Astrakhan roach

Impressions amateurPhoto by the author Endowed by nature restless temperament, restless character, a surface judgment, moderate gambling life approaches involved in the distinct hunting and fishing and brodyazhnyh predilections, I dreamed from childhood of the fishing «El Dorado».Astrakhan, Lower Volga delta, sleeves, rumblings, heretics and ducts — Sweet Dreams filled with stories about the wonders of the soul fish and fish abundance of these places.While still in some degree a city dweller and suffer congenital dislike of monotony monotony of everyday life, Read more [...]
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It is a strange word «musket»

Russian people are talented artisans and highly susceptible to the achievements of other nationsButt squeaked Timothy Luchaninova (a collection of the Armory of the Moscow Kremlin). However, learning someone else, passing through the mind and the new heart, blind copy, and create their own, unique, what with Russian pride we call work, invention and Russian Russian style. Also with tongue — many directly borrowed terms, but there pereinachennye differently.Russian word «pischal», Which meant the oldest firearms Russia Read more [...]
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Hunting weapons Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm

The royal castle in Berlin and New Palace in Potsdam stored hunting guns Emperor Wilhelm II - 24 shotguns and 32 rifles. Those who believe in closets with a weapon can be found His Majesty's outstanding specimens are rich in highly artistic execution will be very disappointed - all the different weapons as simple decoration, but excellent performance and high precision fight. This shows that the emperor, the former an excellent marksman, equal to that in Germany were perhaps a few hunters in the choice of weapons believed the basis of its high accuracy and perfect function. Virtually the only decoration Read more [...]
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Pearl Fish

So you can call this strongly compressed laterally rapid and ubiquitous silvery fish. We are talking about bleakPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov The fact that almost a hundred years ago, the technology was developed to extract the pearl pigment of the fish scales required for the production of artificial pearls. Most of all, this substance contains, as it turned out, in the bleak scales, besides the schooling fish lives everywhere, especially its huge number inhabit the southern waters, which makes industrial fishing is very effective. At that time, the annual catch of bleak reached tens Read more [...]
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A vacation in the White Sea

I walked along the shore of the Gulf of Kandalaksha and pressed boots fucus - sea cucumbers. Plaintive bang they confirmed my every step. There was a piercing cold wind, screaming gulls nasal and from a nearby port came the sad and disturbing sounds of a storm warning. They were forbidden access to the sea around the small fleet. It was not the first day of my sad walk alone on the seashore waiting for good weather. To leave the area of ​​Grand Island has long been all ready, and only the fourth day weather tenaciously kept us in the seaside town. We - this is Vasya, Arkady and me. I came to Read more [...]
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His story, I dedicate my uncle Roman Makarovich Agapitova - hunters and fishermen.Photo by Dmitry Kashirina For a long time it was dark. I really want to sleep. But you can not sleep. We must endure. Struggling have to endure ... In the porch steps and heard a familiar cough. He came from the hunt, my uncle, Roman Kravchuk. His head thrown back, look at his smiling face.— Waiting for?— Yes.Uncle puts on the table their prey.— Tryapchik, — standing on tiptoe and looking fascinated I whisper.I was three years old, but I already know: at «tryapchika»That Read more [...]
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Specialty Spaniels

LIFE HUNTING IN RUSSIA Spaniel is relatively recent. I will not repeat here the well-known fact HISTORY OF THIS group of rocks in our country, just recall that, over time BIGGEST common among TRAVEL least once FOR HUNTING WITH Spaniel obtain standardized in 1951 BREED RUSSIAN Spaniel, mainly formed from the mixture of English Cocker English Springer Spaniel and.Field Spaniels quality emerged and began to form a very long time, the first mention of the use of these dogs to hunt game birds for pasture and small animals (rabbits) of crepe under the Falcon appeared in the Middle Ages. This allows me Read more [...]
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Deceptive freezing

Small lakes and ponds glazed covered Ledkov unexpectedly quicklyauthor photo On the rivers and reservoirs in the bays of the same – conditional pervolede. Conditional due to the fragility and unreliability of ice. Somewhere you can safely walk and even run on a transparent bottomless places but each step was followed by a crash. From beneath his feet he caved in and went, seemingly monolithic firmament.From this uhayuschego and bendable ice ran cold and the soul. Still not twenty years old when it was uneasy. Furthermore, not one behind cold bathing as beneath the ice and Read more [...]
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Nile Monitor

... Exit to the terrace of the hotel, and I can see the bottom of the continental shelf is enormous, and spotted "something" like a crocodile ...Near Mombasa (Kenya), on the shores of the Indian Ocean stretches reserve "Shimba Hills" where live roan antelope. I had the good fortune to be there. And now we are going first along the ocean and then the mountains and savannas, and by glimpses of wonderful views and landscapes. Entrance to the reserve "Shimba Hills" (Lion Mountain, once there was a lot of lions, but today, unfortunately, no). On a high hill begin to descend.But not for the trail or Read more [...]
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Bear Hunt

Dick Lazistan in nature; Mountains piled on one another and cut deep gorges with running along the bottom of a deep mountain streamsAfter a quarter of an hour of terrible goat track, we finally came to the almost vertical cliffs on which there was no visible sign of even a whatever path. Around the tower, rising one above the other, with bare rocks rocky placers lifeless at their feet. All this is bare and dead. Neither bird nor beast enliven these places. Somewhere between the stones breaks thin grass and thorns, and the vegetation appears only in streams and rivers. However, the thorns, called Read more [...]
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Do I have to pay in the reservoir?

At a meeting with the "controllers" have to be polite and correct, but interested powers such personPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov To the Editor «HORN» I received a question from the readers living in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region: Volkov VS, Bychkova S. Graftsova A., S. Klimanova a request to investigate the accuracy of the collection of money for fishing on the Ruza Reservoir, as well as to inform lyubiteley- anglers across the country through «HORN» - Whether to pay money for the tickets, when and where?The letter is very emotional, and if printed Read more [...]
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Russian Borzoi — the day after

Information portals of major American and British dog organizations contain large sections devoted to the health of dogsUnder the health implies not only and not so much to improve the quality of veterinary services. On the contrary, the information is primarily concerned with the breeding of healthy animals, which in turn will give a healthy offspring. We are talking about a healthy heredity and its most important aspect, — genetic diversity in the rocks.Judging by the publications of recent years, health problems of populations of purebred dogs come to the fore today. In many countries, Read more [...]
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The first ice

Nibble on micro-reservoirs lasts only a few days, so it should just watch. Klyazma floodplain is full of small lakes and oxbows. Some hundreds of meters in length and width such that it is not tossed spinning. And some of these lakes are tiny, just 30 to 30 photoKlyazma floodplain is full of small lakes and oxbows. Some hundreds of meters in length and width such that it is not tossed spinning. And some of these lakes are tiny, just 30 to 30 meters. But there comes a very special time, when these swamps can render good service to the fisherman. Time is - the most-the very first ice. Read more [...]
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Return of wood bison

April 6, 2006 in the capital of the Sakha Republic - Yakutsk landed transport aircraft IL-76, flew from Canada's 30 wood bison on board From that moment began the countdown time to restore the historical range of these ancient animals in their ancestral home.The ancestor of the bison is considered wild bull of the genus Leptobos. This Eurasian protobizon was from India, and from there spread to the north. In the lower Pleistocene primitive forms buffalo reached the north-western edge of Europe and widespread in Siberia. From Siberia, the eastern population of primitive bison penetrated Berengiysky Read more [...]
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The properties of the ice and security

Ideal picture freezing ice thickness greatly changes the existing snow cover on itauthor photo For fishermen, winter roads, onto the ice of different type reservoirs, just need to know and understand what conditions the evolution of ice cover determine the safety or the impossibility of finding it. Thus the main characteristic of the ice will be its strength, which is a quantity of volatile, strongly dependent on the type and structure of ice, its thickness and the temperature.Often, the beginning of winter with frequent thaws accompanied by precipitation in the form of rain or Read more [...]
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On a groan

Hunting success. All three produced by Polish wood grouse and black grouse, and Bogdan, a team leader, shot a couple kryakovyh and drakes drake Garganey, dressed in bright spring holiday costumes. In Poland, he has his own taxidermy workshop, and he was very pleased, received so many wonderful trophies.On the last night we gathered around the table, the main decoration of which was roast capercaillie, skillfully cooked director wife, Larissa.Excitement Poles put on the table a few bottles of "Vyborova" packaging "Budweiser", we - "bison" and "pepper vodka," and soon the table was noisy and fun. Read more [...]
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As he was killed Shaitan, or the legend of the «evil spirit»

Many hunters, especially bibliophiles know about Jim Corbett and his book "Kumaon cannibals." This British Irish had shot 12 tigers and leopards-eater, which, according to rough estimates, ate one and a half thousand men ... This happened in Northeast India when the British ruled.Where less known hunting man-eating tigers Russian officer Nicholas Apollonovich Baykova. Location - Manzhouli, the beginning of the twentieth century. No doubt there were other intrepid hunters who managed to outwit and produce man-eating predators. The local population of their adored, revered as a hero, a legend about Read more [...]
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Winter Feeder

Part IIauthor photoOn the feeder, ie a special trough with bottom gear to fish can be successfully not only in spring, summer and autumn, and winter. In this article, we will continue the story of the feeder and will talk about bait, nozzles and the characteristics of catching fish species.Complementary feedingWhen fishing in the winter I use for bait feeder trough plant. In its composition it includes 25-30% of boiled wheat, 25-30% breadcrumbs and 30% of the winter or leschovoy plotvinoy bait. Bait selection of shops can be for everybody. Most importantly, these ingredients were very fresh. When Read more [...]
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Ghost Nowotny

My friend, knowing that I was going to Austria, asked to inquire about the gunsmith Mathias Nowotny Vienna.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova It would be easy: my route ran from Vienna Eisenstadt, which took place at the European Championship dulnozaryadnogo shooting weapons, among the participants-shooters always have the original collectors (our antique), weapons — somehow, I thought, but the information will appear.In contrast to Russia, European shoot from antique weapons do not forbidden, and people thoroughly studying its history. Even photos Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

This year, not early arrival of winter, but not the most recentauthor photo Last week at the Capital Region piled so hard frosts that had the three days to have cooled the eve of the reservoirs once covered with reliable ice. By the weekend, its thickness in some places reached twenty centimeters. Thus, many bodies of water almost immediately passed pervoledya period, when the time of formation of ice is much stretched and occurs in several stages of cold spells and subsequent warming. This fish does not undergo such a contrast to thermal stress, as it happened now, and so is very Read more [...]
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