Red Beast on the white snow

I know, I know: the red beast in Siberia and other northern fishing areas known as sable. Well, in Siberia! And we have no sable, but Fox is enough. And for me this wonderful animal production is always a happy event.11 species of the genus includes foxes (Vulpes). The most common member of the genus — ordinary fox. To my great regret, I went to Past great hunting a fox approach — exciting experience when, showing the wonders of caution, restraint and patience, Hunter was selected on thirty–40 meters to the sleeping on open Read more [...]
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Hunting for grouse current

Spring grouse tokovanie - an exciting action. It affects hunter bright colors, sounds, smells unique awakening from a long winter torpor of nature. It is for these reasons that spring hunting for grouse current time immemorial been considered one of the most beautiful traditional Russian hunting.Photo: Vladimir Motkova Grouse – bird chick family. The bird is so well known that people know about it is very far from the hunt. Many of us who visited early April morning in a village bordering birch or mixed forest, heard chuffykane and melodious murmur grouse displaying males. Read more [...]
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Interview with Vladimir E. Flint

March 14 prominent Russian zoologist, doctor of biological sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences VE Flint would have turned 90 yearsTen years ago, on the eve of the 80th anniversary of a scientist, I was lucky enough to interview him, which was published in the March issue «HORN» 2004. The interview was devoted to spring hunting and attacks on its opponents of hunting.Vladimir E. seriously ill, and a few days later he was gone. I think his opinion today is relevant not only for all hunters Russia, but also for those scientists and hunters, are in favor of closing Read more [...]
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Lethal match

The contact person fight with a bear at the person very little chance of not only winning, but also for survival. Drama, a case recently told a colleague at work suggests that in people with a combination of two qualities - self-control and luck he can emerge victorious in mortal combat. Before you tell us about the vicissitudes of a dramatic episode I consider it necessary to tell a little history. Photos from the archives of Peter Zverev Sometimes a man by his appearance and behavior can immediately draw conclusions, learn character set hobbies are more likely to determine what Read more [...]
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At Drake

In the spring sun gently warms. Throughout slowly seething streams of meltwater. On dark roads thawed waddling wander important rooks. In the fields, on the slopes, in the full sun darken thawed, and the top bottled nightingale warbling steppe - a lark.The most popular and exciting hunting with a decoy duck – the old way of hunting is used for more than two hundred years. And, of course, the main thing in this hunt – good decoy duck drakes beckon enlistment grunt. From years of practice and hunting literature, it is well known that it is best to go to a gentlemen feathered ducks with Read more [...]
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Hunting, which was not

Serge Ogorodnikov — he is «Garden», Solid, square, seven on eight on eight Seven muzhichina, size and power skidder in the late seventies he built this cabin.Dragged thirty kilometers, four pass and five keys welded iron stove, two axes, two-handed saw, dishes — all that is needed to Ussuri taiga normal industrialist. Cabin get the standard three to four meters without the porch, as it It happened to the warmth of the Far East.   Today, the distance from the hut to the the nearest forest road was reduced to seven Read more [...]
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On the capercaillie currents

Prishvinskaya spring in the midst of light and full sweeping the Russian expanses. That is about to begin and the present calendar spring.Photo: Mikhail Semin SONG MoshnikovThe thoughts of many hunters, especially the young, awakened a powerful desire to visit the capercaillie current and obtain the coveted fairy forest and epic singer Moshnikov. The song he is well known to many hunters. It consists of two tribes. Often called the first leg clacking, but, in my opinion, it's more like a clatter. The first knee like icicles in the cold break – klats and without clicking. Read more [...]
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How will fly first woodcock?

"And it will fly at all?" - Think hunters are often wrong in choosing the place to draft. Photo: Rep Jury «Do not raid the first, second raid». – think of good sporting dog owners, for which the effective time of the shot is not important. The dog will find not only a purely broken woodcocks, but catch a wounded animal, even in total darkness.But for hunters who do not have dogs, and over the years, visual acuity decreases, especially the twilight, the time of production of the first woodcock is crucial, because often the first woodcock swooped still light, and Read more [...]
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Two episodes a hunt in Belarus

Which turned out to be a good evening! In Moscow, pouring in buckets, rain, then increases, the transitions in the drizzle, escorted us to the Smolensk. In Belarus, we entered a dense fog, in heavy clouds curtained the sky. The weather is also not encouraging.However, now that we have a little catch up on sleep after a long journey, have come to the hunt, there was no rain in sight, the grass was completely dry, and the wind, though persistent, was warm and summery tender.The breeze was very helpful. This wind was, as they say, «our». He blew steadily in the very right direction – Read more [...]
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Do not be left without a trophy

The assertion that hunting thing - the nature, the absolute truth for most hunters ... if the game bag the coveted trophy. And that would not say after the unfortunate slip of the arrow in the shower each worried that the fraction is not met with the game. Spring hunting has its own specifics, here in the first place gets knowledge of the habits and habitats of wild game, the ability to disguise themselves, using decoy, properly fitted and shotgun cartridges for a particular hunt, and, of course, need to be with a gun «no misters».In ascribed hunting grounds of central areas, where Read more [...]
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In the kingdom of Tiger

The skin of the local tiger, forced to endure the harsh winter, the wool has a much longer and more dense than its Indian counterparts. The price for tiger skins lately exalted, and now a good skin can not get cheaper than 30, 40 and even 50 silver rubles.GOLD AND huntingIf the Ussuri basin is a combination of northern species of vegetation with the South, not least the diversity seen in it in relation to animal species.First of all I must say that the river Ussuri fishes so plentiful that if I started to tell different cases, all the readers would take my word for fiction. Who is easy to believe Read more [...]
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Meeting on spring hunting in the Moscow region

March 13 Mosoblohotupravlenii held a meeting dedicated to the spring hunting periods in the Moscow region. Meeting was chaired by the head of the DD Vachug. He reminded the audience that, in accordance with the approved parameters of the governor hunting, spring hunting in the Moscow region should open the third Saturday of April, that is, 19.04. The meeting convened by the users of hunting grounds that due to the early and warm spring and rapid snow melting offered to open the hunt earlier deadlines.The meeting was attended by representatives of major users of hunting grounds Podmoskovya- MOOiR, Read more [...]
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Wild turkey

The end of the '80s. I returned to regular field work in Central Research Laboratory. The usual procedure - surrender travel documents to the personnel department. Coming out of the building that housed our group immobilization, I went to the office. Slowly cross the square in front of the administration building and hear unusual sounds ...Weigh 12 kilograms large specimens of wild male turkey, female is much easier and weigh half as much.Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev Behind the main building in the woods are the main territory of the department dicherazvedeniya Read more [...]
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Hunter, an ornithologist, a war veteran

Editor's note: the name of Alexey Sergeyevich Malczewski familiar to birdwatchers. His book "Ornithological excursions", "Birds in front of a microphone and a camera", "Birds of the Leningrad region and adjacent territories" is well known to ornithologists and amateur naturalist. But few people know that he was also a sensible, regular hunter. Photo Shutter button Spring 1941. In the park I saw Forestry Academy as a high school student in our school pretty Tania Tretyakov wrote something on the ground under a huge maple tree. When she left, I lifted the carpet of old leaves and Read more [...]
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After waiting for the announcement of the order on the opening of the spring hunting, and get a coveted ticket to Neftegorsk hunting, all my family: me, my mother and Spaniel Timka, began to collect everything necessary. Photo: Mikhail Semin Since the street was still a lot of snow, and faced a night stay in the car, my mother got out of the chest of drawers us more blankets, sweaters and other warm clothes. I tried my old camouflage suit «Fagot». Separately, in a duffel bag folded cartridges and semolina. Brought from the garage folding tent. And, of course, I took Read more [...]
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Wolf howling …

Kaur Galёrka horse trotted on the barely visible trail sled, twitching ears and snorting. Dark red color face, stomach and legs silvered. In weightless frost spangles it was also up this red-red fringe, mane and tail of a horse - a good disguise for a horse, carrying hunters.Wild ungulates our forests while almost It was — Bar translated deer, elk… The need to produce food for their hungry brood and did wolves and enterprising tricky. In light sledge with carved back and with willow Postelnikov two of us. I I picked today a Read more [...]
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About wood grouse and capercaillie

Snow melts and as flowers bloom article about the most popular types of spring hunting. What could be more tempting for the urban hunter than hunting for capercaillie current? It combines everything: the tale as only a fantasy, it seems, can have such a huge image of ancient birds; and a feeling of spring, when you listen to the song of the awakening of the forest; and excitement, plus an excerpt at the approach to a wood-grouse; hunting and happiness of beauty, strength and severity of the bird in his hands.Photo: Mikhail Semin Under existing rules capercaillie spring shoot only Read more [...]
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The Forgotten Expedition

I will never forget that one day your humble servant, who accompanied two customers from Germany, came out on the Gulf Shelting, where he was expected from Magadan chartered boat. The Germans went to Russia for bearskins, but main memory for them will be a picnic on the extreme the shore of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Gray inhospitable sea katilo gray oily waves in waves billowing bluish ice broken, lost in the horizon Crude gray haze.I took Snaslazhdeniem shoulders the heavy backpack, which were two skins medium size Read more [...]
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To live with wolves — wolf howl at

The order was amended document, which states: from March 17 to terminate the service contract, and dismissed the state hunting inspector Dovydenko AT due to circumstances beyond the control of the parties. Reason - Dmitrov city court verdict, but ... The sentence came into force, as amended by the Moscow Regional Court on ... There is reason to believe that the order will be appealed ...Any sane major leader understands the importance of reputation for the organization, which develops gradually, grains. One of the sides  reputation - relationship with their subordinates. Good boss who decides Read more [...]
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Tula contests decoy ducks

In Tula, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Tula region, the Committee on hunting and fishing, Tula Region, the Administration of the Proletarian District of Tula Inter-regional competition decoy ducks.Photo: Vladimir Motkova Organizers of competitions: trooz «Hunting and Fishing», INGO «Company birdwatchers them. AS Batasheva», INGO «Club Russian decoy».As part of the competition will be held an exhibition of ancient Russian poultry breeds: Tula fighting and Kholmogory geese, Orel, Pavlovsk and Yurlovsky breeds of chickens, Read more [...]
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