Squats accompaniment

The wind continued all weekend. Yes, and with frost «fortunate». Nominated by the reservoir, we decided not to. Searched for your fish in the river, but four dozen perch dimensional jig got easy. Although the fishing that we were quite happy, some remained unfinished.Early next week, the wind slowed agility and medium forecast gave all liquid «C grade». Went up the pressure, added frost. I realized that the urgent need to take advantage of a window formed between the cases and visit «big water».Find a partner during the week easy. But you can Read more [...]
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Test off rack jacks

Choosing the jack very serious matter. Since any failure of the hijack may lead to injury (knocked out teeth, broken arms, etc.)How many copies have been broken around the bent rack jack! All squabbles Montagues and Capulets, as well as disputes tupo- ostrokonechnikov together and resting on a background of the arguments about whether to buy a farm jack and which of the two types of high-lift better.But what is typical – the argument of the opposing sides is reduced to colorful life examples where profit is tightly intertwined with pictures born irrepressible human fontaziey. Well, perhaps Read more [...]
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Test shot

Sun turns to summer, and the cold winter. Hunter, looking at scurrying tits in the forest and fun chirping of sparrows in the street, smiling: "Spring is coming! Not far off, and the holiday of holidays - Spring hunting! "On the eve of it as something of itself wants to talk about us, hunters, our enthusiasm and the behavior of the hunt - the so-called ethical hunter.Photo: Mikhail Semin Hunting ethics – is a set of standards of behavior and morality of people engaged in hunting, a kind of code of honor of the hunter. «What kind of rules, what kind of morality! What Read more [...]
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Whether to buy a used boat engine?

The unequivocal answer to this question is no. Let's see how it meet foreign specialists ...With the thought that you can buy a used item is cheaper, each of us could face, for example, when buying a car. And what about the engine?Q: I'm going to buy an inflatable boat RIB "Humber" with two motors "Johnson" 50 hp release in 1992. Motors enjoy and a little past 4 years were stored in the warehouse. Can you suggest a special place to which I should pay attention when buying, and what to do in case of detection of any signs of wear?Buying a used engine - a very important decision Read more [...]
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Gluhozime and perch

Photo by Mikhail Volkov About gluhozime try as short as possible: this is when the brightness is reduced, the water temperature, the concentration of oxygen in it decreases the amount of available food, and the annual cycle of life of our fish (except burbot), a period of minimal activity. The latter requires some explanation: it comes in an aquarium where the external factors are favorable.Naturally, different reservoirs importance of these factors varies: in the shallow lake is paramount concentration of oxygen in a large reservoir – Light, in a fast river – water Read more [...]
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ice Age

This year's winter has performed its mission by 146% without the help of a wizard Churov, leading many to believe even wrong, but no less apocalyptic interpretations of the Mayan calendarPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova Even Greenpeace activists on Time ceased to shout about global warming, wrapped in his coat of artificial fur. At the whereas in most European countries on TV screens city ​​streets moved realities disaster movie «Day after tomorrow», a Venetian gondoliers are not could waking up in the morning, go to work Read more [...]
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Choosing tires for off-road vehicles

By choosing off-road tires for your car, you should follow some general recommendations. First of all, the winter is better to install tires with less tread width. By choosing off-road tires for your car, you should follow some general recommendations. First of all, the winter is better to install tires with less tread width.Each of us, choosing a car in the first place puts such a demand as security, followed by comfort and convenience, economy, ecology, well, and, of course, an advanced modern design. Today, the maximum satisfy such requirements «SUVs». These wheel-drive devices with Read more [...]
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Okunevaya snowstorm

Oh, if you want to make a mistake, you start to build forecasts. Just my friend and I, and many comrades, good sexually roach. From various surrounding areas began to receive signals about the local outlets of fish, I thought that finally came to nibble… But suddenly everything stopped. For several days, the weather does not allow our brother to relax and enjoy the fishing. The last decade of the month in our area is accompanied by frank morning frosts and daytime twenty gusts ten.We are with a friend on one of fishings came under the charge of the snow in a blizzard candid Read more [...]
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Annoyance hounds

Brown eyes gonchuhi look from the bottom up, in two and a half hunters. Ask why half formed, so is my son. Guns are not allowed on the early childhood, but the backpack first half of the day is fine. And Ghosn is not an obstacle for the extra pair of eyes, but ears have.So, are these gentlemen under the gaze of skilled workers and can not say in his defense or anything. And what can I say, the hare escaped our work in the bosom of unknown Mister X. With the speed that he did not show during all three hours with little rut. And it happened so.Saturday, we had frost -6. Mushrooms were porcelain. Read more [...]
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This lure is better than!

Always there were fishermen in the world, there are, and probably will be disputes about different catchability bait: Copper brass baubles better… Black jig better light… Goat birdcall fluffy and seductive artificial tinsel… Based on what these and many other findings? As a rule, on his own subjective practices, especially steadily underpinned by our colleagues who have similar views and have credibility in our eyes.From here there are differences, and if the opposite opinion. And if you try to spend a little bit science experiment in order to get away from Read more [...]
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Durability outboards

The modern outboard motor deserves a higher valuation. It is a brilliant combination of high power and low weight in one small unit. The modern outboard motor deserves a higher valuation. It is a brilliant combination of high power and low weight in one small unit. Currently even 7.5 hp motor. from. They have an electric starter.The modern outboard motor deserves a higher valuation. It is a brilliant combination of high power and low weight in one small unit. Neither type katernogo engine had so many stages of development in a short time. First Drum starter cord has been replaced by spring starter. Read more [...]
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How to fix a bent trunk

Buying weapons through the trading network, and even with it, the "reliable people", we must first pay attention to the condition of the barrel. A careful examination of the barrel may show a number of defects. Based on the survey concludes, is to acquire a new barrel or refuse to purchase. Weapons must be viewed as a breech and a muzzle, guiding the opposite end of the barrel into the light. The chamber is inspected breech. When the barrel is inspected with a muzzle, into the receiver need to put a piece of white paper, and the position of the trunk to give to the light reflected from the white Read more [...]
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The ethics of hunting for traction

Male or female?Photo: Rep Jury For a long time it was believed that if a hunter drawn swooped couple woodcocks, it is best to refrain from firing, in an extreme case, you vytselivat second bird, since it is a male. So we do recommend VE German, VF Ryabov, GE Rachmaninoff, and with them all hunting aids 50–80s. They were very correct advice: better to be safe than to make a mistake and kill the female.In fact, by no means always a pair of flying woodcocks – is male and female. Most often there are two males, and this flight – only aggressive pursuit of one another. Read more [...]
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To choose between the ATV and UTV

The first step in choosing a new ATV - is the choice of the category to which he belongs. Do not let the process take its course and do not let the consultants in the shops tempt you to believe you need them, decide beforehand.Photo: Sergei had made with Utility ATVsUtility machines are designed not only for fun, but for work. They help you cope with the transport of cargo, perform work in the garden or farm, and dovezut right equipment to the tent camp.Utility ATVs are different from sports stiffer suspension, a full underbody protection, cargo frames, towing hooks and four-stroke Read more [...]
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Once again about monsters

Keep in mind that hunting through our huge hands held a unique zoological material. Each animal is unique! Perhaps after you extracted animal or bird in nature will not be the same the other! Our fleeting time gives us more and more amazing «discoveries». One well-known magazine has written about capercaillie weighing 8 kg 100 g How to treat a sensational publication? Especially that the journal was written earlier about the hunter who shot wood pigeon, then ringdove (and this is one kind of — Columba palumbus).But one thing — the simple story of the hunter, and quite another Read more [...]
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External ballistics

Factories, giving the characteristic of their patrons, usually indicate no initial velocity, and is obtained by measuring average speed and carry it to the middle distance. So, in the characteristic is specified speed 5, 10 and 12.5 m. Blum and Shishkin give an interesting table for converting speed of 10 m from the muzzle to the initial rate.The projectile is shot while driving on the bore, as shown by X-ray, compacted and shortened by 10-12%. In addition, each pellet, except for the head of a number of pellets, pressed into the gap (groove) between the two or three overlying spent grain and tends Read more [...]
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Winter travel on ATV: to be or not to be?

As any owner of the ATV, you want the car has served you faithfully for many years, right? And with the advent of winter, before you face a choice: put the car for storage or continue to ride in the cold.Whichever way you choose, there are several procedures that will save the health of your ATV even in the most severe frost.Let's say you have decided that during the winter months too bored on the road, and ventured to conquer the snowy expanses. Before leaving be sure to check the coolant level in the radiator, so that the fluid has not turned into a huge block of ice. A cold damp winter air can Read more [...]
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Fluent shooting blanks on false targets

That's how I would describe the article V.L.Bodunkova "Do not mislead."Back to article «Do not mislead».The author is so carried away by criticizing (as show further psevdokritikoy), which had completely forgotten about the facts. I'm not talking about the technical errors, although the two in the first sentence – «AramilЁva» and instead Aramileva «you write» instead wrote – a sure indicator of the thoroughness.V.L.Bodunkov writes that in 1996, the then chairman of POPC A.A.Ulitin, bringing it into line with the Charter of the requirements of the Read more [...]
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Polaris and the new model Side-by-Side — Ranger RZR 570

When a few weeks ago, the company introduced a new line of Polaris ATVs, we saw it as a new model of Ranger Crew Diesel, more powerful model Sportsman XP 850 and some improvements in other machines. However, we did not expect that this is not all. We were not prepared for the fact that Polaris will launch another new model series RZR - Ranger RZR 570, despite the fact that this new model line was replenished every season since 2008.The new model is very similar to the very first RZR, in particular, they have the same width to 50 inches, which is great for traveling on dedicated tracks. Features Read more [...]
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In anticipation of the opening

When you set the length of spring hunting in ten days, likely to be in favor of it in the period of mass migration of birds we have a little bit. If in the past year, in my mind, the opening would have to be moved to a week or two later, but this is the opposite. I can not understand why you can not adjust the timing of the actual situation (in other words – Looking out the window), and not to take the absurd attempts, based on long-term projections, opinions and advice of various predictors ignorant assistants? It's okay if the amendment will be introduced in a few days Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).