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The maximum pressure in the shotgun

The maximum pressure (Rmah) propellant gases in conjunction c muzzle velocity define indicators of quality shot for shot scree - sharpness, uniformity, consistency and accuracy of the battle to the extent, as far as it can depend on the cartridge. It determines the service life and reliability of the operation of the gun.There are two official measurement method Rmah:Piezo - based on the piezoelectric effect. Upon compression some crystals on their side surfaces a potential difference proportional to the compressive force. They are manufacturers of ammunition and weapons in most countries;kresherny Read more [...]
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About dampening properties wads

In this article, I want to touch on one small question: what are the dampening properties of plastic wads containers, and whether they have all these properties.As far as I know, pyzhami container engaged Michael Blum, and probably he himself was given the name of the part of the wad, which is located between the bottom of the container and collar obtyuriruyuschey of the wad.Well, Mikhail called her as Blum – somehow it was necessary to call it. But later this title has become axiomatic, not giving anyone the possibility of doubt viciousness name. All subsequent hunting literature directly Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Long, very long spring trampled on the ground, surprising us with the sharp warming, the cold weather with the powerful snow squalls. And judging by the level and transparency of the water must now be a typical May weather, which would correspond to the completion of spawning almost all "white" fish and very peak of activity in the crucian carp, tench and carp on the eve ikrometa. But now low water is very cold for spawning, and its further reduction in fish spawning areas are fewer and fewer, which negatively affects the feeding activity. An example of this from the beginning of fishing in open Read more [...]
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It is better to know your weapon

Modern hunting in most cases linked to the small hunting rifle, one of the basic means of production animals and birds, which in itself requires the hunter to certain technical knowledge and training. In unskilled hands, it presents a danger to the owner or to others. So, the training of hunters is a very serious matter, and of course mandatory.Alterations of military weapons, whether they place on the hunt? This is evident from the practice of developed countries, which have not always gone through all kinds of prohibitions, and the way of preparation of highly skilled firearm Read more [...]
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For the «pearl» fish

Many of us in childhood caught silvery fish, which in hot weather walks on the surface of the water and quickly grabs the falling insects.      Many of us in childhood caught silvery fish, which in hot weather walks on the surface of the water and quickly grabs the falling insects. It is bleak - the inhabitant of the most diverse bodies of water. It can be found in large reservoirs, lakes and rivers, as well as very small rivers, ponds, quarries, canals, small lakes and even streams.     In lakes and reservoirs, its main food is zooplankton, pollen, rivers - insects, small larvae, algae Read more [...]
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Uniformity of the talus

As you know, the uniformity of the scree along with the sharpness and accuracy of fire is the most important parameter of the shot the shot. Unfortunately, until now there is no clear way to outfit cartridges that provide the desired uniformity. Many authors share their techniques developed in the course of hunting or shooting practice, for which they thank you very much. However, the establishment of appropriate algorithms, leading to the desired goal is still far away, but I hope that it will eventually be reached.At one time, for a 100-longitudinal target was established mathematically reasonable Read more [...]
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Feed sand and sea …

In the Arabian desert adjacent to the sea. For centuries, traditional occupations Arabians associated with these two elementsPhoto: Vladimir Suprunenko Twilight descended rapidly over the bay. However, I still managed to run to fishermen that were placed on small boulders breakwater. Here and Arabs were, and dozing with Indians long spinning. Multi-colored fat cats lay on warm stones waiting for the fish treats…He was caught mainly Hamur. So here on the Gulf Coast, known as sea bass or grouper. The girl-guide, which has a very vague Read more [...]
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Is there a future «Saiga»?

At the end of last summer, my friend wanted to buy a shotgun "Saiga-12", and that's what came out of it ... After receiving permission for the purchase of the Interior Ministry, he went with me to the hunting store.Not bad knowing Head and sellers, we left money with the resolution and after an inspection before buying a gun was asked to go to the shooting range and try out the performance of this model. We were allowed. We bought the ammunition and went to the shooting range.Arriving at the place, we have to equip shops. But it was not easy. In one store cartridges do not want to go, somehow jammed Read more [...]
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Requirements for precision aiming

The result of each shot depends on the art of the arrow, that is, from his mistakes aiming and the area affected. Chance of F (R) to enter the circle of radius R obeys the Rayleigh and can be represented as F (R) = 1- ehr-ln2 (R /r)2                                                                                       wherein Read more [...]
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Hot «Chinese» in the cold North

Cars from China, especially in the segment of off-road vehicles, tougher competition with domestic "crooks". Low cost, good military, unpretentious, they are more likely to attract the attention of hunters and fishermen, hunted in godforsaken distant expanses and road builders. In the Russian market SUVs H3 (c this year called Hover H3 Great Wall H3) are in steady demand from lovers ride on and lanes off-road. Vortices ability we have seen in the prohvatit restyled Hover H3 New, in including New version of the H3 TURBO at Arkhangelsk province. Read more [...]
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Terms of loading and shot

On the influence of the characteristics of the loading conditions on the parameters of smooth-bore shotIn the interior ballistics shot from shotgun proposed the following list of characteristics of loading conditions:type of gunpowder in speed and progressive combustion;the weight of the charge of gunpowder;weight of shot shells or bullets;the size, the number of fractions and hardness;density of loading;category capsule of power mark;obtyuriruyuschego type of element.For each weight category your shell powder. But the varying characteristics of the loading conditions, it is possible to use them Read more [...]
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For bream in the heat

In June, divided into bream white bream and bream, which begin to separate food     Small bream or bream, after spawning eats everything he can lay his nose, and a big bream selects the most high-calorie food.     To deliberately hunting for bream, we must try to understand that now is the basis of his livelihood.In water bodies of different types, with different forage, bream diets differ greatly. For example, in the small, heavily overgrown lake subsistence basis bream up worms and snails. The reservoir without a developed coastal vegetation bream feeds zebra mussel, Eurasian water milfoil Read more [...]
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So polumagnum!

Shoot - interested, they skinned - surprised and revealed - thinking.Beljak away from «Naida». Recently, a team of hunters, consisting of my wife's father, two of his friends and hound «Naida»With the fourth time took the hare.General Meeting, it was decided: «Naidu» reward «Order» a front paws rabbit and hare «Medal», posthumously. Three hunting this «Professor» cheating and the dog and the man.TEST interested in following the event – hare he shot at first, on the left side with a distance of 40 – Read more [...]
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Budget Department

Passion for hunting and fishing unites completely different (as on the status and on the wallet) people. Manufacturers guns, spinning and other "related" products to commercial pursuits understand this and make products for any needs and financial capabilities.195 000 is a new stelsovskaya «shestisotka». Well where you do not see Chinese ATV at this price ?! AND the only thing that was not available to miners limited family budget, it is inexpensive, but while quite reliable ATV. An empty niche to fill in Zhukovsky took Motorcycle and Bicycle, Read more [...]
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New in the old world of ammunition

The end of the XX century and the beginning of XXI give a lot of surprises hunters. There is a rapid build-up of an entirely new technology in a hunting rifle, ammunition, hunting. In Moldova, opened the hunting market, and there are many foreign weapons, it is not known to us, the manufacturer.In addition to the new range of shotguns, new ammunition. This was new in the old, familiar world of ammunition and written this article.Gunpowder «Falcon»Of course, there will still be a long time. He thoroughly studied, mastered by all. But it would be foolish in the presence of the restaurant's Read more [...]
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Psychology hunting

For the past ten years, in October, at the height of the season, I was tormented by bad hunting mood. Why? Misses! And this is after brilliant shots at the beginning of the hunt. This is a favorite kurkovkoy, which fit to pray. All hunting ended in January was a tragedy - stole kurkovku.I sit on the balcony for a long time, coffee, cigarettes – much thought and I think the roar of something disgruntled lion. A hundred meters from my house – zoo. What is he, a lion, screaming? A lion, then perhaps I would not have gone. He simplified the quite on their rabbits. Well, okay, not everyone Read more [...]
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Dachshund — angler

author photo On the street all our animals - two pet dogs and two cats. Dachshund Lyme as a true choleric, rushes from one end of the garden and looking for traces of alien cats. It is a sport in the offseason.This story took place in spring 2009. Even the snow melted, and all the people went out into the gardens to engage spring work. It was a warm, windless weather, the smoke from the burning of last year's foliage and weeds hung thickly in the air. Here and there were heard loud conversations on the subject of neighbors planting dates and crop species.Under the potato plow it Read more [...]
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«Saiga-12» — reliable weapon

Reply by the representative of concern "Izhmash" Article V.Vitsko "Is there a future" Saiga ". The information contained in the article Vladimir Wicko, viewed from the perspective of establishing possible causes of defects found in terms of the formation of new requirements for consumer properties of weapons "Izhmash".As a result of analyzing the received information, the following conclusions:– Failures obtained during tests carbine «Saiga-12» shooting, contrary to the opinion of the buyer, not related to the quality of weapons and caused the default user requirements manual.– Read more [...]
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My thoughts on the semi-automatic

After eight years of hunting with shotgun, I was able to draw some conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of weapon. A year ago, I realized that hare hunting is still preferable to semi-automatic. This conclusion prompted me first of only two oblique missed, just take the three.Photo by Vladimir Motkova One raised in the valley, and the beast rose from behind, passing me a little forward, and ran first up the hill and then straight left from me. The slope was absolutely clean from grass, so that the beast was in full view. I turned around and thermoformed Read more [...]
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From the experience of hunting for a badger with a dog Norn

author photo After the twentieth season of hunting with dogs in the Norn Badger decided to share their observations with the readers. I do not pretend to any generalizations and talking only about what and how to do myself in favor of the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. I would be happy if my experience of someone useful.Before the hunt began with the Norns, after reading the available literature, I concluded that the dog must: fox expel or crush and pull out and drive into the badger «boiler» or a dead end and is actively attacking, not to bury it until the hunter Read more [...]
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