Oka worker «blockhead»

Drilled to the first fishing hole on shoals and seeing the whole game with my own eyes, once again convinced that all ingenious is simple! First time about «baldu» I I heard in late 80-ies of the last century. Heard, but not seen. It was in pervoledya time on one of floodplain lakes of Oka. In held close to the fisher Comrade question: «how catch?» the answer was «Get enough sleep» of Fishing box. It consisted from a heap of choice perches. Naturally, the next question: «And what?» Read more [...]
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Five days in Vologda

Part 2 …Finally, the river makes a sharp turn, forming lowland awaited spill! Stealthily approach Bank and We look around. Spill on our shore and shallow clean, leaving the left the forest with flooding decreasing depth. There in flooded forest, hiding the whole game! The naked eye can see that part of the field undrowned — a great place to pull! FROM enthusiastically build a hut in the middle of two young trees. Hand packed, eyes stoned — tent is ready! Masha planted on water and, crouching, running into cover. Read more [...]
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How to survive the winter in the woods

Before the expedition you have to thoroughly map and descriptions to explore the way forward. It is necessary to remember different orientations, especially linear (rivers, roads, mountains). The loss of orientation - one of the main reasons for extreme situations, so it is necessary to take very seriously. Consider the daily transitions and convenient parking space. Emergency exits with route.If you get lost, you remember, the surest road — one for which came. In winter, if you do not snowing, you can return for his footsteps. Not not Read more [...]
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On the bait

I have an information on the frequent meetings of local residents with the wolves; in particular, we have seen a wolf in the grounds with two cubs. To successfully hunt them and to bind them to a particular area, it is best to organize the bait. PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Unas at Kuban, flat steppe zone range of only cultivated fields, shelterbelts and Reed beams; little to no wolf «leeward», To hunt on bait nowhere, so I I decided to settle in secluded place — at abandoned hoard fertilizer Kubanets village. there in For Read more [...]
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And the beast brother

"The yawning animal a human face" - said Karl Kraus. And today we can see the similarity with the human animals in the photographs Valery Maleev, author of "Wild Russia". In Moscow October 31 December 12 Tverskoy Boulevard open-air photo exhibition of the photographer-traveler named Valeria Maleeva «And the beast brother». The author focuses on the that beast foreign to the expression of feelings: joy, shame, bragging, endearment, and as anger and displeasure.Despite what the weather is more goes minus, still a huge plus Read more [...]
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Mysterious Mangazeya

Part IIThe scope of the Siberian land like a magnet drew to themselves pioneers. Despite the dangerous and long journey, the Russian people wanted to Mangazeya. But here it was only the brave and daring. Every year in early autumn to Mangazeya arrived caravans of large boats and ships. In the XVI and XVII century, during the free development of the north of Western Siberia modern Arkhangelsk Pomor. In 1570 in the Moscow market the best grade sables, along with the Pechora, revered and Mangazeysky. Upon learning of the existence of such outlaws, but still eludes the royal hand and taxes in 1588 Read more [...]
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Orioles home

One group of students went to the surrounding forest after strong winds. Going to a small creek, children saw in the grass four chicks poluoperivshihsya Orioles. We see the branch on which was the nest, broke wind.Not guys know that kids should be left on location. Parents do not would leave them without attention.Feeling a sense of responsibility to «orphaned» chicks, the boys decided to take them home. But only nurse of wild birds — it is very difficult. Two days later, one chick died. That's They brought in guys Forestry remaining three chicks.What Read more [...]
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Leszi Indian summer

That summer flew byAlready that week plagued by rainy autumn drizzle, without giving stick his nose out from under the roof of saving the village huts.And one autumn night dusk swept unshakable serenity obstinate vetroduy suddenly exhausted, and calmed down a stray shower in the heavenly abyss shone like candles, star lights. In the morning wet shroud took crimson light in the haze floated bizarre red stains. A little later turning pink sweat made his way through the blurred face of the rising sun. Sleepy fog reluctantly crawled in lowland and nature in an instant transformed. Finally, the long-awaited Read more [...]
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Chubarov guest

An old tug hard, though with shortness of breath, hooting motor pistons, pulled to the upper reaches of the Amu Darya. Far beyond the horizon in the dusty haze of a large orange sun sank.Photo Sumeet Moghe / WIKIMEDIA.ORG Soft shadows of thick reeds swaying in the muddy water. Itched mosquitoes. AND seagulls, apparently tired of the day, fewer and rarely dived over the snowy crests of waves, snatching snuluyu fish.XO Avdeev, smoking «a cigarette», stood on deck near the tank and «I tasted» welcome cool of the evening. Suddenly on starboard the Read more [...]
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Newfound source

Very soon, at the source, who found and revived Hunter Cyril Karmal, reborn chapel. This spring, some paper and online media Smolensk wrote about this interesting case-event in the Roslavl area ... and I wrote after visited the holy place.Photo Shutter button About Home. A few years ago, border and Smolensk Bryansk regions Cyril walked with Karmal ruzhishkom in with their friends childhood in the woods the villages Sviridovka (only three people left), and Ryasniki (no lives) and I came across a large cross. From the land of Read more [...]
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Prairie Legend

The next day I flew to Elista. We arrived right on schedule, and I'm surprised that nobody at the airport we did not meet. Without noticing me, I took a number of my friends hunt inspectors of the Security Service and asked relatives saiga Uldis Knakisa.Yapoiskal eyes and I did not see the familiar machines dark lights. Finally, I noticed one of the hunt inspectors, and greeted He offered to sit in spetsavtobus. Looking at his dull, sad face, I I asked: «What happened?» «Knakisa yesterday killed». — he said simply. It turned Read more [...]
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Crow against proteins

The chase travel to the forest less than a hundred meters. In the distance, where the tall pines, heard the incessant dog barking hysterical. Bark moose - the first thought that comes to mind.Photo tfangel / flickr.com  AT this protracted and very snowy winter elk really no longer afraid of the city and come to feed on small shoots residential areas. I do a hundred meters into the forest.Around high pine in povlazhnevshem loose deep snow without I ran, and rather quickly crawling, falling, a small wiry dog. — Dina! Dina! — Read more [...]
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Hunting «classified»

Hunting in our country during the years of Soviet power more than once became "a problem of national importance", which had to deal with the decision of the heads of the "top"Some of these episodes have recently declassified documents tell us, who provided editorial staff at the disposal of the Exhibition Hall of the Federal Archives.Ruzhishkom FROM WASTE"If tomorrow the war If tomorrow a campaign ...". In the second half of the 1930s the Soviet Union in anticipation of the inevitable battles with the "external enemies" of the state rapidly increase production of weapons. However, as regards the Read more [...]
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Teacher of the Grand Dukes

The family of Emperor Alexander III had six children. Senior Nicholas, George and Xenia have grown, and the younger Michael and Olga still learning, and they needed a teacher. I must say that in the royal families in matters of education and training is not particularly wise, but followed long been established in the court tradition to educate strictly in simplicity and unassuming, no "sentiment", strict obedience, a clear schedule with everyday lessons, visiting church services , mandatory participation in official ceremonies plus gymnastics, water procedures. Because the boys were grown primarily Read more [...]
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Secret shoal

Photo from the collection of Peter Zverev As you know, the fish moves shoals. Hundreds of fish seemed to be subordinated­nyayas single team in unexpected ways can change direction or when a predator in a matter of fractions of a second to fall apart and do not collide with each other. What is the secret jamb? What can explain the understanding of fish?First, we note that the school has different meanings for all the fish. Some individuals are separated from them is very rare, while others, on the contrary, are included in it from time to time. What kind of magic power attracts Read more [...]
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Goose quirks

Sensitivity and caution geese all have long known. Many hunters experienced the care of geese during the autumn hunting. The animals were frightening sound of engines, but according to the laws of hunting shooting with moving means swimming is prohibited. AT this time they are not admit to currently close to the hunters, and advance and take off sit in uninhabited areas or on lake, where the hunter be able to him get close undetected. If the geese are trying to obtain, then they swim in side of the boat, and then fly, Read more [...]
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And even before the two hundred years old …

It was in the early nineties. Everyone in the country has changed. And you can not say that in a good way. The word "market" has become one of the most fashionable, but in fact he was an uncontrolled market ... Despite all the difficulties, I have not abandoned the hunt. At this time I was able to buy the MC-8, shotgun «Mossberg 500» and two bolt the carbine. Finally, it's time to try one of them in fact. They invited me to a private ohotbazu hunt for prey. Upon reflection, I took with me «Remington». First, a notable caliber (9.3 / 64), and secondly, the bullet is heavy, Read more [...]
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Filing into spinning

To hornblende predator grabbed enough of a second, when it will flicker in the narrow zone of clean water. For two or three decades preceding the spinning, as a way of catching predatory fish, divided into some very isolated areas with different methods of feeding and conducting artificial lures. Apparently, because among anglers it is considered bad form to use equipment at digital parameters are not suitable for terms of fishing, although often dictated by practical need absolutely the opposite. Thus, for example, to catch on heavy jerks, Read more [...]
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Where is Fox?

The second half of the winter - the best time to hunt for the foxes to approach. Wives can see far, even without binoklya.Ey now has myshkovat nightfall: hungry for it came time from the deep snow to forage easy. So a decent layer of fat accumulated fox in the autumn, by the end of snowy winter is consumed completely.Photo brewbooks / flickr.com In places rich beast, it is desirable to come to dawn or during the first minute of his. At this time, Fox has the mouse and you need to try to see them. Move follows the forest edge, the edge of a log, the edge of the field. The first Read more [...]
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About everyday concerns

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Deepest sympathy to the author of the letter, and certainly, I believe, because he met a lot of these shortcomings. Of course, sad that they went to Basil, and even «a complete set». I understand the author's another reason that I know well how much time and effort you need to spend to get a license to buy weapons, and then how bitterly disappointed in the purchased object of desire.I know the feelings and the owner, who understands what the subject, mistakenly called a proud word weapons can only pass to destruction, for selling his fellow hunters Read more [...]
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