Rybinka, Borok: this time — without fish

Photo by Mikhail Volkov I do not remember such cloudless prospects for successful fishing, as this time. Beautiful weather smooth, impressive records of friends. Therefore, the absence of catches, in fact, a natural result.When the pressure jumps, and acquaintances of the fishermen report very modest results, where fishing is planned thoughtfully. A few days before the start of a head start to scroll in the tactical scheme to schedule the best routes for the movement of the pond. And when it's time to go on the ice, a win-win plan ready. At this time nothing like this. Once all Read more [...]
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Coveted trophy

I have been approached with a request: Could I help "restore" trophy - the skull of a large bear, damaged stone. Ruins of the past.Brown bears belong to one of the largest and Dangerous ground predators. The historic area of ​​the brown bear includes most of Europe, Asia and North America. AT Today, the brown bear to be destroyed much of the former range. AT Western Europe it survived in isolated populations Pyrenees, the Cantabrian Mountains, the Alps and in the Apennines. Quite common in Scandinavian countries ( except Denmark), sometimes Read more [...]
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Once again on the canister

I read an article by Yuri Konstantinov "in the chuck - buckshot" and with some provisions in it do not agree. Back to the article by Yuri Konstantinov: «The cartridge – buckshot»Of course, you can beat the wild boar with buckshot, but what? Piglets and gilts – yes, but against the big bulls it is often useless. I have written many boars were lost because of buckshot, though shot at close range in a few trunks.And how many different caliber buckshot we uprooted from the skin broken boar ...And how many wounded game running, then with a broken hoof, then with a broken jaw, Read more [...]
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Spring in Rybinsk

Romka and Shreds with a catch Second I am working with dinner. More day I called Pasha and boasted how good his bite. He ran from work and seduced his dacha. I slept badly, tossing and turning, and all four had jumped up, began to gather. In order not to wake the family, waiting for dawn on a bench near the house. But the birds sing, and I rushed to the river. I really wanted to catch ide.The spill did not go, and immediately wrapped in bottlenecks. He collected more bait and sit down in the dark. The first promising zavodinki were empty. In the bushes climb higher. The next retreat Read more [...]
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British biologist, received the award for hives, scaring elephants

Dr Lucy King of Oxford University won a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for the idea of ​​the use of beehives to deter elephants from farms in Africa, said the international organization.Elephants in Africa often come to the farm area and cause significant damage to farmers. Such conflicts threaten the loss of both people and elephants, are included in the international list of animals (Red List), endangered."I congratulate Dr. King on receiving this prestigious award. Her study shows how to work with nature rather than fight against it"- Said the Deputy Secretary General Read more [...]
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Under the fast ice perch walks sullenly

 Photo by the author Volga backwaters – a separate unique water area with its own characteristics. They are all different, and fish in their winter lives different. Some inlets on the Volga quickly covered with ice, but somewhere «Penguins» drilled the first well as soon as the Christmas frost. Few know the specifics of fishing from the ice in such places. I decided to share what I know.What you need to know about the Volga backwatersIce conditions in the lower Volga Volga hydroelectric very difficult. Constantly changing the water level does not allow to Read more [...]
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AK-12 will replace the AK-74, presented in December 2011

Designers of "Kalashnikov Concern" ("Izhmash") In early December, will show the new military machine that should replace the famous AK-74, from the procurement of which the Ministry of Defense refused.His image is secret, report "News". According to the designers "Izhmash"The main feature of the new machine is the ability to take any action with the mechanics of the machine with one hand."If a fighter is injured or his other hand is busy with something, he would still be able to produce a machine, all operations: switch fuse to distort the shutter and Read more [...]
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Suspension with Malcolm

 Photo by the author When fishing for walleye jig used to fry suspension or not – that is the question! More than forty years I have been catching walleye jig with replanting fry, but he can not find a clear answer to the question about the use of the suspension. Fishermen have consensus on this score either. But four out of five caught with the suspension, with only a fifth of the people I know fishermen are supporters bespodvesochnogo sudachatnikov fishing.Without suspension as without handsDo not know what to do – Act in accordance with the rules, says the proverb. Read more [...]
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Water situation in Russia on 2 December 2011

According to the territorial bodies and subordinate organizations RosVodResursy in reservoirs, rivers and lakes of Russia water situation is as follows.Amur BWIBy the rivers of ice formation process continues.Mode Zeya Reservoir: average - 310.84 m (on 01.11.2011 – 311.58 m), the inflow - 64 cubic meters / s, relief flow through hydro - 686 cubic meters / sec.Upper - Volga BWIModes of Nizhny Novgorod and Rybinsk hydro limits.The level in the Rybinsk reservoir is 99.52 m BS in Gorky – 83.73 m.Upper - Ob BWIMode Novosibirsk Reservoir: average - 111.56 m (unchanged), the influx - 390 cubic Read more [...]
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In Primorye built a rehabilitation center for Siberian tigers

The construction of a rehabilitation center for Siberian tigers and other animals listed in the International Red Book, completed in Primorye, said on Friday, the Specialized Inspection "Tiger".The Amur tiger is listed in the International Red Book, in Russia, these animals live in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions. According to the latest census, the population numbers about 450 individuals.The need to create a rehabilitation center in Primorye for the Tigers, in September 2010, environmental organizations announced the edges to raise funds for its construction. The construction of Read more [...]
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Diligence or prayer?

 Photo by the author This story I always remember with pleasure. It so happened that the weather has presented many surprises: Volgograd snowed, and then a sharp warming followed by cooling at all blocked access roads to Volgograd. The floodplain go fishing – Siberia is like shoveling the snow to clear. Fishing reports on the Internet is clearly indicated that the reservoir fish Karpovsky lately is not caught, but the road to the «piggery» It is clean. So we went there. German Petrovich «Voucher» for bass, Oleg Ulanov and Prokopych mormyshkami Read more [...]
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Chechnya is open to ATVs!

In October, for the first time in the history of the group kvadrotsiklisty make a trip to the mountain district of Chechnya Lake Kezenoi Am Chechnya To participate in the event are invited all owners of appliances CFMoto.The event was held with the support of the Tourism Committee under the Government of the Chechen Republic, as well as dealerships CFMoto"Way Moto" (Grozny) and "OLIMPMOTO" (Saint Petersburg). Within three days, the group on the ten kvadroturistov ATV all models CFMoto passed about 400 kilometers of mountain roads and trails of the Read more [...]
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With the balances on the current

 Photo by the author I always thought that the catch on the balancer most effectively in standing water. On the balance beam during commits more chaotic movements, it is difficult to catch the bottom, it is not clear that the rocker gets up there, in the water column. Maybe it's just «sausage» I do not understand how.Of course, trying to catch on within I had, but only when an end and fry worm, which I tucked in without fail on a large jig hook. With this in mind, I wandered through the fisheries exhibition in Moscow. Revised set of any rocker, but I always thought Read more [...]
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Cool Ranger

ATV type UTV, undoubtedly one of the most convenient for hunters of big game. Well, in fact, as an ordinary ATV to pull out of the thicket so painstakingly produced a full-grown wild boar? Another thing, if God sent to help a strong, powerful and reliable UTV, for example, such as Polaris Ranger 570 EFI.Load­Lifting tipper nearly 230 pounds. So that even a very large trophy «Ranger» by forces. Getting to know polarisovskoy novelty in 2014 we started, as usual, with exterior assessment, as one of the decisive criteria in issue «buy — Read more [...]
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In the bitter cold to go fishing

 Photo by the author Warm clothing and footwear – things for granted, but there are some tricks that help the fish in the cold grave. And although in the dead of winter, I try not to go on a fishing trip, for many years, I have accumulated some experience of confrontation frost.Keep your feet warmOf course, in the winter fishing shoes – perhaps the most important thing in fishing ammunition.In recent years it becomes a very popular winter footwear that has a special multi-layered stocking. It perfectly keeps warmth and wicks moisture, but few people know that at Read more [...]
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Knife pioneer

Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COMFirmu CAMILLUS Cutlery can be safely called the patriarch of modern American manufacturers mass production of knives. And not in a metaphorical sense! Today, it is undoubtedly the oldest among American businesses. Modern technology of knives — it's almost safe machining, Hammer smith — manual or mechanical — It does not apply to today's mass-produced blades.The history of this company is quite remarkable… In its origins was Adolph Kastor, son of Jewish immigrants from Germany, settled in New York in 1870. Economic activity of 14-year-old Read more [...]
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Products KEAZ widely used in Russia

Every employee of the Kursk electrohardware plant has every right to be proud of their companyOnce again, it proved Electrical Exhibition «Electro 2014»Held in Moscow from 26 to 29 May.Of particular interest to visitors to its stand called KEAZ, which were presented samples of products manufactured by giant electrical industry. Guests from Kursk quite ironically reacted to economic adventure of the West and reaffirmed their readiness to always defend the honor of the Russian producer. Opponents need to be clear that KEAZe work not only lovely girl, but real men.The company is currently Read more [...]
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 Photo by the author When I go to a friend to Peter, to his dacha, we have become a good tradition that after the hunting and bath, we always go somewhere fishing. This time, he called on the Lake Ladoga, and after some weighing on the situation and the separation of ice, decided to firmly – We leave before dawn.Leaving Ladoga ice, we are faced with the fact that the deep ruts in the snow from the car often is crossed zigzag those who continue the way he changed his mind and turned around toward the shore. This multiple traces from legs pointed to the fact that it turned Read more [...]
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The girl and the knife. Part 2 (cutting fish)

I want to show you the second series of clips about how familiar Severyanka skillfully wielding a utility knife. In the first series it, if you remember, deer on the joints disorganized one knifehttp://www.ohotniki.ru/weapon/knives/article/2012/01/12/634292-devushka-i-nozh.htmlAnd in this series, look, how much fun they decided to carve fish.As for pike and burbot women touching faith commands, I was able to shoot a process filErovki whitefish.But the assembled record for multiple years. So do not be surprised that the heroine of the roller and the surrounding kids younger eyes. It so happens :-).Implementing Read more [...]
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Fishermen — the law

Here came the turn and fishermen live by the law. A draft of the new Federal Law "About recreational fisheries". One name is happy, though on what was called human, not a law on rational use and preservation of objects related to the world of water objects of fishing, etc. and so, as we see in the hunting industry.January 11 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a meeting with representatives of public organizations, recreational and sport fishing. On January 18, held a press conference in ITAR-news. It was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Svetlana Orlova, Read more [...]
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