Prudence will not hurt

Photo: Anton Zhuravko I read an article about Sergei Bogdanov «factory Samokrutov» and «custom assembly».I do not presume to question rezulty firing such ammunition. But there are some concerns. This 1.8 g «Falcon» in 20 gauge cartridges. There is a book AP Ivashentsova «Combat shotgun and Service». Title of the book consists of two parts: «The battle» and «Service». I would like to listen to, check out the authors, long-standing practice charges 1.8 g «Falcon» 20 th caliber. That's a long time. Read more [...]
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In the full moon night

Scary to imagine what could happen if the wolf, tasted bloodPhoto: Alexander Kovalevsky – Dad, come quickly, take me out of school! I'm scared: Klimov attacked by wolves!So says housemate call her youngest daughter, who sounded on Friday, September 24, 2010.– At that moment I felt as a child mastered fear, – he says now.To tell the truth, the reasons for this were.On the first callPavel swore in the village Lyubechane paramedic working for nearly a quarter century. For the villagers, he is the authority to whom to refer difficult times, day and night. This load Read more [...]
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Roach in the lake

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Unlike perch, roach Now look at the big open spaces problematic. So I prefer the lake, in the extreme case flow pond with a good oxygen regime. These ponds are not only flowing, but the bottom discharge of water through a retaining dam.In some small lakes in Tver and Novgorod regions roach grows to quite a decent size. But even if the fish is small, it is still such fishing is noteworthy if only because that small roach caught in a small pond, very tenacious and serves as an excellent live bait for fishing in other waters.Catching roach activity is now very Read more [...]
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What kind of winter we are predicting omens?

On the long and cold winter and said the abundance of mountain ash in the autumnPhoto: Alexey Obolensky Summer stormy – winter with blizzards. Stormy summer was not. Summer is dry and hot – winter with little snow, frosty. Summer everywhere was dry and hot. If a hot July – to the cold weather in December. July was hot. Crude summer and warm autumn – for a long winter. Autumn was warm and the summer was dry. If you warm and dry September, expect a late arrival of winter. We are waiting. While in September (last year) a lot of acorns on the oak, then expect Read more [...]
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Rubicon for egoist

How many generations changed in the world, and the Jeep and today is proud that Wrangler is the last of the legendary workaholic traits of the war years. On one of the Kremlin Cup I I am sitting on podium and I watched the game: bleed supply, receptions, Forehand, left and right cross, a scattering of technical elements great athletes, applause at beautiful rally… AT at some point I He closed his eyes and just listen to the game began: exhale feed, strangled scream at reception, shoe vzvizgivanie spurt when receiving truncated ball hit Read more [...]
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Hare’s wedding

Wedding hare (Belyakov, the pair met in the evenings to valdshnepinoy traction) I saw once in the steppe Crimea, near Evpatoria. Somewhere in the end of March or beginning of April, the leaves on the trees have not yet blossomed, but in the desert quite dry. I travel in a military unit located in the steppe. Photo by Alexander Nazarov So one morning I leave on balcony apartment on the second floor. The windows look to north, the outer part of the town. Under the balcony fence, then a narrow dirt road and farther — steppe. Stretching and overlooking Read more [...]
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For perch on Don

 Photo by the author One day, someone from the hunters talking about catching walleye winter. I did not even know that a lot of things I can tell you, based on his own practice. I'm sure that did not introduce anything new in the practice of under-ice fishing this predator, but perhaps someone will be interested in how I catch walleye on ice.Let's start with autumn PlacesI'm starting to catch walleye in the same places where caught him in the late autumn. It costs almost the same snags that I fished jigs from a boat. Actually, I think that many anglers just as I begin to search Read more [...]
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Paradoxes judging FCI

February 22, 2015 we, as we like to say in St. Petersburg within the framework of the International Exhibition "Baltic Triumph" took Dane dog show "German drathaar." After that just want to take a deep breath, and sadly, it is hard to breathe ... The triumph of the exhibition was held, and after that there was only a bitter aftertaste. Photo ccho / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) For some reason we believe that better abroad: potatoes, apples, bread, mushrooms… Even migratory game that reproduces at us, and with the flight to it gathers the best gastronomic shades. Read more [...]
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How to wean chasing deer?

In today's reality, hounds chasing deer, wild boar, elk, many hunters do not come to courtPhoto: Sergei Kudinov Leave out the fact that you have done (or not done) to make keen his dog to chase prey, but one day you suddenly realize that «such joy» you do not need, and wondered: «How to wean hound chasing deer (wild boar, elk)?»I share their own experiences, as I taught the dog to the correct and predictable behavior on the hunt.Last summer, I went to vyzhlets Russian piebald hound as young as two years old, grew up in a cage. All mastered them counted in Read more [...]
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Where to find the fish?

The February weather often throws from one extreme to the other — in the anomalous heat in severe frost, which for obvious reasons is accompanied by irregular amplitude of atmospheric pressure and ambient light, even under a thick ice cover. And yet there is a change in the content of dissolved oxygen in different parts of the reservoir or its depth, change the composition and the transparency of the water environment with the advent of melt water thaw, rise or fall in the level of operation of waterworks.Instability important for all living organisms factors can not influence Read more [...]
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Cartridge and exploded in a shop

Unbelievable but truePhoto: Alexander Yarkovoy Introduces the reader «HORN» photo. The remains recovered from the grenade ammunition store gazootvodki Turkish Pegasus, belongs to my young colleague and friend. Green cartridge with Five – product Novosibirsk company «Spark»That respect for high-Papkova sleeve. To incredible skukozhennaya plastic sleeve without primer – product company «Record». Here is the patron and exploded in a shop.[mkref = 652]According to the owner, he came to me for examination, was as follows. I will make Read more [...]
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Rocker on the hump-backed

It argued that the harsh winter, the less effective it becomes to catch perch balancers. The opinion is often based on the fact that the rocker — bait active play, and fish middle and late winter sluggish and prancing in cold clear water of a large object can scare her more than attract. Try to understand how this is true.Not once had to watch the anglers who catch the morning start with balancers, but not seeing for about an hour or One bite, come to the conclusion that it's not the bait works and with a clear conscience to Read more [...]
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Dry summer — autumn mushroom

Mushrooms went together, and in large quantitiesauthor photo Vladimir region has always been famous mushroom places, but this year the hopes of the mushroom autumn there was none. The forests were burning everywhere, all the forest streams, peat ditches, marshes have dried up completely, it was a feeling that the water in the forest left at all.In the fall, of course rains were, but in general it also upheld the dry and warm. If usually in September, and even more so in October, the road to the forest became impassable because of the mud puddles and, in this year could pass without Read more [...]
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The smell of autumn in late summer

My friend and I felt it once turned off the dirt road in the floodplain forest. Recent rains wet carpet of last year's leaves to the ground and burst into the open window of the car cool mushroom smell.September has not yet arrived, and we were afraid that the bank of the Don was still occupied by vacationers. We were incredibly lucky – in our place was empty. We found only traces of those who left the tourists. It should be noted that the fields were properly cleaned, for what I say great thanks to all the tourists who clean up after themselves before leaving.As elsewhere Read more [...]
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Bear on the house

On the threshold of the door there was a huge bear. The frightened woman on a conveyor belt got out into the street and ran into the village, which is one kilometer from the house. Reaching home, she told her husband that the house bears prevent it from cooking food. The man was tipsy. He grabbed an ax and ran to the house. Photo: Fotolia Last year was very difficult for the bears of the European part of our country. Because of the heat and drought throughout was a bad crop of berries. By early fall, they do not gain the usual amount of fat reserves necessary for safe wintering. Read more [...]
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Papashkina ear

Dad was a storehouse of all kinds of knowledge, master, that is, on all hands, harmonica virtuoso and fisherman ...Photo: Vitaly The drift The farther away from the day when my father was gone, the older are my children, the closer the day when I will not be, the more clearly I understand that my father was probably the most important person in my life.Beautiful, clever face, combed back wavy brown hair. And the last few months, obviously remembering the Cossack roots, he wore a gray beard. Eyes… I've never seen such eyes. Gray, clear, slightly mocking, ironic, but look Read more [...]
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There Los Llanos

In late autumn 2014 friends, experts in South America, inviting me to take pictures of the nature of Venezuela. And now I have a miniature airplane, who took a course from the airport to Caracas to Los Roques - an archipelago in the Caribbean. If you look at the archipelago of 350 islands on top, it will remind Shattered Necklace Snake or Dragon, preparing to swallow a flock of birds ... Pink flamingos are often victims of the Venezuelan poor who are caught for food or Sale of rare birds and networks hooks attached to kites. Under the wing of the plane opens wonderful Read more [...]
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Burbot autumn

If the angler - night hunter burbot - this time inspect the tenth dream, burbot and wait again gently remind yourself in a low-upPhoto: Alexander Tokarev Pacific turned out to be generous in the evening and the setting sun. Daylight go for wood-fin constructed of three dry oak barrels something like nodi taiga, which we in the middle lane is indispensable Iniesta late autumn nights. It's hot and evenly lit oak, as befits a serious sturdy tree.Sooty pot hung over the fire, go down to the zakidushka. Well, of course, some craftsmen magnitude undersea probably little finger already Read more [...]
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Fishing reindeer in Taimyr

For a long time I was going to Taimyr. Very much like to participate in the fishery and reindeer along the way, if you can earn a penny. Finally a dream come true, and I'm on a huge IL-86 flying to Norilsk. When approaching the airport Alykel look out the window. Local time two in the morning. A huge disk of the sun, barely touching the horizon, began to separate from her and again floated above the ground. It was August 2nd, and polar day is not over yet. On the train reached the city, along the way seeing predosennyuyu tundra. In the office Gospromkhoz everything was settled quickly and efficiently. Read more [...]
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Fish borschetsa do not want?

Wives of fishermen that have chosen Wetland Island in the lower reaches of the Dnieper, adept at preparing different fish dishesPhoto by the author Among the fish dishes, perhaps the most honorable place is a fish soup. «Let it rain, catch fish – It will borscht.» In the Dnieper villages where the fishermen lived dobychlivye, Barshchou brew fans should not have to worry about their stomachs. Their wives have long been able to catch out of wetland generous cook noble in every fish soup.What Somina that pork – authoritatively argue wife Dnieper fisherfolk, Read more [...]
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