaging around in the garage, invites me to approach.

Next, he begins to “explain” something to me. “Hey, little friber….” I walk around the common courtyard. (As a mouse). It was understood that he understood the trainer. He caught up with me and started pushing. He understood that he shouldn’t be up.

I left, but I was walking, evil took me. Since he returned, he said, “Since we’re returned, he said,” One on one. Nearby already crawled his relative. They are not inferior to those of rats. The neighbor, again, “by notions,” began to explain that I behaved incorrectly. He will come out with me, but later in the evening. Heard You can say “crushed bazaar.”

I went back again. The guys were already noticeably nervous. I wouldn’t just beat him. It was shaking with fear, although it was a shaking with fear. As soon as I left it.

And I’m not sure if I’ve been a person who hasn’t been a person. This goat would humiliate me with impunity at every opportunity. Here is a refined form.

Why am I telling all this? It is not only that you are insignificant. Do not build illusions. You can’t be good for everyone. Someone loves you, respects, sympathizes with you. It is true that you can’t bring it down.

So, now, when there isn’t much time, it’s possible to get it. Of course, there is such a tactic to be taken. Good way, but painfully boring. By the way, it’s not necessary to kill. You can slap a slap or two. Just remind for what exactly. Let him know that meanness can be punished. You can direct him to tell him who he is. For example, he received a claim for compensation for moral damage.

You can play around. Pouring on his head ketchup, mayonnaise, vegetable oil for refilling cartridges. Tell him to kneel down and ask for forgiveness. Most likely, he will submit. If not, show the weapon. Since there will be no court, there is no time. You are welcome.

You can imagine the fun. Actor playing superhero who caught a scumbag and a scoundrel. Or, conversely, the main villain. Turn on the fantasy. It’s not the “correct”, “the cardboard” noble heroes, it’s a bit more fun.

Who knows how to mankind. Estimate how cool it is. You can get a little bit more than that. For your own worthless life. Do not worry about the consequences. He will not say this. First, there has been a need for a pattern of behavior. So, he will not say anywhere.

You know, according to statistics, men are more robed than often women than others. The fact is that men are embarrassed to shout, run away, call for help. And therefore fall. Tell us that everything will die soon. Let him fear even more. Unlike you, he is completely unprepared for such a turn of events. Yes, most likely, he didn’t go right away, not at all embarrassed by your presence. Everything, the act of punishment passed with a bang, we stamp further.

Carnal pleasures

Now let’s talk about high matters such as love and sex. It was pretty much there, you couldn’t give it, despite all your noble impulses.

Well, it’s a good time to catch up with something. Bosom of civilization forever. (Wife, girlfriend, mistress) But even if it’s the most courageous, risky, idiotic, and reckless you can get into practice. For the simple reason.

Do not limit yourself to fantasies, looking at public morality. This is where you will be unwritten. Anyone who survives will write moral norms for himself. So why not start doing it right now?

Those who have been a loved one. If you’re living in the post-civilization period. Or maybe you want it.

Sex without mutual obligations also has its charm, you know. And in our situation – the most it. It is a small farewell orgy. Imagine what a contrast? Everyday life – borscht, cutlets, beer, snacks from the supermarket, occasionally drunk, rum, lobsters, shashlik with a marble

In addition, desires can be quite immodest. A friend of mine dreamed of sleeping with Monica Bellucci. English teacher. I didn’t like a woman, especially since she was a teacher, especially since she was a teacher. Something like that.

So, if you’re a little bitter, then you’ll have to do it. And some young people, too, pulls to adult aunts. He added that he was in a position to play. That kid was shy, complexed and that’s why he didn’t succeed.

He takes him a little bit and gives him a beloved teacher. We have received a number of questions.

After the water, where it brings a bed to bed. Beautiful erotic tale is coming true. Of course, he couldn’t have been a beloved teacher. Waiting for the beautiful prince. Classmate, cool and unapproachable daughter of rich parents. A girl who has been walking in her yard. Secretary of the boss (here, who will appreciate the signs of attention). Or his wife. Familiar from the fitness center. The waitress with the appearance of a photomodel. Saleswoman from a nearby supermarket. If you’re a little bit different, you’ve been that.

Stop making a moralist of yourself. Do not limit yourself to choose. It will be your day.

Now. Revise your favorite movie, listen to your favorite music. Jump with a parachute. To the bath. Through the last day.

End of the world

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