Backplate - a pad covering the butt end. I draw your attention to the fact that the gun is not always and not necessarily equipped with the butt pad, shock absorber. Many expensive guns recoil pad is made of fine wood or performed with the butt and a notch on the butt end. But we're talking to you about serial guns, which backplate is necessarily present. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova On the serial Soviet guns recoil pad was made of rubber, so to speak of its cushioning properties can hardly be nevertheless certain advantages from such a backplate to modern rubber butt Russian (and not Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Over the past two decades, when in the middle lane became apparent climate change, I had to get used to the fact that in November - it's not winterSo last week the first zazimok with strong snowfalls and frosts almost inspired hope for an early arrival of cold weather and an early freeze-up in most bodies of water. However, ice fishing, on Saturday started on some small ponds in the capital region, on Saturday and ended with the arrival of the next wave of warming, which brought with them long rains. And the next day, the fishermen had to deal with a difficult task of choosing a location for fishing Read more [...]
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How long must have trunks?

In recent years, many hunters, buying new models of weapons, acquire guns with barrels (forgive me this arbitrary comparison!), Is more like breeches or shorts instead of pants classic length. More and more of the world's largest arms manufacturers produce hunting rifles with short barrels. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova And it's not even a gun in the classic sense, as a constructor «Do it yourself». The scope of the rifle must include interchangeable chokes, allows you to set the choke. Shooting a gun without a specific muzzle device is strictly forbidden.But recently, when Read more [...]
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Picker for autumn raptor

Part 3Bream fishing without bait Picker has no practical meaning, and with the bait – difficult… To practice, of course, no one is forbidden, but it's easier to use the feeder. Personal opinion about catching roach, bream and white bream similar. Carp, carp and carp are also two orders of magnitude more rapidly detect bird feeder feeder ... But the cases of fishing are different. For example, once the last two warm autumn day stepped biting carp in the river Oskol. Karas reason pecked four days for any bait and also to a sudden stop overeating, absolutely refused to bite. Anglers caught Read more [...]
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The gun for hunting with a gun

Classical hunting with a gun is usually divided into the swamp, field and meadow. I believe that most experienced legashatnikov agree with me that from the point of view of the shooting, you can further narrow the scope of the conversation, conventionally combining the first two types of hunting, that is considered a hunt in the open (marsh, field) and closed (forest) area.Photo: Mikhail Semin However, based primarily on the difficulty of firing, I would venture to highlight two types of game: snipe and woodcock in the swamp in the forest, especially since no gun dog hunting them Read more [...]
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«Boxed» shotgun

In one of the first to read my magazines read that preferred rifles with twin barrels vertical. They and the wider field of view, and overturning moment of return less, and best of all our IL-27. Nothing about guns, it was decided to take it and said this to my father, who went shopping. I was not yet 18 years old, and designed it to him myself. Imagine my surprise when opening the box, I saw a gun that did not vertikalka and gorizontalki.Photo: Vladimir Motkova – A IL-27 was not? – I asked drooping voice– it «single-piece» IL-43 rifle, and is cheaper.The Read more [...]
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About flair hounds

Yesterday called gonchatnik of the Krasnodar Territory and reproached that I have not answered, how to select chutistyh vyzhlyat, in his article in the "horn» № 29 "Hounds. Who is to blame and what to do?"It's true. But, apparently, not in the scope of the article instead of my proposal for an amendment to the assessment rules flair testing hounds. Excuse me «HORN».Let's start with reproach. Tackling chutistyh vyzhlyat – this is not my invention. Before the war, the famous canine VV de Conor taught me that. Confirmed: the method is correct. That is its essence: it is necessary Read more [...]
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My gun

Usually, hunters shoot their guns, they bought in stores, and only a handful of made-to-order. It can be argued that most of the hunters have no idea what a bed and handiness as one would shoot if they had a gun with the lodge. If such an option as the length of the box can be changed, the lateral bending can be corrected only produce a new box. It has long been known that shooting guns, and the bed falls. This indisputable truth, I was 30 years old.Hunt doing more than half a century. Hunt began in 1952 with a single-barrel gun, the majority of hunters at the time. After that I have at different Read more [...]
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Kivkovaya rod in haste

Pre-winter - it's time to transitionIt so happens that on a spinning fish bite does not want to, but for winter fishing tackle – Ice has not stood up. In such circumstances, can gain a symbiosis spinning and jig ...We have one in the region kanavoobraznaya rivulet with steep banks and heavily zakoryazhennaya. Perch is near the beach and perfectly responds to mikrodzhig. Spinning wiring in places such close range, casting - ten meters at an acute angle to the shore, and the jig playing like a jig, dragging through the intricacies of driftwood. It is often necessary to catch just vertically. Read more [...]
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With zakonom- «navigator» to «dark forest»

Always with interest I read the publication in which the authors try to understand the intricacies of the current legislation of modern Russia. After reading the content of laws and regulations, many somehow begin to express them in their own way, or "in my opinion." In my opinion, the laws and regulations better quote, thus allowing readers to understand themselves from meaning. But dear Albert Gorbachev prefers to cite documents and transfer them to the content in your own words, can therefore be legal norms and to provide it «dark forest»?The author assures us: «According to Read more [...]
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Pike pervoledya

Pervoledya period of time can be considered an active fishing of predators on winter gear types. I, for one, is very attractive catch walleye.Photo: Anatoly Mailkov Pervoledya period of time can be considered an active fishing of predators on winter gear types. I, for one, is very attractive catch walleye.Zander – fish schooling in the period pervoledya these swarms are moving at a much larger area than gluhozime fish actively powered, although still adheres to its usual sections, ie, brovok deep near the mouths of tributaries. We are with a friend at this time of the year Read more [...]
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Winter hunting for wells

Hunting for grouse in winter in pits or, as they say, to the wells is one of the most beautiful and exciting. Unfortunately, the hunt is now almost forgotten, and because it is a native Russian hunting, described in "Calendar hunter", compiled by the great Russian hunters LP Sabaneeevym.The reasons for this are as follows. First of all, in order to successfully winter hunt grouse, it is necessary to hunt in an area inhabited by a flock of at least 30–40 heads, and as the number of black grouse has shrunk dramatically, then this place is not to be found anywhere. In addition, hunting wells Read more [...]
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Culture hunting eyes «right» hunters

Today, thanks to a small "layer" of hunters gathered in prestigious clubs, carefully moving the "right" view of the culture and ethics of hunting. What we can agree, but that is clearly beyond reasonable understanding for «average» Hunter may help «recommendations», Heard and recorded by the author in this article.Long gone are the days when a hunter dressed considered by «hunting»If I had the chance to get something from the senior officers of the army uniform and desirable flight, composition.Today, there are no problems, it offers a lot, but Read more [...]
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Mediterranean Adventures

We picked up and opened the second drawer, there was not a single fish, but the choice swarmed crabs, ten pieces, this time with all local, Mediterranean ...Photo: Michael Goldreer It has been exactly two years since October 2008, and I am back in Israel… Coincidentally, these days fell trip. Again, like last time, my main shelter – yacht friends in Ashdod, on the Mediterranean Sea, in an artificial cove-marina local yacht club.This time I'm the owner of the yacht, a big fan of fishing and spearfishing, certainly determined to go fishing together in the open sea, which Read more [...]
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Path Accounting

The idea of ​​monitoring the birds in the air for a long time, and it really was necessary, especially in a country as large as oursPhoto: Vladimir Simachev AT 2006 our country has become monitored meadow-field birds. In many European countries it is carried out the end of 70 s, and involved in this program about twenty countries.«Russian Bird Conservation Union» and previously conducted surveys corncrake, participates every year in International Birdwatching and other programs. Conducted surveys of cranes, storks, Read more [...]
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Flags on ice

In normal adjustment even when light instantly check acumen "shoots" upPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov This winter at once and take seriously the situation of her job – paved surface of large lakes, reservoirs and rivers reliable ice dais on which you can safely move in any direction.[mkref = 1124]Especially important for good ice hunters predators, as they have «handle» huge water area in search «dining» toothy fanged or striped, which is markedly different from the tactics leschatnikov-poplavochnikov, waiting for their fish lured to the wells.For the production Read more [...]
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For versatile retriever

The selection and breeding retrievers based on the results of tests on the hunt or a live game will inevitably raise the question of the severity of smellBehind we love to hunt and hunting dogs all that it is connected? Many generations of people are trying to answer this question, but the great mystery of the passion of hunting hunting with hunting dogs still It remains unsolved.That's I want to continue talking about hunting with setter and and other sporting dog invite it those who hunt with Labradors and Retriever Read more [...]
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It is worth the little things

Recently, the European part of Russia there are many private game farms engaged in animal breeding and commercial hunting. The main object of hunting in these farms tend to be a wild boar, and shooting is done from the towers.It would seem that could be easier than shooting from a stationary platform. But there are some nuances. The practice of hunting with towers have long been common in Western Europe, where the hunting area and dicherazvedenie are on a completely different level than in our country.Until recently, hunting towers was the lot of those in power, to shoot prey on forage-lit areas. Read more [...]
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Burbot trail — Myth or Reality?

It should be a time to see with their own eyes, and all doubts disappearPhoto: Ivan Semyonov The existence of so-called burbot trails supported by many publications and the opinions of fishermen. But in any case there is nothing better than a personal experience. No wonder they say: «Better to see once than hear a hundred times». I, frankly, in the practice of catching burbot never seen confirmation of the existence of this very trail. Catching burbot are many: and in the autumn, winter and spring. In open water, and all sorts of Donkey postavushkami winter – Read more [...]
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Terms of hunting in tsarist times

Talking about the hunt in czarist times, I want to focus on the features related to the timing, methods and ethics of hunting of our ancestors. Photos from the archives of the publisher. Royal Hunt in the bedrooms. 1894 In front of me — «Regulations on hunting» 1895. They include the production of hunting hunting on registered accounts, but does not apply to certain provinces, which at that time was allowed free hunting. Among these provinces belonged Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Olonets (Karelia current), Perm, Vyatka, and Kostroma, as well as some districts of Kazan, Read more [...]
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