Rarely, but neatly

 Photo by the author Speaking of April in the Volgograd region, for me it is primarily pike. And it was in April, it is possible to catch from shore to sensitive light spinning rods. In small rivers flowing into the Don and Tsimlyanskoe reservoir, the water is relatively clean and quite hot, began to perch «dvizhuhu» to spawn. That's when the whole day you can see only one poklёvku, but what! And you can see poklёvku in the most unexpected places. Even where your friend is already half an hour rinse your bait.So far, so prosaicI was a couple of times on Tsimla Read more [...]
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About 20 bears have seen residents of the Khabarovsk Territory in the villages and settlements

About 20 cases of withdrawal of bears in the village recorded in the Khabarovsk region Khabarovsk Territory in mid-June. Similar yields of people may have different reasons, told Trend. AmurMedia director Bolshekhekhtsirsky Natural State Reserve Sergey Spiridonov.- For the appearance of bears in the city or in the village, there may be several reasons. One of them – weak food base. Therefore, bears, animals that are scavengers, come to human settlements, where there is a food waste landfill, a holiday village, the gardens to eat apples and pears, or apiary. Another reason – It is for Read more [...]
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Spring on Harabalyke

 Photo by the author In the spring of this year, I accepted an invitation to your friends and rushed literally a couple of days fishing from a boat in the vicinity of the village Selitrennoe that Harabalinskom area of ​​the Astrakhan region. Very interesting place in terms of diversity of fishing. You can go fishing on Akhtuba, and numerous channels: Bath, Harabalyk, Mitinka, Brick, Mangut, Ashuluk.Places to me more than familiar. And pulls another trip there to see how things have changed, whether the fish where I once found her? And, of course, once again look for fish. Read more [...]
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In Yamal, the bear tore the father of eight children

In Yamal, the brown bear devoured the father of eight children. The body of 46-year-old herder was found August 29 at 38 kilometers from the village of Sumburgh Pur district, REGNUM correspondent was informed in the District Investigation Department. Men who tundra grazing herds of deer on his sled went by the place that occupied his camp, for preparation of the runners on the sled. Due to the fact that the herder did not return, his friends went to look for. As a result, on August 29, they found the dead body with multiple lacerations of the head and body.Reindeer have torn left eight children, Read more [...]
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During the last ice rudd

Once the ice is slightly porous as soon as the first rays of the warm spring sun melted the snow and it flows under the ice streams – my mind often settles the idea catch rudd in the reeds.The first time I got to the targeted catch rudd 4 years ago. I was invited by my friend, assuring that big rudd caught in the vicinity of the reed. I have a full-length bezmotylnuyu practiced catch and gladly accepted. I was wondering whether rudd caught my bait with my then skill. Rudd itself interested me least of all.So, the place specified in advance – where it lovilos last time. Read more [...]
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In Primorye, some bears in the winter may not fall into hibernation

In Primorye, was rather tense situation with bears, which due to lack of fodder actively migrate to the region from the neighboring Khabarovsk Territory. Experts believe that due to this winter in the north of the seaside can be difficult: there are all preconditions that predators can not gain weight before the arrival of cold weather and do not fall into hibernation.Although currently most of the bears has reached the feeding areas, and virtually no danger to residents of settlements, some animals are still in the way. About this in an interview with RIA «Vostok-Media» said program Read more [...]
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Bersh Volga backwaters

 Photo by the author Volzhsky backwater called Korochinsky – one of the first where I started to catch bersha consciously. It was there that I had «iron» coordinates where each year Bershov pleased bite me. An interesting fact is that in the summer and autumn they are in places not been caught. Apparently, in the winter they choose these places for parking. If this is true – a sin not to use it! I found Bershov can say casually. At first I found bass that were caught on the first ice is very bad. But the urge to research new for me backwater sent me Read more [...]
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Phototrophs: Mammals

I bring to your attention the few phototrophs who managed to make a year-dva.Zverey much smaller than birds, so a wide variety of will. However, there is room for improvement!Beaver has not yet been removed, since this animal comes out only at night. Let us therefore be content with pictures muskrat. This specimen caught me in the early spring, just outside the town, it can be said in the dash. And the presence of ice gave me the opportunity to sneak up on it just at a distance of 3-5 meters. But first things first.First muskrat do their own thing on the ice at a distance.The thing is that the Read more [...]
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On a mistake Boris Laputko

Boris Laputko incorrectness of reasoning is that the general principles of inertia, to which it refers, are dynamic, but the pressure forcing (that is, which is defined by the author himself) is in its physical sense, but starting at the beginning of a dynamic process.What is happening in the cartridge from the flash before opening the capsule and the sleeve is essentially static.Indeed there is the inertia of rest, but the rest (that is, until the body is not free and is not a movement) no manifestations of inertia, we do not see. In any case, until the twist and the strength of friction hold Read more [...]
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For roach and bream with bezmotylkoy

 Photo by the author Just as Volgograd spring fishermen go for roach below Astrakhan as stand shoulder to shoulder on the banks of the Volga during the course of the Caspian herring, same harvest happens on the last ice on Tsimlyansk reservoir. This reservoir is still the most of all the fish in the Russian Federation. But to go there in the spring – flour. Roads limp on a huge reservoir of wind can move the ice in one direction or another. Well, I, unlike many anglers do not need a lot of fish. In these reasons, I prefer all the same Karpovskiy reservoir, which is closer Read more [...]
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His patron

The cartridge is much greater influence on the characteristic of the battle than even the construction of a conventional shotgun. With the cartridge easier to modify the firing. For example, the cartridge shells loose, and from the choke can be successfully extracted game from close range - 15-20 meters.The cartridge is much greater influence on the characteristic of the battle than even the construction of a conventional shotgun. With the cartridge easier to modify the firing. For example, the cartridge shells loose, and from the choke can be successfully extracted game from close range - 15-20 Read more [...]
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The first thawed fishing soul

 Photo by the author Last ice and the March sun had made the order tanned our faces. Ended containers for pickling roach. We are increasingly looked at spinning. When the ice will begin to move on Akhtuba? Each day, we look forward to the news «with advanced». Such crazy spinnings like us much.Not every year spring spoils spinnings open water in March. The longer the wait, the more desirable for open water fishing. Because of ice-break on rivers to fish from a boat is very dangerous, so it is often the first place fishing with spinning from the shore.It is necessary Read more [...]
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WWF will use satellite transmitters to account for the Atlantic walrus

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia first applied to account for the satellite transmitters Atlantic subspecies of the walrus in the Arctic, said Monday the project coordinator of WWF-Russia biodiversity of the Arctic Michael Stishov."These walruses have nobody else did not hang, satellite transmitters were used only for the Pacific walrus"- He said RIA Novosti.Stishov explained that to provide full expert advice to oil companies, scientists should obtain full information on the habitat and movements of groups of this subspecies."We need to know where to go (walruses), where the stern, Read more [...]
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Starred in autumn Sakhalin gray whales swam to the coast of Alaska

Two gray whales with satellite transmitters, swam to the marks and the Aleutian Islands are off the coast of Alaska, reports the Institute of Marine Mammals (USA), on the site which presents the latest satellite tracking data.The gray whale was destroyed off the coast of Sakhalin Island in the mid-20th century, but in 1983 scientists discovered 20 species of mammal and suggested the existence of relic WGW number 125-150 whales. However, in 2009, researchers whales hypothesized that a single population of animals there, and there is a single population in the North Pacific, which re-populated the Read more [...]
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The attraction Kola

A wave and moan, and cry,And at the splash aboard the ship.Melted in the distant fog Rybachy — Birthmarks our land ...A lot of joys in our lives feel only contrasts. It is necessary to exhaustion tired to understand how great and just lie nothing is do. Or a day have to assess how delicious soup with the usual hunk of black bread. And to experience the beauty of the warm summer sun, it is necessary to go to the sea for a week — for the full experience better for the Barents. It seems that this logic guided community members Read more [...]
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In the parks of Moscow will install 17 sculptures Moose

So capital ecologists want to attract the attention of the citizens in environmental issues.The sculptures in full size moose appeared in the capital's parks. 17 sculptures of wild animals cost the city nearly two million rubles.Sculptures moose installed in four parks of the capital: wildlife refuges “Dolinina Setun River” and “Sparrow Hills”, Landscape reserve “Troparevsky” and natural-historical park “Moskvoretsky”.From eco-friendly materials made whole herd of animals- This is done so that people understand – they are in a conservation area Read more [...]
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When wakes up the pike?

 Photo by the author This year and early Easter and spring brutally chased the winter in March. Typically, winter goes reluctantly, it seems. Yes, and we take the time to say goodbye to her, trying at least once catch roach on the last ice. But this year, with the last ice – bummer. Already in early March warm weather. Ice on lakes floodplain melted in one week. It's time to go for a pike!Yes, exactly a week! Just last Thursday, we went on the ice and put zherlitsy and next Wednesday ice gone. There were only cakes snow on the northern slopes of the lake. Knowing that Read more [...]
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In Primorye, the court sentenced four poachers for illegal hunting

Khasan district of Primorsky Territory court sentenced four poachers who hunted illegally in the Federal Reserve «Leopard»To probation.Three were sentenced for 1 year suspended imprisonment, and the fourth was 7 months suspended imprisonment. In addition, all the defendants were denied the right to hunt for two years, as reported by the Secretariat of the Court. Hunter was arrested in January 2010 when two deer were killed in the territory of the Federal Reserve. Although the sentences are not big, but environmentalists are celebrating victory, because in the Khasan district for the Read more [...]
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Early entry

For a free float must swim ogruzit sensitive, almost at the very base of the signal antenki. Often, the spring season is cold, protracted, when night frosts, and day under the rays of the hot sun «releases», and then the rings drops. River gradually, without violent phenomena that are exempt from the ice, but in the waters flow without ice cover is still very strong and reliable. However, fishing with He completed due come into restrictions on the power of the spring amateur fishing as bait can be cast only shore.And just Read more [...]
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Russia is on the verge of a new wave of proliferation of ASF

Russia is on the verge of a new wave of spread of African swine fever (ASF), which can affect the entire European part of the Russian Federation, said Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Chief Veterinary Officer of Russia Nikolai Vlasov.This forecast is contained in the presentation, which on Tuesday issued a press service of the department.According to the chief of the Russian Federation vetinspektora currently dysfunctional in endemic area, which includes the North Caucasus and Southern federal districts, continued spread of the disease as domestic and wild pigs. The situation on the spread Read more [...]
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