A unique case

September 13, 2012 in Solnechnogorsk district of Moscow region was matched by motorists old dog breed drathaar (though wool a little long. Maybe a hybrid). Emaciated dog lying in a nice, beautiful collar on the side of the highway and Tarakanovskiy was dying. Photo by Sergey Fokin The dog was immediately taken to the local vetkliniku, where It was filmed 428 ticks !!! It's just a record for the Guinness Book.Here are the results of parasitological research: «In the study of peripheral blood smear of blood parasites not found. Microfilariae detected kind of Read more [...]
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Taiga Beauty

The scientific name of spruce - Picea excelsaPicea comes from the Latin pix — «resin»: It allocates plenty of this tree; excelsa means - "high".Spruce - a typical representative of the wood species of the taiga forest zone of the Northern Hemisphere. Widespread spruce contributes to its ruggedness, shade tolerance and frost - "island spruce forests" can be found even in the Arctic Circle. In the forest, these trees can grow, as with other species, and form pure stands - this is due to the fact that young Christmas trees feel comfortable under the canopy of other trees, but grows Read more [...]
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Clean the duck

Please tell about one method that I have now applied when plucking ducks, and then explain why.The first step is to pluck the wings and tail (the tail). Then, using a gas burner to singe them fine fluff. (With burner careful, and that there are very high temperature, to not to burn yourself, and do not make a fire.) Then cut webbed feet and head.Further – on the chest makes a small incision and a longitudinal, starting from him, pulled off the carcass and neck skin with feathers. Where the wings and tail are usually easy to come off. Then I remove the entrails and wash the duck in the water Read more [...]
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Fish Hungarian

Recipes fish dishesThe artist George Morland. Illustration from the archives of the editorial board In Hungary, a country of continental, consumption of fish is very developed, but this concerns mainly the freshwater fish fauna of Representatives, which themselves after cooking does not have such a bright taste, like many marine fish. Probably for this reason, both Hungarian fish dishes are mostly characterized by a spicy, pungent flavor, which uses a lot of spices in various combinations. Oddly enough, but the very inhabitants of Hungarian rivers, lakes and ponds – big fans Read more [...]
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Disease — «labradorizm» cure is not necessary!

The word "Labrador" I LOVED since childhood. This happened at a time when we, the boys, to the holes are offset BOOKS Fenimore Cooper. MYSTERIOUS Labrador Peninsula on the Canadian coast of North America captivates children's imagination. YES AND combination of letters "A", "B", "R", "D"In one word, is not typical for RUSSIAN LANGUAGE, was a romantic Gibraltar, Gulfstream, A-B-A-R-A-R-O-P !!! From these words, breathed smell of the sea, adventure, kindness and courage.The second time the word came into my life at all in other circumstances. Hard to leave this life our beloved family dog, desperate Read more [...]
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Short striker

On the day we Ivan, an old hunter and my frequent companion, produced a good ingots and now with the help of ropes dragged it down from a high hillside, close to the trail. We stopped to rest. We sat on a soft, still warm pig's back, and my elder ruled: — Here, the slope a little more, you can drag and alone. Bring one as you can, then to put a spacer between the ribs, and the move to the path. I'll be there, let's go together to the baracheku. Now I go check on the trap ferrets. It has long been not looking.  So we broke up, I went down with his scraper and partner — along the Read more [...]
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Mullet in Barcelona

I had to watch as the fish caught in this fashion in Cyprus, under the Naples, near Nice, on the Costa Brava in BarcelonaIt seems that this is one of the most popular ways to sea angling. You can see the young or elderly fisherman clinging to a crust of white bread numerous hooks their tackles, absolutely anywhere: in the port, on the beach or on the uninhabited rocks and boulders. Most anglers are content with small and small zubarikami kefalkoy because it does not take into account a number of factors needed to catch big fish.What exactly is this popular in the West and little known we tackle? Read more [...]
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Hunger is not an aunt

A funny thing happened this cold November night in the territory of one of the enterprises of our city. Protected plant except the regular guards, had a watchdog with a sonorous crocodile nickname - Kosha.A funny thing happened this cold November night two years ago on the territory of one of the enterprises of our city. Protected plant except the regular guards, had a watchdog with a sonorous crocodile nickname — Kosha.As a true descendant of a proud tribe of the Caucasus, Kosh had become relevant: a torso, powerful legs, no less powerful jaws and a round «bear» head. What thoughts Read more [...]
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«Viking vs Varyag»

A priori, consumables and spare parts in the "Varyag" will be cheaper to manage, but VK540 III Viking reputation as one of the most reliable snowmobilesPhoto: Alex and Alex Fokin Lenev Snowmobile Yamaha VK540 III Viking — one of the most popular models of «cars» among domestic consumers. «Taiga Varyag 550» — new word Rybinsk company «Russian mechanics» at snegohodostroenii. Perhaps this is the first Russian snowmobile, which without any reservations, with the very first announcement on his start in the future production Read more [...]
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Why disappear Russian hounds?

For many years I was closely watching the debate in the "Horn" and possibly in various magazines, which publishes materials related to Russian hounds. Many published good, I would even say useful, but also a lot of typing is absolutely not necessary. Photo: Mikhail Semin I may be wrong, but many gonchatniki simply do not understand the true meaning of ancestry, but not of the pedigree, which means a form with the seal (on paper we just all on the exterior and diplomas (precisely diplomas, not for work!) even much better than it was 20 years ago), and that pedigree, I would say, Read more [...]
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Newly-fallen snow

Newly-fallen snow ... This word evokes in those days I have a lot of emotions! I waited for it so eagerly that he was ready to clap cloud "on their forest." In the evening sitting by the window and watching the weather forecast on the first channel, I waited and when will the long-awaited snow, sweep all the old zhirovochnye and Cattle marks oblique. Courtesy of the author That's one of those days Father in the evening and told me - «Well, ohotnichek, go tomorrow and see how you have a dog running, you dragged it. So I'll see you all day in the woods doing».Uh, I remember Read more [...]
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«Spring» in winter

 Photo by the author Came into his term winter frosts struck and icebound waters, suddenly receded. Often wet, heavy flakes of falling snow gave way in Noyabrsk drizzle. The cloudy dusk fog enveloped the already short days. But sometimes winter night frosts reminded him of himself.As a result of these weather surprises formed the ideal conditions for fishing: a comfortable temperature, the ice is strong enough, but the thickness and uniformity of the structure does not take much force to drill wells, lack of snow contributed to the movement of walking a good distance. Sometimes Read more [...]
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Christ the Saviour — for all of us

August - the month hot, fiery, sultry and anxious. But where is sadness, there is joy. Russian soul can not live without human holidays bright. Especially since that August is rich in them. As many as three of the Savior - Honey, Apple and Walnut - are celebrated for many years in Russia.In these celebrations in honor of the All-Merciful Saviour Jesus Christ Orthodox traditions are closely intertwined with folk customs connected with the rural work: harvest honey, grapes, pears, apples, corn.First Saviour, honey Spas falls on the first day of the Dormition Fast — August 14; Second, Apple Read more [...]
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New zherlitsy

We ran out of New Year's holidays… Although… Why would they 3 numbers run out? We go for pike. Morozyatina terrible: somewhere slipped figures of 30 degrees! What is there to do? We have to go and pretend to be a sweaty Yakuts. Just not drop dead in the middle or zapyano… bay.They came. Moustache in a single block of ice, you can not shave: broke and fish without a mustache. Prichindaly dropped. Well, no competition. It should be drilled. Both on! The first New Year's surprise. One drill minus. Well, at least in the second topic. We sat down on live bait, Read more [...]
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He embarrasses

Romulus at full speed, braked paws began to turn on the standauthor photoRussian dictionary S.I.Ozhegova interprets the meaning of the word «discomfiture» as a state of embarrassment, awkwardness; awkward and ridiculous. It's about the embarrassment that experienced in the hunt this year my kurtshaar, I want to tell.Was the last decade of September. Swift-winged swallows flew away, and with them, and many songbirds migrated south. From the skies already came the sad cry of the cranes leaving the native open spaces. Has rung and transient Indian summer. Waving goodbye to the wing, it Read more [...]
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Match by burrowing badger burrow under the new rules

Now, the new rules in 2009. These regulations did not provided pricing in the case of dogs pulling it out of a badger hole.Photo Nikolai Kononov Repeatedly I have been invited to examine the dogs burrowing into the regions of southern Russia. At this time, Stavropol KOOOiR decided to organize and hold the edge of the open competition burrowing badger 24–April 25, 2010.The competitions were held at the station Petrovsky ROOiR pritravochnoy in Svetlograd. The location is very convenient, Nora is closed from the wind and sun, which in April had already bakes in the Stavropol Read more [...]
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Frost and wind …

 Photo by the author If you are going to once again go fishing at the Volga reach of the Rybinsk Reservoir, I made a serious mistake – I did not change tires for the winter. However, for fishing is irrelevant, it's not about the baits, but the wheels of the car.Water + 5 * C, 5 * C air – not scary. Fishing began on Saturday if not in comfort, in acceptable conditions. It was decided to immediately check «absolutely workers» local driftwood digging relfe. In the summer and in September, they invariably bring fish – and walleye and pike, and bersha. Read more [...]
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The November half snipe

It was in the early eighties. With my classmate Vitali after graduation, we have not seen. He studied instrumental music and playing the guitar in the restaurant in the evenings, and I worked as an intern at the Department of Obstetrics at the alma mater.Photo by Alexander Grishin And once in the beginning of November, we accidentally met at society hunters queues for obtaining permits to hunt for hares. We talked, and he began to persuade me to go to motorboat last time Volga, not yet Bird and ended the season not all duck flew Read more [...]
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Sketches of the spring ice

One must live by the river. So that at any moment could throw a quick look, slip on white, sparkling snow surface and caught a glimpse of the far corner of his eye fixed point dark lonely fisherman on the opposite bank, a satisfied chuckle: «Not yet…»Not yet, it is too early, though, and March on the calendar. Not yet started the first spring biting roach, that already easily passes for three hundred grams. When to start? But when a lone figure will acquire satellites. On the opposite bank of the veterans go fishing all winter. Anyone who is now on duty - shestidesyatidvuhletny Read more [...]
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And again on the brass sleeve

Part twoPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Now, about the experience and the intricacies of equipment and operation. First, the economic component. For those who do a lot of shooting (doves, quail), there is a direct sense to buy these cartridges even a fantastically high price – 40 rubles apiece. At first, the cost of the cartridge will be prohibitively high, but after 10–15 recharges the sleeve has to be free.With careful operation it will be enough for 100 shots, and even more. Just one piece of advice: check all purchased sleeve, without departing from the counter. Our producer Read more [...]
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