Reflections lover of hunting weapons

Weapons I have always loved and wanted to have it, but to come close to the implementation of his desire I could not so long ago, but for a short period of my serious study of hunting weapons, ownership and repair some of its accumulated experience and reflection that solicit on paper.Shotgun Matzke. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Not to say that in buying my first shotgun I came totally unprepared, so to speak, on the same enthusiasm. I read a few books on hunting weapons, and with all sorts of mechanisms I «you» childhood, a good engineer and a mechanic. Creatively comprehended Read more [...]
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The keys to a hero

Why ATV BRP Can-Am Outlander 1000 X-MR kvadrotusovke received the nickname of "bloke", is quite clear: the abbreviation in the name of the ultimate let down. Although the search for meaning of the letter X does not make sense. But M is mud - mud. The Litter R encrypted race - race. So Overseas reduction in general fully reflect the nature of the ATV.Outlander X-MR is hardly transport for trophy hunters. AT This ATV is still more sportnivnosti than utilitarian. But on Russian-language interpretation of the name does not you say. If you look at Ozhegova Dictionary, Read more [...]
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Banding birds

Since 1994, the ringing of woodcock in Russia are engaged in two independent research groupsPhoto: Petr Zverev Banding birds, including hunting species is widespread in Europe. Thanks to ringing, clarify many previously hidden aspects lifestyle birds territorial connection, attachment breeding sites and wintering areas and migration routes, flight speed, and causes of death much more.The originality of the works is ringing that, gathering scientific information about hunting species of birds not involved only researchers Read more [...]
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FISHING FEATURES      Goldfish prefers standing waters and rivers with low or medium current and sparse aquatic vegetation. Heavily overgrown goldfish pond areas, unlike gold, tries to avoid. For the active growth it needs some room. Power for him are algae and organisms living on the bottom.     On the growth and condition of carp significantly affect the general conditions and food supply reservoir. In places where the food is not enough, even adults do not grow larger carp palms. However, where the pond is strongly saturated with organic matter, often come across instances of up to 1.5 Read more [...]
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In Yakutia mass poaching

In recent years, poaching in Yakutia began to acquire a mass character. People had money, and that, accordingly, affected the purchase of high permeability machinery, modern equipment, weapons and clothing. Armed to the teeth, yakutians often not satisfied with the hunting and shooting of a real wild animals.To the Editor of news agency SakhaNews asked deputy head of operational inspections of state environmental control of the Western Group and Vilyuiskaya uluses Ministry of Nature Protection of Sakha (Yakutia) Carl Herter. He provided documents edition and very interesting video footage, which Read more [...]
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Once again about the ethics of the hunter

Apparently, it is about the ethics of the relationship between man and nature to be constantly reminded as often as possible. Perhaps to some psevdolyubiteley environment «reach» Although the basic principle of its conservation – «do no harm!».Anatoly Kleptsov in number 11 «HORN» once again pointed out our lack of culture and zealous unwillingness to learn the globally accepted standards of proper behavior in the wild, and so that there is less and less thanks to our frank rudeness in relation to the resources of the planet.I started to go on the hunt since Read more [...]
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At the request of the prosecutor’s office of Moscow region approved the list of professions, occupations which give the right to purchase a hunting firearms with a rifled barrel

The prosecutor's office of Moscow region audited compliance with the requirements of Art. 13 of the Federal Law of 13.12.1996 № 150-FZ «On Weapons» in terms of the adoption of the executive authorities of the Moscow region regulations, establishing a list of professions, occupations which give the right to purchase a hunting firearms with a rifled barrel.In accordance with the amended Federal Law «On Weapons» changes in the executive authorities of the Russian Federation should establish a list of professions, occupations which give the right to purchase a hunting firearms Read more [...]
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Since December in Moscow, hunting began to issue tickets on the new schedule

On December 1 of this year, operates a new timetable for issuing a hunting license. Recall: hunters, registered in Moscow, with the July 1, 2011 get tickets for a single sample in the federal departments of Environmental Control Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Moscow.The validity of the old hunting permit extended for a year in connection with the adoption of the Federal Law of June 14, 2011 № 137-FZ «On Amendments to the Forest Code and Article 71 of the Federal Law «On hunting and hunting on the conservation of resources and on Amendments to Certain Read more [...]
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These ducks with the beautiful name mergansers I remember from childhood. In spring and late fall, they flew over the water along our Siberian mountain river Usa. In the spring they flew up the river into the forest, and in the autumn flew downstream in small flocks, like arrows, and even shots of him did not violate their slender flight. The rapid, quick flight, strong muscles, streamlined shape allows birds to move away from the shots without poter.Mne liked these beautiful large duck, and I wanted to see them in their habitat. One hunter Promyslovik told that met our thresholds for mergansers Read more [...]
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Belarus will develop captive pheasant hunt

The Kopyl district, Minsk region of Belarus will be a new kind of hunting - pheasant, BelTA learned from the FME "Kapyl Forestry", Hunting grounds in the territory of which the project will be implemented. According to the chief forester forestry Vladimir Kopyl cornflowers, at the beginning of the project to hunt for common pheasant it was purchased 200 of these birds in one of the private enterprises Volozhin district. "Acquired breeding stock with the expectation that the birds bring offspring. By the end of this year, the other organization will purchase at least another 200 pheasants"- Read more [...]
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Crabs in the Volga

An indirect confirmation "... And we - children without sorrow     Among caring merchants     We only expect oysters     From the shores of Constantinople ... "     AS Pushkin      "Eugene Onegin".          Do not accidentally chosen the motto Pushkin's lines. It was also once the flats on the Black Sea colonies of oysters, the famous and beloved by the ancient Greeks and Romans.      And who but historians of zoology, is able to recall this mollusk, "Constantinople delicacy", sung by Pushkin, and eat the while he was serving in the Office of the Odessa Read more [...]
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In Kabardino-Balkaria, the number of wolves goes Regulation

One of the most serious issues in the field of hunting and conservation of hunting resources in the CBD today is to regulate the number of wolves that threaten agricultural and domestic animals. Wolves cause great damage to agricultural flocks, farmers and wild ungulates, especially during the appearance of offspring. The number of wolves is reduced too slowly, despite the fact that conducts continuous shooting. In 2014, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the CBD for biotechnical activities in public hunting areas acquired five tons of salt and thousands of doses of poison to deal with predatory Read more [...]
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In the Kursk region approved the parameters of hunting, introduced major changes

In the Kursk region hunters forbidden to produce more than one rabbit, three waterfowl and marsh or field five birds per day. Completely banned hunting wild boar in areas where quarantine is set for African swine fever, and the shooting squirrels, ermine, weasel, ground squirrels, muskrats and water voles. As REGNUM was informed in the press service of the regional administration, the corresponding decree was signed by Governor Alexander Mikhailov.Also, the document prohibits the unauthorized removal of dead animals and moving from the field of detection, amateur and sport hunting of wild ungulates Read more [...]
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On Sakhalin detained Head of fishing control

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Court granted the petition of the Sakhalin interdistrict prosecutor Yuri HSCHENOVICHA elected to a suspect in the crime under Part 1 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code, the chief of department Korsakov fishing control and hunting supervision of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Sakhalin Region Sergey Bogachev measure of restraint in the form of detention, the press service of the Prosecutor of the Sakhalin area.     Earlier Sakhalin district prosecutor's office in relation to Bogachev was a criminal case, he was detained on suspicion of committing a crime directed against Read more [...]
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In the Tambov region begins the season of hunting for fur animals

Autumn and winter hunting season in the Tambov region begins November 1st. Until the end of January in the Tambov region hunting for hare, hare, fox, marten and other fur-bearing species.As the head of the protection, control and regulate the use of wildlife Region Alexander Kireev, hunting will be open in all hunting grounds, except reserves, green spaces and areas of reproduction. The list of areas where hunting is limited, can be found at oblohotupravleniya or get advice in the areas hunters. He also noted that the region has set the standards of production hare – no more than one animal Read more [...]
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The fox-fox: I see, but how do you take?

In the already distant childhood, listening to my mother's tales and stories of my father, I had some idea of ​​Lieske-Lariska.Currently represents its red-preryzhey, beautiful, with a bushy tail and very, very tricky. And she stole chickens, not afraid of dogs and people. It was a great liar. Growing up and spending time on winter hunts with his father, amazed that we have not met a fox. Before the Volga, our field has changed beyond recognition reclamation, the father was hunting with friends  without any tricks. Fox, although at the time her skin had a good price, they preferred the Read more [...]
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The problem of poaching were discussed at the round table in Yakutsk

According to the head of the Department of hunting Nikolai Smetanin in ulus centers currently operate 35 representatives of agencies in 29 encampments permission to hunt, you can get into a multifunctional center. It is believed that one hunt inspectors in the ulus center can not cope with the issue of hunting permits, especially in the production of hunting resources in the spring and fall season. Many argue that hunters living in nasleg not have the opportunity to drive for such a document. Often this is due to bad roads, high cost of taxi services. Thus, there are cases of poaching.In the first Read more [...]
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In Khabarovsk Krai hunter shot it attacked the Amur tiger

Young male Siberian tiger was shot dead on October 31 hunter in the Khabarovsk Territory. The man was biting wounds of hands and feet, the investigation will restore the full picture of what happened, told Tass in the Primorye branch of the Center "Amur tiger"."Prior to conducting a full investigation, it is premature to talk about who is to blame for what happened. So while it is not necessary "hang tags". As we know, the tiger is almost never without a reason not to attack people. There have been cases of people going to shoot a tiger with a view to production and after Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

The final week of the month again full of sediments, as well as the whole of October - an abnormally rainyAnd if you follow the signs, that “on dry land the snow stays”, Now the winter to come at once, with frosts, during which, however, hard to believe. However, a permanent excess of water and frequent rains, accompanied by relatively warm weather, generally beneficial effect on the behavior of fish in most water bodies, which do not fit a lot of dirt. If the level rises and in a not very cold water, many fish started to move to wintering areas, spill out, piled up the coast, which Read more [...]
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In the Omsk region wounded two hunters for hares

In the Omsk region 1 November saw a hunting accident in Tyukalinsk and Cherlaksky areas. Two hunters shot wounded, but now their life is not in danger, said on November 2 in the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Omsk region.The first case occurred three kilometers from the village Laptev Tyukalinsky District. The police from the hospital, it was reported that to the front desk asked 62-year-old Omich with a wound in the face. Police previously found that a man with four friends hunted hares. From the story of the victim, it follows that his friend shot in the direction Read more [...]
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