Heroic Family

Xenia handed that in early May, the Germans were planning to attack the detachment "Bolshevik", using planes and tanksPhoto: Igor Shakhov I walked slowly down the forest edge, to the pain in his eyes peering into the left spread out a vast field with high stubble where the wind blew in gusts. The precipitate night the first snow whitened only way, and the field in the first minutes of dawn took away a solid dark mass. Where here to see going into the forest for the day a fox!Wait until the final dawn? But it is likely that by the time all the foxes leave the field. As always, I Read more [...]
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In cold water for roach

Late fall. Persistent rains. On the streets of mud and slush. Sitting to the house, wrapped in a quilt, drinking hot tea with raspberry jam and watch «soap operas» on TV. But it's not for me. I want out. There, where the cold and damp. There, where the big waves with white horses on the ridges, driving away from the middle of the lake, with the noise hit the shore. I take the bait, a backpack with a minimum of gear, and the lake Soshno. Especially not hope to get lucky as the place chosen five kilometers from the discharge of warm water, which means a minimum activity Read more [...]
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Hunting wolves from a helicopter

I have had to take part in such a much-discussed (and add - condemned) the hunting of wolves from a helicopter. I must say that until recently, this type of shooting sport was not considered, and considered purely as a means of destroying harmful predators.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Furthermore — for each killed wolf pays a premium, exceeds the times half the minimum monthly salary of the Soviet (which was in turn dozens of times higher than the minimum wage strange unit, common in now). Is not In addition, that the Soviet state pays for the summer, Read more [...]
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With the hound of chernotropu

Suddenly, twenty meters away from the grass with a deafening noise rose four grouse and instantly disappeared in the birch forest, the edge of which we were walking along the field. We just had that look after them: after all, no one was loading the gun, and shoot still would not have timePhoto by the author Suddenly, twenty meters away from the grass with a deafening noise rose four grouse and instantly disappeared in the birch forest, the edge of which we were walking along the field. We just had that look after them: after all, no one was loading the gun, and shoot still would Read more [...]
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Gun piece of manufacturing can be proud of not tolkoohotnik, but also a collector. What TOZ-34, known in our country, everyone! A whole generation has grown by local hunters this "vertikalka." One can argue endlessly about how successful or gun design is flawed. But the fact remains rare rifle in the world can boast such a wide popularity. Nowadays, this popularity has not disappeared, many hunters dream of having in their arsenal the most "Thirty", of course, the Soviet edition. It was the Soviet edition of the best "certified" quality guns, which for modern rifles Tula, unfortunately, Read more [...]
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Haying time to

My grandmother used to say to me: "Not having seen for summer days! This winter long stretches, and that summer bird cherry color - quickly will fly away! "And it is really so: snorovito run summer days. I did not notice that descend from the calendar pervolete. Photo by Sergey Fokin And here it is, at the very height of summer. In nature already felt special Toe the line – from day to day daily considerably subsided gone, which means the second half of the year turned. Behind the scenes, a small step on the sparrow, as they say in the old days, decreasing day.It is a time Read more [...]
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The blizzard of sable …

With a week on the peninsula, from coast to coast, worn snowstorm. Wind drifts not only rolls in the tundra, but even in the stone-birch forests and larch forests. Animals do not protrude from their hiding places. Hunters were resting in a hut. Photo by Ilya Lipin In general, the weather was such that in some even «dogs not out expel». Wind to midnight verse as if someone had cut. Snow continued to blame but I have drizzled «groats» — a sign of the end of the bad weather and coming cold snap. The hunter immediately Read more [...]
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Recent mushrooms

In the Vladimir region was a real "wall" of mushrooms. From the forest people carried baskets full of white, aspen and brown cap boletus. However, in this very year of chanterelles not ugly, I personally have not found none at all. Photo by the author In the Vladimir region was a real «shaft» mushrooms. From the forest people carried baskets full of white, aspen and brown cap boletus. However, in this very year of chanterelles not ugly, I personally have not found none at all. In the Vladimir region was a real "wall" of mushrooms. From the forest people carried baskets Read more [...]
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When aiming at no time

Photo Natalya Fokina Shooting game of the sand, such as snipe and teal, requires a certain skill and quick shooting. And Mallard on Vecherka flashes in the dark - there is, and not have time to raise his gun. And in the forest autumn woodcock and grouse broods vzmaterevshie unlikely to quietly take aim, so that it is clear that we need a quick shot. It is necessary to start a conversation about the rapid fire on the hunt, as most fans of shooting in flight once cited as an example a shot without thinking, describing such a manner as the processing target shooting without leashes. Read more [...]
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For Severyanka

With the onset of winter in the north, with its frost and snow, gale force winds rush southward northern duck and goose ...On all the way to thousands of migratory birds hunters flock to where there is the opportunity to compete with cautious and alert bird. This period passes quickly. North duck and goose fly to where is still possible to stop feeding and stop here for a few days. Often it is at October until the river, which runs along the migration of these birds, and situated near the lake, ilmenite, not swamp covered with ice. The last stop of Read more [...]
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Symphony for Pishchik

Photo Flickr.com Many hunters hazel grouse I had seen, and the most successful of them were offended ear for music. Enticing grouse taught me my friend and teacher, Gennady A. Belkin - tall and handsome joker, joker, the last more than one hundred kilometers of fields and forests of the Perm province.  "Listen, my friend, as the male whistles, and try to repeat it trill. Each brood whistles in their own way - said my guru. - Sit used to on the stump and listen to the echoes around two to three male: Well pure symphony! "Over time, I do understand the characteristics of the sound Read more [...]
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Forest hazel

Who is not familiar with the forest hazel? Even as a boy, we went into the forest to fill their pockets with nuts milk ripeness. The first fishing rod to catch minnows in a forest or a river of gold Karasik peat quarries many masters of the young shoots of the tree. Photo: Mikhail Semin Forest hazel or common hazel, seemingly small tree, shrub with even more lush, spreading crown, and if you follow the scientific terminology, is not walnut, and Birch. Botanists refer to this tree family Betulaceae — birch. AND Leaves with hazel birch Read more [...]
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Dog muck

Photo Natalia Gubernatorova Nastya belongs to the first group. And she was a few weeks ago just lost two of its «family» dogs. They were poisoned. Poison freely purchased at a pharmacy. In war, waged with prohibited items. Give the floor flooring.– I have two dogs. «Nobles», I picked up a few years ago. A little more than 10 days ago, I was walking on their site. I do not have time to react. They ate sausage, cut into pieces and scattered there. An hour later, the dog started having problems with coordination, and then for an hour they died in severe Read more [...]
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When trolling asp is not …

Asp Each has its own character, for this fish as if there is no general rule of conduct. Most anglers prefer to hunt for this predator with spinning, but few chub caught on a live fish rod or Donkey. Many in such fishing does not believe and if suddenly see that in their eyes catch asp in an unusual way, it immediately raises a lot of questions. I'll talk about zhivtsovoy catching asp, based on personal experience.Stable catch on fry and asp bait, but with the major, I on­He studied at Lower Volga. AT That time we Friends tried baubles asp beating Read more [...]
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On Frolikha

I'm such pike never seen beforeauthor photoHolidays came to an end, and we decided to move to the place of our last year's very convenient parking, situated in a dry place in a tiny cove, covered on both sides by rocks. In the center of a sandy beach for five persons in the fringe of the wild blooming onion. And these types of neighborhood open…During our absence there have been changes. Look involuntarily to engage the figure standing next to a hut limnologists. It was sculpted from larch. Flat cut made by a saw, completing her head at a height of about one and a half meters from the ground. Read more [...]
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In the north of Russia in the taiga forests Rod Woodcock occurs mainly in river valleysPhoto: Luc Demalorthy Woodcocks prefer to fly around in the first place those forest areas where the probability of encountering females. Among these are primarily opushechnaya area of ​​forest in the border zone with open spaces: meadows, edges of meadows, strips of alder and birch forests and thickets of bushes, overgrown felling of different ages.Males are willing to overfly areas of adult forests with a dense network of forest roads, as well as crossing the glades, limiting forest districts, Read more [...]
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Tuvan songs about fishing

Ending. Beginning in 2010 №8.Photo: Alexander Lisitsyn our companions, or rather a support group, were two wonderful people - Sergey Chistyakov Natalia and the cook. She geologist, he is from hunters. Friendly, calm, experienced taiga men, Sergey became our good angel, but, more importantly, he had an exceptional conductor quality not know the word "can not".All that we took from the lake, immediately eaten. AT first evening Natalia humbly asked what we would like to dinner the next day. AT I joke I began to grind about buckwheat stuffed pike, about fried mushrooms cheesecakes. Read more [...]
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First study, then shoot!

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Part 2You always have to remember the lesson of the old hunter ST Aksakov that each gun has its own special charge, which has better. I would add to that the need to have a gun for personal liner. Before charging of the cartridge, you need to lathe manufactured, knowing the exact size of your internal gun, the two tools. First – This pyzherubka, cardboard pad beneath which must go through the channel of the barrel with a certain preload, tolerances turner knows better than anyone. Second – navoynik a metal, the outer diameter of which should Read more [...]
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Partridge Murman

If you are attracted by the Arctic - tundra under a low gray sky, covered with moss; Lake is cast lead; flocks of ptarmigan, who did not know the shots - your way lies on the Kola Peninsula.From the dark of the water column show sailed behind heavy stone blocks, flashed white sand beach. Gray misty morning. At times, light rain drizzles. Desperately flailing screw foamed water tyazhelogruzhenaya «elastic» trying to enter the planing, but not typing the desired speed, heavily falls dashing waves enveloping the passengers cascades cold spray. The crew of Read more [...]
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Pike in Russian

My family and not have realized at once that it was a pikePike - a common fish in the catch of my breadwinner. Here are just a pike in great demand in my kitchen. Some people do not like the somewhat dry meat, anyone squeamish bones. And even in the freezer stale autumn carcass toothy predators, which my fisherman did not let loose. A place in the freezer and so sorely lacking! So we had to cheat.You will need: Bird pound pike, 1 tomato, 1 onions, 1 lemon, 100 grams of mayonnaise, 150 grams of cheese, parsley and dill, and salt and pepper – taste.Photo: Sergey SemyonovPike fileruem, sprayed Read more [...]
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