Zombie threats of modernity

Let’s take a break from cinema images that represent zombies as some post-apocalyptic creatures. Although the concept of “zombies” is rather blurry. Let’s look at a zombie as a person who has lost his will and his consciousness is controlled by someone else, roughly speaking – to a weak-willed slave.

If you talk like that, then zombies have existed on the planet since intelligent people appeared.

The first mentions of zombies in literature appeared in the Epic of Gilgamesh, there are dead who rose from their graves, who will start to eat the living, and then they will generally outnumber them. Pure water zombie apocalypse. A huge number of zombie films appeared after the famous events of September 11, 2001. When the world, so to speak, looked at terrorism in all its glory, the line between zombies and terrorists began to blur. Do you agree that terror and zombiapocalypse equally cause wild panic and chaos?

Reflections: Sudden threats rarely give time to prepare for them; moreover, it is even difficult to adequately react to what is happening. When you begin to think that the whole society around you suddenly subjected to total destruction, brains begin to boil. Your stress and excitement will be very nicely conveyed to close people who surround you. There will be a panic that is disastrous and will force people to lose trust in each other due to inadequate behavior. So the psychological factor of a zombie threat can be much more damaging than a physical threat from a zombie. Remember how recently the whole world was spreading hysteria on Ebola, or think about envelopes with anthrax.


  • The primary reflex desire of almost any person in the event of such threats is to barricade or hide in a “safe room” to protect themselves from danger. The problem is that you also protect yourself from the possibility of obtaining food, water and objects of survival.
  • You do not want to run into a zombie as being unarmed. If you are unarmed, you must know how to control the situation, know the ways of escape and avoid collisions, and also have the skills of an unarmed / hand-to-hand combat.
  • In the modern world, zombies are difficult to see. Terrorism is terrible for its invisibility, surprise and ability to penetrate deep into society. They may be our neighbors and not look like a crazy army. The fight against terrorism is like a war with zombies. No matter how many of them are killed, they will still continue to hunt for us and will not stop until they are all destroyed. Awareness of this makes you constantly be on the alert and keep your ears open.
  • Shooting in the head. Aim shooting is critical. You should be able to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible, which is achieved by shooting in the face, ideally, right over the bridge of the nose. In a stressful state it is difficult to do.
  • “Going the hell out” should be your most up-to-date action plan. It is recommended to remain in the fortified house until all variants of the development of events have been exhausted, only then “dump”. Also, you should be ready in advance for this option and have sufficient survival skills outside the city. Moreover, your physical condition should not only allow you to “dump” quickly, but also to carry some amount of payload on you.
  • Survival is not having enough food, water and bullets. Survival is primarily skills that allow you to exist not only in the city, but in the wild. Also be prepared for the fact that you may not have at hand the usual tools and equipment. Survival is overcoming the difficulties that you will face.
  • Try to avoid armed clashes and especially shooting, because a shot will give your location.


  • Machete is inexpensive, easy, and can be used to clear the path of retreat in the forest, wood harvesting or as a weapon.
  • The crowbar (fomka) is also an inexpensive device that will allow you to gain access to resources that are not available anywhere. Can be used as a crushing weapon.
  • Spearhead – a multifunctional thing. You can attach to a stick, get a spear, use it for hunting, cooking. The tip itself can be used as a quick piercing weapon.
  • A knife, of course. 2 knives are recommended, a small folding pocket and a good one with a fixed blade on a belt or in a backpack.


  • Carabiner – M4 (for example, or to your taste), allows you to neutralize the threat from a distance.
  • Gun – Glock 17 (9mm), familiar to everyone, at distances up to 50 meters will be your reliable assistant.
  • Shotgun – Remington 870, similarly, a familiar weapon, good at medium distances with appropriate ammunition and deadly at short distances.

It would be strange not to see the presence of organizations whose goal is the fight against zombies. Here, for example, one of them – ZERT (Zombie Eradication Response Team). Wait a minute, they say, fighters with zombies, what kind of childishness. Recall what was written above. Their instructors are not from the couch troops, but former and current soldiers wax special purpose. They offer a wide range of training, survival, combat skills, shooting, physical training, etc.

One of the key objectives of such organizations is to prepare people for various threats, including zombie threats, training in teamwork, tactics. Unfortunately, I do not know about the existence of such organizations in Russia, except at the level of sites and theorists. It would be helpful.

What I want to say in conclusion. The purpose of the article is to show you that in the modern world you need to be always on the alert, keep yourself in hand, have a cool head and warm feet. Details about survival skills, training and more – you have to look for yourself. There is something in my blog (see the section Tactics), something you can find on friendly sites, for example – CIAN. And most importantly, you must clearly understand that you need to be ready before that how do you hear about the looming threat.

Zombie threats of modernity

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