Survival in the wild nature. The survival encyclopedia in extreme situations - Part 95

Semi-automatic for the people

Once the Soviet hunters expected from the domestic arms industry Gas operated poluavtomat.V debate on this subject has been broken a lot of copies.MC 22-12 rifle equipped with a tubular magazine. Such a solution has become the standard for smooth-bore semi-automatic hunting rifles. Tula gunsmiths as trendsetters, explained the reason for his reluctance to make this type of lack of the necessary gunpowder weapons and porohodely generally silent. The deadline was appointed powder «Falcon» and, as time has shown, totally undeserved. In fact, our gunsmiths have to say a Read more [...]
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For the tiger with a brush and pad

  In November 1997, within the framework of "Tiger, Tiger", organized by the Dutch foundation "Artists for Nature" and supported museums in Glasgow (UK), a group of artists from different countries working in India in the National Park "Bandagar." He took part in this project and Vadim A. Gorbatov. As a result of this work was an exhibition and book published. Part of the proceeds from the sale of paintings and books that aims to protect the Bengal tiger.          Every morning in the predawn our jeep crosses the border at the checkpoint, and we enter the tiger country. "Move on foot out Read more [...]
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Preparing for pervoledyu

Part 2. The behavior of fish and fishing safetyPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov After the equipment can begin to tackle a thorough preparation for the season, as the former fishing is largely limited to security and you probably will use last year's gear. Despite the obvious common sense, hardly anyone of avid anglers out on the ice with the new gear. However, this is a reason, because during the summer to forget setting a particular fishing rods and fishing line exactly how much is left after the break and dressing equipment. It is checked at the first output on ice.It makes sense to expand Read more [...]
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Hunting in the Perm province

Capercaillie little. They hunt for grouse in mating and hit them on larch in the autumn. Hinges and other traps do not catch. On young hunting dog, but as soon as the autumn grouse grow, hunting is left to them: all the same, they say hunters no longer kill the capercaillie - to not let.VA Vatagin. «Reindeer». Of Meeting GDM Journal «Our Hunting»1909, February.Kosachev also beaten in the spring current. Autumn Kosachev with stuffed rarely sits. From our village to Kosachev in the fall stuffed hunts only one hunter for the rest Read more [...]
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What kind of monster?

From about these words took my acquaintance with one novice amateur hunting. Our meeting took place a few days after the beginning of the autumn hunting, on the shore of the lake at s.Maksimovka in the Kaluga region. Photos from the archives of Sergei Fokin It was a warm sunny evening. Before evening sunset it was still about two hours. Carp something in this day pecked, although offered them is there all my attachments.  Far away, in the middle of the lake, swam lonely Grebe.Ducks, which scared going to the lake, and departed in no hurry to return to the nearest mirror among Read more [...]
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The royal couple

Combined guns are designed to simplify the life of a hunter and a reduction in the number of necessary weapon in his arsenal. In 2001 English traditions was dealt a serious blow: Driven hunting foxes was banned. Any attempt to open it again encounter in the wall of misunderstanding Parliament. They are easy to hunting when it is unknown what kind of game is on path. Ease of alignment and rifled smooth barrel in a single unit on We appreciated by hunters from all walks of life. But the high cost of such weapons makes them a lot of Read more [...]
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My Haired Girl loves banging himself on the paunch

  It seems that the creation of an elegant green sitting on a big rose, treat people jostling around. It closely monitored the approaching twig, which held a huge human hand, and when the branch was supposed to touch him, being easily evaded by passing it by.     - Wow - Surprised kid and began to swing from side to side, depicting what he saw. Turning green head his movements, graceful creature was swaying on his long, thin legs.     - Oh, how lovely - she unceremoniously reached out, trying to pat dancing on the rose "ballerina" ...     ... Among the smooth, non-aggressive movements Read more [...]
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My gun

In the life of any hunter, as a rule, there are several guns with which he hunted in a given period of timePhoto by Gleb Samokhin There are hunters who do not part with his first «izhevkoy» or «Tulku» for many years, and sometimes until the end of days. In some families, this heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, and no matter what the brand did not have a gun, always refer to it carefully, respectfully and with great trepidation. Not even a hunter, picking up gladkostvolku or shotgun, unwittingly inviting feel the Read more [...]
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Amazon Antique

Amazon and amazonomachyAmazons in Greek mythology was called a tribe of women warriors and horsewomen. These women were skilled in archery and horsemanship. It was believed that they are descended from the god of cunning, treacherous war Ares and Harmony, the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, and worshiped the god of war Ares and Artemis the goddess of hunting. His life was carried out in the battles. Amazon Fermodonte lived on the river, the city Themiscyra, in the northern part of Asia Minor. It was believed that they were settled there after came from the Caucasus. In addition to Asia Minor, lived Read more [...]
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Traditional values

Reigning in our country the cult of success by any means, under the generally recognized the crisis of morality, of course, occur in all areas without exception. And even in the most sublime and spiritually rich traditional hunting with a gun. Photo by Sergey Fokin «Nature like attracts and inspires only because it is natural». Wilhelm von Humboldt«Progress technology endows us more perfect means of going backwards». Aldous Huxley When degradation of hunting culture beginners and even some more «advanced» Pointing owners are not able to Read more [...]
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Jubilee Firebolt

2010 for lovers of red Irish setter - the anniversary. They celebrated the 125th anniversary of the official recognition of their favorite breedPhoto: Elena Fedulova. March 29th, 1885 in Dublin (Ireland) was approved by the standard red Irish setter. Over the past 125 years «Irishman» spread around the world. It can not meet only in Europe, but and Asia, Americas and in Australia.This was truly handsome man can only speak in superlatives. AT It all perfectly: the addition of a powerful, combined with elegance, Read more [...]
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Fishing on Minvody

In summer, the region Caucasian Mineral Waters is very hot, so it makes sense to go on a fishing trip the earliest morning or sunsetPhoto: Ivan Semyonov Resort «Caucasian Mineral Waters» – one of the oldest and most beautiful in Russia. It attracts people not only the opportunity to improve their health, but also the beauty of local nature, an abundance of historical sites, excellent leisure facilities. Come here and many fishermen, especially not on a fishing trip, of course, and for other purposes, but if you are given free time to schedule a trip or among the Read more [...]
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Joy and sorrow

"Timpani swans silent in the distance,Cranes were quiet for the swampy meadows,Only a hawk circling over the red stacks,Yes, autumn rustling in the rushes. " E.BagritskyEach new season is expected with an indescribable emotion and in anticipation of something unusual, which has not yet happened, but it certainly needs to happen, and that you and your four-legged friend. So it was on the eve of the 2000 season.Traditionally, over the past ten years I hunt in the floodplain meadows on the Oka River, in the watershed of Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions, and for the sake of Murom Melenkovsky hunting Read more [...]
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Wonderful song rut

Flair and skill HOUNDExcellent working hound respectfully called the word "master". Watching her work from the very first minutes of fun. Surprisingly rational manner of search gives the impression that the master knows the place where the hare likes to hide prone. A pomknuv he conquers precision reference track, vibrant passion rut, high pressure on the hare. Hot rut care of its expressiveness. Unfortunately, the master is rare. Even very rare. Owning a dog - the age-old dream lover coursing. Feasibility Is this a dream? Do rise rock hounds, and in particular the Russian hounds, with backward, Read more [...]
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Wolf and wild ungulates

A distinctive feature of hunting is often scientific developments in this field do not find its incarnation, or are not in demand because of their practice of low-level theoretical and methodological.A good example is the state program «Wild ungulates and regulation of the wolf population»Adopted in the early 2000s after the resources of wild ungulates in Russia has dropped dramatically over the 90 years of the twentieth century.Apologist control the number of wild hoofed animals (DKZH) AA Danilkin in numerous articles offers a strategy for the conservation, reproduction and use DKZH. Read more [...]
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Reviving traditions

In the Sverdlovsk region revived the ancient tradition of hunting with specially trained hunting dogs. According to experts, is a science, which is aimed at promoting the disciplined, beautiful hunting and conservation of animals in the wild.Text and a photo — Department wildlife protection Sverdlovsk region At the end of September First of Urals region of Sverdlovsk region on Hunting base «Crown Urals» held the first Russian complex competitions of hunting dogs in the breed drathaar prize «In memory of Robert Gennadyevich Read more [...]
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Once again on the myths and realities

Developing the idea of ​​the article, I want to dispel the myth of extraordinary ability to cut pike spinners, tees and hooksPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov I agree with the facts set out in Article Anatoly Mailkova the horn number 846 of October 13, 2010 I was able to catch bream conventional turntable. And I hunted at that time specifically for asp, which, by the way, and caught a few casts, but the bream took four grams per confident in his mouth. Then me and my father was a complete surprise. Later, repeatedly had to disembowel large bream from Peipus. Now, their stomach is full Read more [...]
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Journey from St. Petersburg to Orenburg

Mystery GuestTeacher Orenburg Aviation School khodinskiy washing the increase in the next rank, which coincided with his birthday. Invited, mostly young pilots colleagues came exactly on time. In a cozy apartment newly captain immediately became cramped. One would have to sit down, but was delayed one guest, without which begin hesitated. Finally he appeared. Politely all said hello, kissed three times birthday. Those who do not know who came, looked at him with curiosity. It was nothing special: wizened figure of medium height, dressed modestly. Normal person: a sparse blond beard, mustache stained, Read more [...]
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Golden days

Summer morning, going from house to potato garden, the first thing I look to the east. There's a pinkish glow of sunrise swims narrow cloud, and over her curly white clouds like pieces of cotton wool. On the grass dimly lit cold dew, recently awakened breeze blowing your face and bare shoulders, — all promises good weather, and it means, after work, I left in a given field of collective mother, I can spend almost endless day at their discretion — in nature and in solitude.After a few hours, to cope with the chores, his hurry to get around «fishing Putikov» apart from it Read more [...]
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Alpine dandies

Fitting we are not spoiledOnce we were allowed to have rifles, people rushed for the available old army carbines KO 44, and fortunate, for the hunting and the SCS options SVD.Hunters thought their bullets allegedly piercing rails in able to hit with any animal the first shot. If this is not It occurred, still remained in the carbine ammunition that could be released in a matter of seconds. What in versus they can show rifled shotgun (fitting), and even to Besides and so expensive? Most hunters from fittings perceived merely eccentric. I and himself, Read more [...]
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