The question is in the air for a long time, but the answer to it is not so far. In our time, the celebration of new technologies, many mechanical devices have given way to electrical and electronic. The most striking example would watch. Only human conservatism and they dictated fashion allow manufacturers still produce mechanical watches. It is understood that the percentage of hunters among conservatives certainly higher than among ordinary people. Yet it is not clear one thing, why is not the innovators among gunsmiths, try creating a brand new shotgun.Lock guns – complex mechanical products Read more [...]
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Who are the hunters who do not have a dog, do not grieve for lost or wounded game even purely bat game? And it is not just a poor guy, after unsuccessful attempts to find, got to get the spent fowl unwittingly uttered: "But if I had a dog ..." Yes, hunting with trained dogs, loss of trophies will be eliminated or reduced to a minimum.My relationship with hunting dogs developed immediately. I found the blessed time when many hunting grounds dominated coursing. Among them there were such skilled workers, which in a short autumn day could get two or three belyachkov, enough to enjoy the beautiful Read more [...]
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Great Spotted Woodpecker

In winter, for the short walk in the woods you will see a little bird. It is not spring, when they sing at every step. In winter, for the short walk in the woods you will see a little bird. It is not spring, when they sing at every step. You can walk a few kilometers of the forest swept by stepping on virgin snow, and meet a few sedentary birds. Larger and discreet fly long before they notice, just tits and nuthatches inspect the trunks of trees, looking into every crevice of the bark and finding there petrified insects are not afraid of human presence. These birds rarely travel through the forest Read more [...]
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With or without mining?

Participation in the judging of the best working spaniels at national competitions is the highest practical school for experts in the field. When repeatedly judge with half a dozen of the same good and long familiar in the local district dog trials, then, sorry, can not help, as a specialist, "solidifying" in development. Photo YlvaS / flickr.com (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) It is nothing to see except the primer: know how to read, but the outlook is not expanding. At the All-Russia competition all the way around. There are dozens of best spaniels with all parts of the country. Participation Read more [...]
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Historically, people moving in search of a comfortable stay, settled near water, be it river, lake or sea. Until now, far from "well-off" the village center to hear from local residents respectful, with barely perceptible bitterness: "We are only feeding the river and ..."Incountry great number of rivers and lakes — on Kola Peninsula — the river Paz. It takes its origin above the Arctic Circle, Lake Inari, in Finland. With its curves and This rapid rapids river drops about two hundred years ago, completely separates Russia from its northern neighbor — Read more [...]
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Predator of the sparrow unit

This bird is in many respects unusual. Forty-LIKE, BUT NOT Forty RODNYA.PO behavior and many external sign - typically small predators, but is to further kinship with waxwings and thrushes. APPLY TO songbirds, but the songs do not POET.NAVERNOE, it's time to call it: gray shrike.The name of the shrike was because of the appearance - it's really far away can be confused with a magpie, which (in miniature), he is a bit like its appearance and color: gray with a touch of black and white, with a long tail step. A bit like a magpie shrike and pozyvka - sharp "check-check-check." The Latin name of this Read more [...]
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What does the fish

Tomorrow at sunrise go in search of fish on deaf forest lakeAnd now is a long dark night of triumph over squashed snow forests, snow-covered meadows, over frozen for up impenetrable crust lakes. Finally, the low sun highlighted the silvery trunks of aspen, followed by cap openwork dlinnokosyh birches. Shadows grew shorter and brighter day. I had come with me beetle dog, nicknamed for black beetles color. Spurred by vigorous frost, we walked briskly to the forest lake narrow path, winding among florid snowy wilderness.WHO LIVES in the wells?Finally scraped ice screw bites into the ice lining, and Read more [...]
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Tigers and leopards in captivity

Part IThe history of captivity giant cats, probably dates back to the period when people thought they were his totemic ancestors. It is known that the Ainu and some African tribes have the custom to keep in captivity, the animals worshiped or considered their ancestors - bears, owls, monkeys, hyraxes, and even in one case - antelope, duiker.We can not say with full confidence that the people of the Neolithic settlement in Chantal Hüyük caught and kept in their sanctuaries leopards. But it definitely makes them much later the neighbors - the tyrants of the Greek cities of the Eastern Mediterranean Read more [...]
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Autumn spinning on Okuneva trail

Bright light puffed distant horizon, but to go on a fishing trip a bit earlyAutumn frost and the first night frosts are already being felt, and the underwater inhabitants are not very active in the early morning. Fish out of the pits and will "walk" acquainted trails in search of food an hour or two after sunrise.When the chilled air is warmed and melted a bit damp night, I go to the boat in search of fish swarms. This time my spinning aimed at fishing perches, preferably large, that on the eve of the freeze-up is often a good pet cool. Solid trophy goes to the most restless anglers who are not Read more [...]
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With karelkoy for capercaillie

This was the third trip to the north of the wood grouse Ivdel. My Karelian Bear Dog went to the fourth year, and it has worked very well for the bird. But the capercaillie in the surrounding woods of Yekaterinburg, where sometimes we travel around the dog, became very fearful and poorly sits under husky. It affects apparently the pressure of civilization. So you have to climb further to the north, where the bird was not so scared, lets work on it and gain experience husky dog ​​and its owner - City Hunter.The weather was not too good. It was an overcast September with short, but frequent rain, Read more [...]
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Semerochnye geese

The reason for my remarks were a crow stories Oleg Krymtseva. I myself am not that cool Gusyatnikov but manenko thrashed them, anyway, all I do not remember. But semerochnyh, ie combined number seven fractions, I remember all. But the two stories are connected not only with the rare good fortune, but also with the memory of untimely death of my partner. First I took the goose as a boy, homemade buckshot. Yet at least 10 years it spent on the realization of futility  and the dangers of such a firing. Even longer I reached the conviction that the most  «goose»  rooms  Read more [...]
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Ten Days That Shook the …

The proposal made by phone Mikhail Alexandrovich, snatched me out of office in August bustle "North, 10 days, two clients; older - me, you - younger agrees solved with the release tomorrow. "Colorless mood instantly and office indescribably improved: nice to realize that you do not last here on Kamchatka, a man in sheep hunting, since continued to invite such extraordinary measures, but much nicer prospects — Koryakia (five years already there was), mountains, and the main thing — «…we did hunted 91st, sheep — Read more [...]
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And only in the evening, and only a day

How nice to wander quiet running waning autumn day, out of the corner of the forest of bright green clover, on the aftermath of the young, the crude precipitated by evening dew. Photo by Dmitry Kashirina To reflect and watch the rest goes to the majestic view of our planet. How does it quickly, even very, sinks, retires, is huge, with the crown of the distant darkening forest. But at the last moment, it gives the ground a dazzling, a bright smile that forest, though embarrassed, and again flashes lights up the horizon crimson sunset fire. In front of me is an old lime tree branched, Read more [...]
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Test dream

"And if you do not shot and not get caught?" - He asked me, buddy. "So what? I am personally going for fog. And the smell of the taiga. And there, as will! "I hardly played a cunning trick, although the famous Karelian hunting and fishing Of course, I also like. But I do not believe that came out of the tent in the morning and yawning can get breakfast heels grouse, and moving away from the camp at a hundred paces, remove from eating handsome Moshnikov. Yes, and I do not like to "easily ...". And most importantly, what can be better than your dreams come true! .. The photo - Boris Sokolov View Read more [...]
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Outings with pet: reviews collar Foresto and evaluation specialist

In the summer of dogs and cats with their owners, often move to the countryThis is a great time expanse, river, nature and a break from the city, but the owners of pets is important not to relax too soon. Rest is necessary only after ensuring conditions for «our little brothers». For veterinarians summer – hot in every sense of it's time. That is why before going on nature with the students need to attend to their protection against parasites, fleas and ticks. Veterinarians are advised to use «preventive» protection, such as collars. They help to deal with ticks Read more [...]
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With natural bait

The chance discovery led me to the idea that this experiment would be interesting for spinnings. It's a cross between an artificial lure and dead fish. Who are the fishermen, with at least year-old veteran, not I am catching pike? There's probably not there. If you have only a few times in Life kept in hand spinning, then probably know as what to catch this predator. And ways to catch a lot of inveterate robber. There are several classes of spinning lures for pike: vacillating, spinners, foam fish, kastmastery, crankbaits most incredible Read more [...]
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Squirrel named Belka

In urban families who have children and grandchildren, as well as the desire for contact with nature at all in the zoo has different quality and quantity of the inhabitants of the cornerIn our city apartment over the years, when growing up the daughter and grandchildren, visited over the years a lot of all living creatures: parrots of different breeds of hamsters, turtles, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, fish, etc. Each of them left in memory of family members different memories, but especially all remember pribludy protein.This was thirty years ago, her daughter was still small.  We live on the ground Read more [...]
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Small miracle

When in the early 70-ies of the last century, I started my first dog for hunting on a feather - Russian spaniel, I was surprised to find that, apart from the ducks on the rivers and bogs can be found in the fields of corncrake and, most importantly, the quail. In those years the agriculture of our country to heal the wounds after the brutal application of chemicals.Photo GREAVES RUSSELL Heaps of fertilizers the edge of the field were the usual picture of the 60's. Bane destroyed hares, grouse, corncrake and quail. Animals licked «chemistry», Taking the salt, Read more [...]
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My meetings with the professor Kamernitskim

I was lucky to meet several times with Professor Alexei Vladimirovich Kamernitskim. Although these meetings was little, I remember them as if they were yesterday.Photos from the archives of the editorial board Alexey in an expert was invited to ring setter. The assistants have been appointed and Hope Mills an expert from St. Petersburg to Unfortunately, not I remember his name, as well as the name of the St. Petersburg girl trainee. Being a trainee confidence and to me. Early morning station in Peter met us Semivolos Oleg, an active Read more [...]
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Uneasy bird dove

Random people identified pigeons? Domesticated. Brought from the wild ancestor of many different and distinguishable (rocks) and the colors of the pen body shape, even in summer. However, not only for admiring eyes, but also in taste, the meat dishes mean. Is there something sacred, holy stored. By the pigeon hunt itself has become attached to the primary school. Skill, of course, come with knowledge. With pigeons forget about time. What kind of dream? Completely white to the wings were only two black belts. Those not found in nature: there were red, yellow, black with white stripes on the wings, Read more [...]
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