Perch in snags

Modern bait and equipment will avoid snags and breaks even in the deaf snags. Okun is more likely than any other fish, have to catch in the strong places. And, of course, this has its own fishing osobennno.Photo by the author Under the ice will not see much, even with the sonar. But there is every reason to believe that in winter perch behavior differs little from the open water. Snags, algae, flooded bushes and rocky ridges attract a lot of fish fines – fingerlings roach, dace, bleak, gudgeon, who is here in the form of food invertebrates and crustaceans. After fry in such Read more [...]
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Three shots — three beasts

It was November. I end my next expedition to the south of Western Siberia. The work was finished by this time, and we finally got the opportunity to hunt for pleasure. In addition, our friend came to Anatolia and brought back two licenses to shoot deer. As soon as dawn broke and We began to fade in the large bright stars the clear sky, as we were already in steppe. Strong morning frost grass covered with frost so thick that it seemed as if had the fresh newly-fallen snow. On Room we Anatoly walked very carefully, trying not to frozen grass crunching, Read more [...]
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My schury

Schur - a family of finches bird, passerine spread across the north of the taiga forests of European Russia and Siberia, the mountains up to Kamchatka and Sakhalin. However, she is living separately, within the range not common, but because occasionally catches the eye of man. Value with bird starling. The adult male is very outfit is a bright red, even crimson plumage coloring, young birds and female yellow-orange. The song consists of a set of melodic, pleasant on gossip not too loud whistle, rallying cry can pass syllables «fyui-ti… fyui Th…». Read more [...]
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The tail spines and eyes …

Part 1. Ruff - an important link in the biological chain of reservoirs.Photo by the author As soon as the fishermen do not call this a relative kolyucheperogo and goggle-eyed perch and walleye. So they call it «host» bodies of water when there is no release from it and it lacks any proposed bait, not allowing other fish to the hook. That respectfully styled king fishing soup, because I do not cook this delicious brew if you do not throw in the pot dozen or ruffs. His name and «snotty» of tenacious mucus that is difficult to remove from the fingers after Read more [...]
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The alarming situation

According to the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, Rosselkhoznadzor of the Yaroslavl region, the situation on rabies in the Yaroslavl region remains very tense. So during the period from January to May 5, 2015 reported 47 cases of rabies, while for the entire 2014 there were 37 cases.Photo by Alexander Nazarov On a walk in the woods or in the field, resting at the river, collecting berries and mushrooms in the countryside and in the country, on the streets and even in your own yard can be infected with rabies. It can happen to anyone! This disease, Read more [...]
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A new look at the ruff

"Russian people love ruff. In my opinion, ruff - the best fish of all, do not reach a large growth. Where ruffs are many and large, there are angling their extraordinarily abundantly and pleasant. Ear of ruffs - the most healthy, nutritious and tasty food, but best of all they are - especially if large - cooked on a cold jelly, which is unusually thick. In my opinion, nothing can compare with the delicate flavor of this dish. "Photo by the author Rights Aksakov, if the boil in a triple ruff ear, with perch and roach-sorozhkami, and zakladochku – with pieces of big perch, Read more [...]
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Oblique hare

How many years have passed since electricity was invented, but nothing better than columns with electrical wires, mankind has not invented. Outage occurs a transmission line, and our team went to search for the site of injury. The area we have - the forest and swamp Meschera, in a word, and the search for damage - this is, basically, hiking trails through the forest thickets.Photo sootyskye / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Dima, or, as it had We called, Dimaki, was ordered to go on to line swollen rivers, and explore all the same path back on the road to Read more [...]
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On spring migration

We offer readers the "horn" excerpt from the book VN Kaverzneva "cocking", released in 1931 and has become a rarity. Observations of the author, and are relevant for this spring.We have, in the middle part of the Soviet Union, woodcock appears in spring while at expression of LL Feta, too dark circles in the sun forest trees around, and when the first thawed, ie Only when nature begins to change your winter look.Please come to We separate, isolated individuals and placed on thawed on selvages southern stingrays our groves and forests, especially Read more [...]
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Zherlitsy help

Pervolede. We arrived at the dam in the butt. We are five: Nikolai, Alexander, Pavel, Nikolai and me. Ice crackles - four centimeters thick. Take out the bait from the jig, it is necessary to catch baits. After half an hour I start to put zherlitsy broken line across the dam.Photo Anatoly Mailkova When fishing baits in one of the wells came across a couple of perches at 120 grams, and the desire to cook fish soup after fishing is huge, so recovering from the same rod in search «ushichnyh» perches. Dolblyu wells in different places, trying naydti at least a small flock, Read more [...]
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The hot August sun, rising high into the blue heights, mercilessly scorching heat undisguised Kolkinu head. Reflected from the mirrored surface of a pond, a blind eye, causing squinting and wiping away a tear. Before cutting in the eyes, he tried to see her float, the solution in the solar glare, but the red head, clearly visible in the early morning, completely lost in the forest reflected in the water. Photo Andy Hay / (CC BY 2.0) Everything is good!» — Kolka said to himself, reeling the bait. Looking in bucket a dozen goldfish floating, Read more [...]
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Chevy Grand Duke Nicholas Jr.

From December redaktsii22 is two years, as there is no contact Valeria Vitalievitch Pankratov, our regular contributor to "the Russian newspaper hunting" and the magazine "Hunting and Fishing XXI Century". Today we offer the reading rooms excerpt from his yet unpublished book "August shot" about the hunt the Grand Duke Romanov Nikolai Nikolayevich (Younger). Hunting for the Romanovs in the XIX century it has turned into a family activity. Hunted almost all members of the royal family, in addition to Alexander I.And how could it be otherwise, if the kings themselves, fathers, avid hunters, from Read more [...]
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Birds of townsfolk

Judging by the title of the essay, you could write a whole article. Speaking of songbirds, even to list them at random will not be easy. Also become quite common nightingales, warblers and warblers, are such a relatively rare songstress as Bluethroat and Orioles. Several times had to see and hear the cuckoo and yellow wagtails, nuthatches and titmice Long (winter). Recently I came across pika surveyed in search of food trunk of an old elm tree in front of my door.Photo by Alexander Mishchenko Terms and conditions for nesting at We are quite good. Here, as they say, there is Read more [...]
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Trophies beginning of the season

Part 2.Harakter catching roach.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Depending on the size of the reservoir, on its flow-through and the depth, the behavior of roach can be very different, so every time we have to choose the optimal fishing techniques and tactics. Strongly influences the biting light, as thin ice, and the snow is still little or not at all. On the one hand, it turns out that in cloudy weather, the biting should be better, but on the other hand, the daylight hours are very short and the peak biting is in the middle of the day. To find active fish need to consider all factors and Read more [...]
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About the reliability of the facts

The "horn» №№ 35? 36 has published an article by Alexander Yarkov "Breakthrough of the capsule," in which the author gives the photo cartridge "Taiga", cornered, he said, the lower barrel IL-27. And the incident, according to the author, there was allegedly under the influence of propellant gases, to break through the sample capsule when a shot from the top of the barrel. Back to article A.Yarkovogo: "Breakthrough capsules"This topic is not new. And the author has repeatedly raised — breakdown of the capsule at a shot and the consequences of such a breakdown. Read more [...]
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Forester Agathon stole forty martovichka - so call leverets who were born in the early spring. It was a tiny creature, a child's mitten. Agathon brought it home in his pocket sweatshirt, put in a box out of the vacuum cleaner. What to feed your baby?Photos Robert FRY Forester poured in a saucer of milk, put in front martovichkom. It took time, but a hare not the treat I touched. Then Agathon shredded carrots, cabbage leaf broke off. But and these delicacies animal remained indifferent. — Mal has not understands — decided Read more [...]
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Unhappy and happy first ice

At the heart of every fisherman always painfully acute lives waiting for the next new season. In this case, the winter. The first signs of pre-winter, light snow and frozen puddles, awaken imagination, evoke memories of their own and others' successes on pervoledyu. Inside you wake up some special inner itch, which is constantly distracted by thoughts of everyday urgent cases. Photo Anatoly Mailkova  But autumn is unreasonably long delayed, again and again, pouring yearned for recreation ground is rain, then sleet. Frost, as if trying to force spanning thin transparent Ledkov Read more [...]
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To break the capsule paper — in detail

I want to show the answer to the second image to the article "The breakthrough capsule" What is shown in the first picture I saw in the right barrel, at a distance of 30 millimeters from the official cutoff. This sleeve welt decreased by 1.7mmBack to article A.Yarkovogo: "Break capsule"In the second case, I do wrong until «dissected exhibit» and I do not understand what is missing.The reason is that I had no idea of ​​the design is the sleeve and received his sight, stumbled in his closet for a similar cartridge.In the first photo, we see that picture in the newspaper Read more [...]
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Notes hunters berezaiskogo ohothozyaistva

November 17, 6:00 PM. I am a partner in a food Serega Berezayskoe hunting Valdai region of Novgorod region. Photo by the author The farm was established in 1971, and now he was forty years old. It is located on the shores of Lake Shlino, which caught pike, walleye, perch, roach, ruff, burbot, carp. The forests are inhabited by elk, wild boars, hares, capercaillie, black grouse, grouse, prowling about his business like a wolf pack.Ivan Nadtochy economy is headed for 17 years. His hard work and enthusiasm have helped to significantly increase the number of the beast because he was Read more [...]
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Smart and arrogant

Ravens unusually smart and funny creatures. Watch them pleasure. On the way to work, I decided to feed the remains of a lone pigeon pie, absent-mindedly wandering along one of the sidewalks of Moscow. I threw him a pretty hefty chunk, and he began to peck awkwardly warm crumb, scattering crumbs of white dirty the December snow.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Flew a second Caesar. I broke off a piece of him, leaving nearby. Now they both desperately fiddling unexpected food. During the whole process from the trees watched a lone crow. She was very cautious and prefer not to approach so Read more [...]
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Regulars catering

Approaching cold snap I do not need to learn from the weather reports. Beaks pounding on the windowpane big tits - expect winds from the Arctic and the first frost. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Do not just give to know about Statement titmouse: dozens of years malokormya period, cold and I equip the snow in the courtyard of bird food and drinks. The menu is diverse: in ice creams viburnum berries and refrigerator red currants, mountain ash cluster of land, grain and wheat to acquire sunflower seed market.Year-on-year increases, and species composition number Read more [...]
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