Funny or curious?

Tell a Friend at the meeting about his latest hunt, I called her a stupid. But he listened to me, did not agree with this assessment: "It is not stupid and funny, well, at worst, funny ..." Photo by Vladimir Motkova The first chance to enter the game introduced me halfway from the train stop to the forest hut. In the Basque opened a small river – a third of a hectare – stretch of water formed in front of a beaver dam. It was hoped that the ducks find you here.On this occasion, expressing his attitude to the opinion of the redundancy livestock beavers and harm caused Read more [...]
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Russian in Norway

My friends and I, being in Norway, paved routes fishing alone. It began with the fact that I, Michael and Andrew took of the fans of the Russian team orienteering athletes who went to Norway from Moscow by bus. But the main purpose was fishing. My friends and I, being in Norway, paved routes fishing alone.    Once in the city of Bergen, went to the port, taking with him some gear. Here we caught five tails, two medium-sized flounder, a couple of mackerel and cod polutorakilogrammovuyu. However, not for here we drove thousands of kilometers away, to indulge in a trifle. Read more [...]
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After dinner, when all discussed, we were getting ready for bed, our room came the huntsman Mironych. "In the deaf Lake tomorrow does not work, the guys that came," - he said. We had known for years, so I knew right away he was talking about. A few years ago, came to the August Mironych hunt, I saw an escort service black Volga. Clearly, some arrived «cone»And, judging by the way the bustling aides and others, it was clear – not small. Well, of course, blind lake, despite all the protests, was declared closed. It is famous for an abundance of ducks and popular.Not everyone out Read more [...]
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Fishing in the waters of the Yenisei light

On any ordinary stationary rod can quickly catch fish ear. I chose uninhabited Siberia, deciding on Go rafting on the Yenisei Krasnoyarsk to Arctic Circle. During alloy particularly diversified my hiking everyday fishing. Moreover, the production of fish living creatures filled journey passion, play, creativity and even philosophy. A another meeting with fishermen and their fascinating stories devoted eniseyskoy fishing. This is perhaps the most memorable adventures and highlights of the trip.Vperevode with Evenki «Ionessi» — Read more [...]
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In solotchinskih meadows

XIII All-Russian competition spaniels commemorating BE Vagina, by field and marsh game took place in the first half of June in Rybnovsky region Ryazan region in the floodplain of the Oka, near Solotcha. Photo by Oleg Leus Date spanielistov in these places have become a tradition, this year they celebrated a quarter-century.At the end of the 80s RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz organized spanielistov Union Conference, the main result of which was the establishment of contacts between the fans of these dogs from different regions of the USSR. In order to strengthen these ties in Ryazan spanielisty Read more [...]
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For big perch

 Photo by the author The first half of the winter I like the fact that the ice is already strong enough to be able to reach any point of the reservoir, but is not very thick and you can effortlessly make a lot of holes in search of perch. Ice is not transparent. Either snow filled or had pretty muddy after a day and night drifting snow thaws. Small perch all have caught, so to speak, knocked on edge. How about catching a big perch? After all, he still is still active!Big perch, I think all the striped, which escalated the mark of 350 g Maybe someone will grin and call for Read more [...]
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«United Russia» proposes to allow yourself to leave the weapons found

Member of the State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption Ilya Kostunov («United Russia») Is preparing a draft law on amendments to the Federal Law №-150 «On Weapons». Lawmaker proposes to introduce a rule that has found a weapon can after the date of issue to him the ownership and after some time to regain his find legally.The current law deprives the finder and the Interior Ministry who has provided weapons citizen any opportunity to get a weapon found in the property, and the weapons - whether it is at least a rarity "Sauer" - Waiting for disposal.Also, Read more [...]
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In Riga caught walking around town boars

Riga Mayor Nil Ushakov shared the joyful news — caught by forest pigs, which for several months as if nothing had happened walked on one of the sleeping areas of the capital of Latvia.«Thanks to the heroic actions of employees of the municipal police and professional hunter, this group of forest pigs, brazenly terrorized civilians, was arrested today near Mežciems». — written policies to Facebook. Riga Mayor glad that soon Yugla sleeping area and nearby areas can live in peace.Neil Ushakov said that the detained «two adults and 12 young offenders law and order».He Read more [...]
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Unzha River in late summer

Good in August Central Russia! Very good! The invisible thread pulls me in the nature this time. Especially love to while away the night on August Unzhe River. What a great fishing here August! AND peaceful fish — roach, bream, carp — caught. AND Predators peck good. Okun, a example, with rushes on the go bait. AT search of prey and pike, and perch tirelessly scouring the Water backstreets.August came unexpectedly. Putting aside all the things I I am going on Unzhu River in Manturovo to his Read more [...]
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For the first time in the history of the Arabs return of illegally exported from Kamchatka gyrfalcons

In July this year in Kamchatka from Arab countries planned to return to the first batch of rare vultures that have been caught illegally and sold on the peninsula on «black» market in the Arab world, REGNUM correspondent was informed in the Ministry of Environment of the region.Other details in the department have not yet reported. «It is planned to return to Kamchatka gyrfalcons. Subsequently, this action could become a regular». — the ministry said.Meanwhile, as found out the correspondent of IA REGNUM, 8 birds planned to return from the United Arab Emirates. And Read more [...]
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At Domodedovo stopped the export of falcon eggs worth about 25 million rubles

Customs officers of the Moscow Domodedovo airport detained a citizen of Bulgaria, in a bag that were found during the inspection of 25 eggs «Red» the birds, the Federal Customs Service (FCS).«When carrying out customs controls at the «green» hallway international departure hall of Domodedovo airport July 8 at night was stopped by 54-year-old Bulgarian citizen, who flew from Moscow to Malta», - Said the press service of the Federal Customs Service.«During the customs inspection in his bag were found cardboard containers in which eggs are brown spotted in Read more [...]
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Brief description of fishing Ural Cossack troops

From the collection of Pavel GusevCompiled on behalf of Ataman of the Urals Cossack Colonel N. Horoshhin.Fishing in Ural Cossack army constitute a major fishing all the Cossack population. Based on the principle of equal participation of every single member of the military community, they are very different from fishing is not just on Volga, the White Sea, but and from fishing to other Cossack armies: Don, the Terek, and Kuban Astrakhan. AT Ural Cossack army, each not examining his social status, have the same right to personal participation in use of Read more [...]
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- All right, youth camp - Uncle Jack crouched, rolled newspaper with home-grown tobacco, inhaled deeply, and suddenly must have suddenly found himself, went strong pulmonary cough.– Yes, the Soviet power is strong, – Dedkov smiled and wiped away a tear ascended– This is not a sawdust from the cutting area – he grow! Shreds nodded. I said nothing. Vasilich shook his head. – And so, – He continued Uncle Jack, – began to get dark. Labaz five years  ago – very old,  but I still quietly changed his posture,  My fifth point  very stiff. Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Last week at the fishermen in the capital region, finally wait until this winter, a new misfortune fell – immediately after a heavy snowfall came hard frosts, as usual for the first of December and the ice thaws as there was no and no. Probably for this reason, and also due to the abnormally high atmospheric pressures different fish almost universally fell into a state similar to stupor. It seems that immediately after freeze-up on many waters come gluhozime deep and the fish activity that happens on pervoledyu, put just a day or two and a few people got to him. And yet, Read more [...]
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I stood on the bank of the lake, clutching a double-barreled shotgun, who entrusted my father. It was at dusk, almost dark, all waiting for that to charge at least one stuffed duck. And then, so I ... Suddenly, right on the lake, three hundred meters, there was a howl of a wolf. Wolf struck up his song drawl, and deep voice eerily unyvno. The voice was very nice, I would say – velvet.No, then I'm not scared. On the contrary enthusiastically listened to the concert, enjoying his primitive and detachment from civilization.Ducks have not arrived. And in the morning, where the howling wolf, Read more [...]
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Autumn on the other side of the Don

There, the bend should be the pit Wherever you look - everywhere autumn. Autumn in everyday clothes, fall outside the window, fall fishing. But I wonder, what is the fall on the other side of the river? For a long time I was planning to pass on the right bank of the Don from the crossing in the village Trehostrovskaya to the place opposite the farm Vertyachiy.And I stare at the road with the help of the Internet in pictures from space to your browser scoring the necessary points forks and a boat ramp. Now, when the low water level in the river has broken every conceivable record, Read more [...]
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I said — elk!

It was early morning of April. Frost bound the remaining snow, turning it into a monolithic coating, support the weight of a person. Following along the edge of the forest, I walked along the strip of "asphalt" as suddenly came upon a fresh elk trail easily break even this shell crust! AT Central Russia elk rut begins with mid-August, and at the height of his accounts September. Cleduya along the edge of the forest, I was walking along this strip «asphalt»How suddenly came upon a fresh elk trail easily break even this shell crust! Elk was apparently Read more [...]
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Sudak, second day

In anticipation of walleye             Photo by the author The wind was blowing in the morning from the soul ... What yesterday agreed to go to the Rybinsk Sea, not glancing weather forecast?Although walleye should be monitored daily. First appeared less than a week ago, he had not kept in place for longer than two days, and jumping between three «five-copeck coin» Released flocks were 1.5 and 1 km. Oh, and like the continuation of yesterday's banquet. Last night perch still climbed, with really was a pack Read more [...]
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Obama has promised to protect African elephants

US President Barack Obama, who is currently touring Africa, issued in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, where he said that the United States will take new measures to restrict trade in ivory. They will be aimed at saving the elephants from poaching, due to which their population is threatened, especially in Central and West Africa.In 2010 -2012 years only because of the tusks were killed 100 thousand elephants, estimated in the Service of protection of fish and wildlife resources of the US government. At the same time the United States, interestingly enough, are the second largest consumer of ivory Read more [...]
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In the Omsk region have established emergency response team antimedvezhyu

The authorities of the Omsk region responded to complaints from the public on the threat to life posed by bred bears. The local Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment issued a permit to shoot the beast and Bolsherechensky District even created an emergency response team from the members of the society of hunters and fishermen, the official website of the department.In places, and grazing on the spot death of domestic animals have organized night watches, the situation reported by farmers and beekeepers area. However destroy clumsy and failed. "During the re-occurrence of events bear Read more [...]
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