Gray feather

Adjacent to our region Ilyinsky district, which is in the Ivanovo region has always been rich in partridge. Large areas of grassland plains and fields that stretch for kilometers, are ideal places for this data, in fact, wild birds. Start your essay with pretty fun and I remember an episode that occurred with me these locations beginning in August 1996.On a sunny warm day, I was walking along the scenic river Suhodoy, winding between hilly meadows the vicinity of my village, and at one point, though subjected to machine-gun fire. From below the sod on the Read more [...]
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White Nights Vaymugi

The idea to visit Vaymuge, a tributary Emtsy, which turn flows into the Northern Dvina, was born long before the campaign. My July canoe route consisted of two parts. First there was an alloy from the upper Vaymugi that in the south of Arkhangelsk one hundred and fifty kilometers to its lower reaches. Then came overland portage in These are the river basin, which flows through the chain of lakes under the title Siya lakes, and rafting on lakes and River up Bridge on the route Moscow — Arkhangelsk.Vaymuga is relatively short, Read more [...]
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Mushroom fairy

Autumn estimates of location, fragrant and lovely mushroom gathering which lasted from July to October, in addition to its excellent taste, different from other fungi that grows "waves". And when there is a so-called «wave», Honey is not just a lot, and a lot of crazy. And the most important task to get to the mushroom picker «wave».The wave is fleeting, rarely lasts for a week. But that year my cousin Natalia lucky. It was not working.And to understand that «Wave went», It was very simple. Because it twice a day walk in the woods brings their Read more [...]
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Gorgeous shamandra, or fishing in the waters of the Bosphorus

 Photo by the author On the possibility of a visit to Istanbul it was known ahead of time, so that the thoughts of fishing at sea, which previously seemed impossible this year, do not let my imagination since the middle of summer.However, one thing to dream and another – the first time in my life in a suitcase push rod, reel and line and a minimum of necessary spare parts. In contrast to the June trip to the Volga, I could not afford to grab polmashiny angling, but in this, as it turned out, had its own charm. Looking ahead, I can say that the presence of a compact set Read more [...]
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Azu of capercaillie

How to cook a wood-grouse spring so that the meat of poultry relic did not work hard, and melted in the mouth, thus giving a slight scent of the woods? I think many people who were lucky enough to get to the current Moshnikov, asked this question ...Trying to cook the whole capercaillie – a questionable option. Yes, it is beautiful, impressive, but… it's not tasty. Win-win situation - it is, of course, burgers. The recipe is simple, a lot of time will not take, and the burgers are obtained – real jam. Yes, even with fir flavor. I recommend to everyone!For those who like a little Read more [...]
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Hare in a simple way

There are plenty of dishes from the rabbit, like exquisite and very simple. And of course, I did not discover America, publishing this simple recipe. Rather, it's just an illustrated manual for those who do not like to bother with cooking.For the cooking of course we need a hare. I went to the kitchen to a large hare. Large – It means old and hard. We'll have to tinker with it a bit.We chop the carcass into portions. For large or small, who he loves.I never used the marinade to soak game. Tolley was afraid to fight off the smell dichinki, or simply because of their natural laziness. Everything Read more [...]
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Khanty-Mansiisk taiga

 Photo by the author With a fishing family in Yekaterinburg I met a few years ago. As expected, fishing, namely in Finland. Several successful exits on the ice, and a pleasant acquaintance grew into friendship. Meetings on fishing and hunting exhibitions, exchange of experiences on recent trips… Asked about the peculiarities of the local fishing, they usually answer: «Well, what we can have, Muscovites surprise you and the Lower Volga often travel, and grayling, and to the north of the salmon». But when once Yekaterinburg friends showed photos of anglers Read more [...]
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Out of the shadows into the light flying

Full-time haunted the world of insects could be called a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae - perlamutrovok. This metaphor is especially true for large species, usually found in sparse forests, parks, gardens. One of these species — perlamutrovka pandora. Strong and fast, with color, very suitable for habitats, where a lot of sunspots beneath the canopy of trees, the butterfly as a bat, a little on melknuv lit space, dissolved in air. But This is not perlamutrovke alien spaces, filled with sunlight and the scent of herbs.It was Read more [...]
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For river bumpkin

When the sky is cloudless and the sun was hot inflames the air in the middle of the day, I want to hide in the shadow of saving the coastal alder, fall into the high coastal grass and lay motionless, staring bleary eyes to the heavenly blue through green tree tops. However, smacking of lips carousing perches there, far away, where the forest quiet rivulet expands reach, forced to resume the catch.Small spinner silently splashed by sticking close to snags, like dry branches fell with alder cones and scratched the mirror surface of the water a meter away from the opposite shore. Read more [...]
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Rabbit stewed with onions and dried tomatoes

Again, a simple recipe of the hare. Argued that spoil a dish of hare is quite difficult. And so it is! In contrast to the hard spring wood grouse, elk old or gonnogo bulls, for the preparation of a rabbit does not require special skills and a fair tenacity. So take Freshly hare, or take out of the freezer was shot earlier. It does not matter.Carcase cut into portions and soaked in water for a day. You can add 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar. The water is changed regularly, until it becomes clearSalt, pepper to taste, meat is coated with mayonnaise. This time, at the urging of family, add a little basil.As Read more [...]
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Duck with apples and honey

This time, I decided to step back a little from the usual, proven over the years the recipe cooking wild duck with apples. I wanted to experiment a bit, add new ingredients. And it seems not bad.Take the duck or goose. If you have extracted the goose, the difference in the recipe is just in time quenching, which will need to be increased. I'll cook today spring drakes.Almost everything that we need, there is in the photograph below. I forgot to add to these things still life I just garlic.We start as usual on the classic recipe. Chop poultry into portions, cut the apples as shown in the picture. Read more [...]
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Fanged predator Caspian

The inertia reel of large diameter is very convenient for fishing plummet in very deep places, for casting heavy lures. The machine for a long time pylila deserted roads of Kazakhstan. AND How could I ever think about that will go on deserted shore of the Caspian Sea catch amazing, exotic for the Russian angler fish — marine walleye? Of course not!Frankly, all as is often the case, there was spontaneous. One of my friend, Vladimir Knyazev, a petroleum by profession, invited me to is a journey, and I do not no Read more [...]
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Woodcocks in pots

Yesterday I tried a simple and delicious recipe from valdshnepov.Po it can be equally well prepared in the spring of birds caught in the autumn. The big difference is not. Let's get started.Take the rate of forest waders ¾ bird on a pot.No, no, Kurzhaar today we are not going to cook. From this picture just for beauty :)Singeing birds, eviscerated carcass and cut into 4 pieces. Salt, pepper to taste.Fry on a rapid fire in vegetable oil until golden brown.While postponing roasted meat aside.Shinkuem onion half-rings at the rate of one large onion into four birds. Cut the bacon. Too small.Fry Read more [...]
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Sea trout Gloom River

After a day of alloy we have chosen a beautiful place on the canopy coast in close proximity to the roll-over. Gloom-river — Stony Tunguska is one of the tributaries of the Yenisei north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. River and with its tributaries the south round the little-investigated most of the planet — Putorana Plateau, feeding him water lakes. AT the basin of the river and live Evenki Yakuts. Here on arrow in confluence in Kochechum Tunguska, the village is the capital of Evenkia Tour.Because there are Read more [...]
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«Soup» of the woodcock

Today, my friends, I offer you a very simple but very tasty and satisfying recipe. For cooking, we will undoubtedly need woodcocks. I took the fall birds extracted from the setter on vysypkah. But spring sandpiper is fine. Three birds quite enough to feed three people fill. Do not be surprised! Yes, three small «kudyablikov» It would be sufficient. And help us in this pasta!So, take the birds, they are washed well under running water. You can chop into portions, you can use whole carcasses.Fill the meat with three liters of cold water and put the pot over high heat. To obtain a clear Read more [...]
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The «Russian» Israel

Photos Kevin Bryant, DMD / FLICKR.COM When I go to the Mediterranean Sea, the boat on its periodic leave parking in the marina of the city of Ashdod, the capital «Russian Israel», Where the Russian-speaking majority. And in the sea, five kilometers from the coast, is the world's only open-sea fish farms. When it storms cages lowered from the surface below the waves. Other farms are located in the bay.The farm bred species of dorado — sea ​​bream, which is complete and on the shelves of Russia, it is brought from Turkey and the same Israel. Once I earned half Read more [...]
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Dishes from black grouse

Meat grouse never particularly bold. Breast consists of two layers: the top - dark meat, the lower - white and pink, like a grouse. The meat of young grouse juicy and tender, it is recommended to fry and bake. Meat-old roosters Kosachev more stringent, it should simmer and cook. In field conditions grouse meat cooked on a spit or baked clay. TETERIV FRIED 1 or grouse hen, 1/2 bottle of vinegar, 1/2 bottle of water and 1 bottle of wine, 5–8 slices of pork bacon, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of fat or butter, salt, herbs.Adults grouse because of hard meat must be soaked before roasting 3 days in vinegar Read more [...]
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Grouse in cream sauce with wild mushrooms

Many hunters complain that grouse difficult to cook well. It turns out it is often hard, with a specific smell of grouse, which many do not like. However, there are a few recipes that allow to deal with it.One of them I represent to your attention.For our meals, we need 2 carcass grouse, a couple of bulbs, wild mushrooms (I took white and aspen).Bird cut into portions, were dried with paper towels, salt and pepper. Onions cut into half rings (or smaller – as you like). Mushrooms cut into fairly large pieces. Mushrooms Boil in salted water for 5-7 minutes after boiling. The resulting mushroom Read more [...]
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A trip to Lakh

In many rivers of Sakhalin and flax local variety pike often live side by side. Friends I have met, as agreed, in the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and Half an hour later we were already in accommodation. The first departure on fishing, we intend to carry on west coast of the island, in which the rivers this time, the stories of my friends can be a good catch and Lenca pike.We had to pass on car several tens of kilometers in the beginning of on the federal highway north, then completely «slaughter» Read more [...]
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Curious gazelle

This beautiful slim and graceful animal belongs to the genus gazelles. The length of a little more than a meter and weigh up to 30 kilograms. The neck is long, a small head, large ears and bulging black eyes. Male decorated with black horns lyre-shaped, up to 40 centimeters. Body color sandy, with white bottom and the same color "mirror" near the tail.Photo Missud / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Tail black, and therefore It called on the gazelle Kazakh karakuyryuk (black tail). Their numbers in the end of the last century was Kazakhstan, a total of about 12 thousand Read more [...]
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