The exhibition IWA: 35 years of success

Every year in mid-March at Nuremberg held Europe's largest exhibition of hunting and sporting weapons and goods for outdoor recreation - IWA and OUTDOORCLASSICSThis year the exhibition was held for the 35th time. A kind of emblem of the exhibition was an apple. It is possible that the choice of the logo was dictated by the desire of the organizers to stress that each show - a direct hit on target.As the director of IWA Gabriela Hanvaker "exhibition IWA took the leading specialized exhibition not only in Europe but also in the whole world. IWA to a much greater extent than any other weapon and hunting Read more [...]
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Dead zone

Clean and beautiful river Volga Mari, once rich in the most diverse and beautiful fish pond now just flowauthor photo Gilded birch, maples and zaaleli fallen red leaf on a stationary cold water, blue from the same blue sky, cold, even in appearance. In the morning, the grass sedeet of brittle frost, but erupted and covered the sun thaws tear loose.Present during the winter is not hasty. That's just the morning, all stiffly in morozistoy haze, and you already guess suddenly grabbed tomorrow tihovodya thin first Ledkov. And gambling would begin to sort through the winter gear and Read more [...]
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Well and heritage!

Wild boar as a result of their activities as the leaves in the forests and in the meadows and fields, a lot of different tracks of their stay. Meet the very boar in its natural environment (except, of course, cases battue hunting for it) is almost impossible.Fig. 3Summer marks the single boar found at old forest road:1. Prints the main hind feet, completely cover the traces of the front. Prints on thick mud. Step. Location and left right pairs of legs aligned with tracks on Figures.2. Mud bath boar, arranged in puddle forest road. Schematic view.  This Read more [...]
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Next Kuhenroytera

Among the Russian hunters many connoisseurs of tradition and history of hunting. Many of them are with a great love even to the process of hunting and its attributes - hunting dogs, equipment, weapons. For me, hunting is primarily associated with a hunting weapon.Mark on history.Mention of weapons marked in Kuchenreuter art and historical literature are fairly common.Giacomo Casanova used a gun in Kuhenroytera fight with Polish Count Branitsky because Italian actress. Casanova Branitsky seriously wounded, and at the same time he was wounded in the left hand.In Read more [...]
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Lake mini-jerking

The greatest number of bites occurred on outspoken pike shallow waters overgrown with grassauthor photoPike fishing in small bodies of water in autumn – One of my favorite activities. By this time a little bit different aquatic vegetation settles here, it is possible to catch bait with open hooks.The left bank of the upper reaches of the Kuibyshev Reservoir – both of Karelia in miniature. Apart from the fact that there is a huge system of channels and backwaters, so there is still a whole chain of lakes, koi are of great value for spinning. There is a separate lake with an average depth Read more [...]
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Spring was cold and also buying in the rainDespite this, the beginning of June were replaced by meadows withered yellow grass on a nice green eyes, and now the inhabitants pripoymennyh herbal undergrowth can be found, just hearing their voices. During the day the birds almost hear the wind noise, shaking the meadow grass. Endless sea swaying inconspicuous plants - grass flood floodplain. The flora of the meadows is very different from fragrant herbs upland meadows. Where I was left standing water flooded the coast of Ranunculus repens where drier, pink flame looked ragged Adonis. There are more Read more [...]
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Porridge for carp

Throwing lumps of Pshenko into the water, he represented as suitable carp at night and eating porridgePhoto: Anatoly MailkovI started to study spinning in early childhood, catching perch in the sand pits. The water in them was clear, the bottom is bright, hooks was not, but had a lot of bass. In general, the ideal place for the first steps of a young spinning. There was only one drawback – summer on the careers of many of the swimmers, so had to catch the early morning, when the peace and quiet no one broke.Then one morning, catching perch on small turntables, I met him. I called my father, Read more [...]
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Big trophies Bulgaria

"Do not Mauger not Mauger" - hear painfully tiresome "no" in Bulgarian. Well, how can that be? It is not Mauger? As it is impossible? Ali is clearly not ready for such an eventuality. Here he is holding at gunpoint a deer, which runs nearby. "No, you can not - whispers gamekeeper - scare away the deer." Many hunting farms specialize in Bulgaria European red deer breeding. Among them are the trophies, which claim entering the Book of Records. We in Bulgaria in hunting "Seaside" and I try to do everything possible to hunt does not tear. But it can happen. Within three Read more [...]
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Autumn pike

In memory of brotherPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov The hottest summer of the year had a positive effect in the autumn biting pike, and my brother and successfully hunt these predators in the coastal zone by adjusting the wiring method depending on the catch. When fishing for pike on spinning in the suburban reservoirs we decided on the tactics of catching vzabrodku proposed brother.In the process of using a variety of spinning lures anglers have noticed that depending on the time of year, the weather and the depth of pike prefer certain colors of lures, as eyesight is very good predators. Read more [...]
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Quest River Botchi

The bullet hit a slide in the withers boar, clicked his strange, like crystal crumbled, forming at the same time a little volatile cloud of broken ice that namerz shell ear to the middle of the body of the beast.View at the dog was careless and cheerful. It seemed to her the fullness of the senses, or wanted to sing, or carefree laugh. I stood on top slope and He was aiming at the boar's head, which is incredibly fast for such a large square of mascara ran in Progal between bushes in my direction, spraying snow around her fine powder and leaving It Read more [...]
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Lipetsk Autumn

For the first time the name of the landlord of the village Bratovka Ranenburgskogo county Ryazan province met me for a long time, even for a couple of years before I was going to get my first greyhoundThen, too, flipping through her first book with the domes of hunting dogs - sabaneevsky "Hunting calendar," I could not help admiring her placed in a reproduction with antique engravings entitled "Nayan, Russian Borzoi AN Kareeva "(" Journal of the hunt "AE Korsch, 1890, №3), and passionately want to see my future puppy around like this, always remember my dog.Later on, Nayan and his boss caught Read more [...]
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«Black,» a boat on the black water …

Why Boat "black"?author photo Once I met with Meshcherskaya fishing boats, dugout, which is popularly known as «black». However, this title has even entered into the everyday life of scientists. And on the map Heritage Shaturskii region specific symbol shows areas of distribution of dolblenok boat on rivers and lakes edge today.Rybouda hard to imagine that at least once in his life drove along the river or lake for rowing. I'm not talking about those avid fisherfolk, whose boat has become an urgent need to transport and oars and sails – a kind of tools. In general, Read more [...]
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Memories of the «Defourny»

Winter evening nearing night. I just took out of his safe Defourny, cleaned and oiled machine guns. I'm sitting on his bed, admiring the perfection of forms guns. Porthos carefully and devotedly looks into my eyes, leaning out of a warm plaid. We have with him one passion, so we understand each other.Trunks with slightly worn occasionally burnished gleam in the dim light of a desk lamp. Engraved on sideboards gives a fine pattern of Plexus arabesques, ending on the bottom line of pads ornamentation of roses shaped, elongated along the trunks of pillows. Thin neck passes in English harmoniously Read more [...]
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One day at the White River

To start decided to get acquainted with the ways of catching the local fishermenPhoto: Ivan Semyonov Start of production at all times postponed because of minor turmoil in the factory, then dragged and trip. It was the second week of my stay in the city of Salavat. Entertainment in this city chemists bit, and I'm not a fan of urban amusement, but to go on a fishing trip very much. Tackle I, however, did not take with him – I thought the food is not for a long time, but is it a hindrance to this fisherman.Near the hotel found a fishing shop, I bought it in the most simple Read more [...]
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I know a red gait …

Fox to me a very interesting subject, which I have given perhaps the most honorable place among the other representatives of the animal kingdom. All I know about this beast, almost 90% built on twenty years analyzing traces of his life. Prints paws on Fox loose snow. Fast trot. Up — trace back paws down — front.Figure Alexey Subbotin Looking back now, I more I agree with the wonderful zoologist of Game NN Rukovskim, said that one of the methods of animal cognition is the study of trace his activities. Here I would like to introduce the reader Read more [...]
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Carp on the eve of the freeze-up

Local carp up to the ice flanges takes quite confidentPhoto: Alexey GoryainovMany karasyatniki complete fishing season in September, as a sharp cooling water biting zlatobokogo becomes moody. However, in Moscow there are ponds where carp can be caught not only in October, and in compliance with certain rules – until freeze-up.In October, carp remains active in the deep flowing, well-oxygenated waters. In this regard, suitable ponds created on the rivers. There on the bed is often a slow flow which fills the bottom layers of oxygen. Karas, who quit with cooling water to a depth of, for this Read more [...]
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«Under the cry of a hare»

Who are the people willingly heard broaching, husky, cries of the wounded hare! He spread the full neighborhood. When I heard somewhere in the distance nor the incomparable sound - bleating, crying hare, I gave a start. PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Was newly-fallen snow, the snow piled enough. By zakrayku field I went to boarding Lohan that its thick branches lying right on the road itself. Hence came the desperate cries. In the wake of all I read both write. Here on the landing, both sides trace hare, stamped wings bird of prey, most likely, the Goshawk. Hare, first dragging it back Read more [...]
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According to Ilya Muromets track …

"On the light is bright and decorated with red Russian land!" Thou art beautiful and green warm summer and a golden autumn transparent, and a large white Zimushka yes. But especially good you cool spring dawns, when the crystal key opens the locked ice our rivers, streams subside when the silver from the ground snow shroud; when it comes to poetic, true folk hunting stool pigeon.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Vstarodavnie epic era was born this hunt. It is known that the ancient fertility goddess worshiped vyatichi Makosh whose totem companion was a duck. AT mounds Vyatichi inhabiting Read more [...]
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Bream bream and ice water

The behavior of these fish, and defines the tactics of hunting them, and therefore the selection of tackles. Since the distance of fishing compared to the year is now significantly increased the daytime better and more reliable results will give the use of bottom rigs.Photo: Anatoly MailkovThe behavior of these fish, and defines the tactics of hunting them, and therefore the selection of tackles. Since the distance of fishing compared to the year is now significantly increased the daytime better and more reliable results will give the use of bottom rigs. The night is very effective fishing plug Read more [...]
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His Majesty the bell

I'm sure many are images of strange weapons, the muzzle of which was completed bell. And most likely, it was the images of children's books, which featured the pirates.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Weapons Flare is known from ancient times, there is an opinion that such a structure of the barrel improves dispersion shot or buckshot, which could be charged such weapons.In fact, of course, not all so although pirates as no Strangely enough, with such weapons are associated rightly. Weapons bell was destined to become «trademark» sailors and… Read more [...]
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